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"One of the best video game systems ever!! :D"

Okay, so if you didn't already hear, my 3DS just recently broke. :( So I decided to finally make my own review of it! So, of course, here's the review!:

HARDWARE: 7/10 (Great!)
Okay, let's start off with the -HARDWARE-: The 3DS looks very shiny and glossy when you first get it, but after just a few months, it will be COVERED in fingerprints(90% likely to happen) which sort of ruins the new-ish feeling really fast. Also when you first open the 3DS and it makes the click noise you realize how flimsy the top screen is(thanks to the dumb hinges! >:( ). Then the first main thing that catches your eye is the widescreen top screen which is a really good addition, so that's a good thing(finally!)! The second thing that comes to mind is the Circle Pad; it feels so smooth that you can't stop feeling it!! That's definately a good thing! Lastly, the Start and Select buttons have been changed which is a bad thing for people who are used to any of the old DS'. :/ Oh, and the HOME Button which is probably the best idea of Nintendo's! :D

3DS Apps Part 1: 9/10 (Amazing!!)
Now it's time for the apps that come with it! First off, 3DS Camera! Of course, taking 3DS pictures whenever you want sounds cool, and... it is cool! :p It's really fun to mess around with the new features on your photos! The Slideshow music is some of the best music on any Nintendo system by the way! The only downside is that although making videos is like the best thing ever, it takes up memory VERY fast, which gets very frustrating. :/ Anyways, 3DS Camera is, of course, a major success! Next up, 3DS Sound! There's not much new stuff to get into considering the fact that it's the EXACT SAME THING as DSi Sound except with 11 Pages... :/ Now we have... Mii Maker! :D Once again, there's not that much new stuff here, so I'll just say that you can make Miis from pictures which usually only works about 40% of the time, they have a new feature where you can scan QR Codes to get Miis, and make pictures out of your Miis. Other than that, it's practically the Mii Channel from Wii. :/ Then there's Streetpass Mii Plaza! I think it's really cool how you can make messages to share with everyone you Streetpass, share what your "Dreams" and "Interests" are, etc. The games(Find Mii 1 & 2, and Puzzle Swap) are pretty fun games to play. Thankfully Nintendo added the feature that you can use Play Coins to play the games if you live in a lonely place where no one else has a 3DS. By the way; here's a very quick review of the Play Coins feature: I like the way Nintendo made it so you get rewards for walking it's a smart idea. Back to Streetpass Mii Plaza; the Map feature is practically useless, the Music List is really fun, the Achievements system is a great feature that they added, and lastly: I don't like the way they make everyone you meet in MK7 come to your Plaza! It makes it so crowded! I think I'll make a part 2 of 3DS Apps.

3DS Apps Part 2: 10/10!!! (Outstanding!!!!) 3DS Apps Total: 9.5/10!!!
Okay, let's continue with the Activity Log feature! This is one of my favorite apps that Nintendo made because I'm in love with charts and numbers, but anyways let's review: The step taking feature is awesome, the Records section is very well made and organized and not too confusing. One of the best features of this is the way it tells you what time of the day you played the 3DS, and got your steps. The Titles Log is a very useful feature for telling how long you played certain games or apps, how much times entered total, average play time, etc. The Rankings Feature is what makes this very useful! You can sort all your apps by most play time, first time played, etc. (again! XP) Altogether, Activity Log is one of my favorite features of the 3DS! :D Now, time for AR Games! Of course, just the thought of having a game go on on a table or the floor of your house is amazing! And, it proves itself to be as it works perfectly, the small minigames are enjoyable, etc. Although, there are a couple of downsides; first off, you have to be in a VERY sunny room, or else it just won't work. Second, the cards are pretty easy to lose, and they're not buyable at a store or ANYTHING!! Once you lose the card, you're probably never gonna be able to play AR Games ever again. :/ Lastly(and FINALLY!!): Face Raiders! This game is a super fun short game, and although it's short, this game actually becomes as hard as a normal retail game!! That's right, it actually gets really hard! The only problem about Face Raiders is that it's not a good game for playing in front of people XD So, that finally finishes up the App Part of the Review!

Online System: 10/10!!!! (Outstanding!!!)
Next up, the Online System! So, did Nintendo finally learn more about the Internet!? Let's find out! Well, of course, the Friend List is basically the Internet System, so I mine as well review that first. Well, the Friend List is a very well made feature, the way people online come to the front, the way you can change your favorite game at that time, etc. The only downside(and it's a big one!) is that you can only type up to 16 Letters in your message which kind of ruins the whole point of Friends List. The Notifications System is honestly sort of useless(especially after SwapNote!! >:( ). The Internet Browser surprisingly runs VERY fast which is relieving to know, but the big problem is that it doesn't run Flash, not even with a cord!! >:/ Lastly, the eShop is very well organized and fun to Browse in, much unlike the last 2 Shopping Channels... :l Using Features such as the Search Bar, Filter Search engine, Top 10 Best Rated Games, etc. make eShop a fun shopping experience! And not to mention the fact that the 3DS lets you go straight to the HOME MENU when you press the HOME BUTTON so you can check on your Friends or favorite Websites while playing a game!

3DS Games: 8/10! (Really Good!)
And the final section: The Games! Are the 3DS Games good? Are they horrible? Well we're about to find out super fast! When the 3DS first came out, there were hardly(practically none) any really good games other than remakes and ports, but now that the 3DS has been out for quite a while now, it's gotten a WAY better game Library including a bunch of Mario, the revivement of the Kid Icarus series, a remake of the Best Game Ever(Ocarina Of Time :p), etc. So, yeah, 3DS has a pretty good game library now! :D

OVERALL: Overall, the 3DS is not just another gimmick or money snatcher; it's one of their best video game systems ever! Even though mine broke, I hope everyone who reads this decides to buy one! Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the Review(I spent an Hour and a half on this!!)!! Bye everyone and see you on My Next Review! Bye! :D

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/23/12

Game Release: Nintendo 3DS (US, 03/27/11)

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