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    Weapon Fusion Mechanics Guide by BabyRyoga

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/26/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Kid Icarus: Uprising
    Weapon Fusion Mechanics
    Authored by babyryoga at yahoo dot com
    Version: 1.0
    Known as "BR" in game.
    1.0  (06/26/12) Mostly complete, some details might need to be altered slightly.
    0.9  (04/19/12) Misc corrections, more detailed explanation on how to make a 
         custom weapon outlined.
    0.8  (04/13/12) Misc corrections and additional information added.
    0.75 (04/07/12) Some revisions based on new observations.
    0.7  (04/06/12) First release. Some theories need to be tested, some statistics
    A. Forward
    B. Fusion Mechanics
     I. Fusing Mechanics Explanation
     II. Building a Customizable Weapon From Scratch
     III. Resulting Combinations
     IV. Which Weapons are Found in Which Chapters?
     V. Attributes
     VI. Which Values and Attributes are Best Suited for My Weapon of Choice?
     VII. Special Thanks and Copyright Info
    This guide is designed around maximizing weapon fusion to its fullest potential.
    The main goal of any advice contained within always strives to achieve ONLY
    this, and shouldn't necessarily be thought of as an end-all solution to
    everything fusion related. Remember that most of the weapons and attributes
    in this game are useful in some way, and play style can vary based on this.
    Note: many of the ideas expressed in this guide are still not completely
    confirmed, and there are no 100% reliable answers to some of the mechanics
    found in this game as of yet. If you find anything that contradicts any of the
    information found in this guide, or feel that I am wrong about something, feel
    free to e-mail me.
    I. Fusing Mechanics Explanation
    I tested out these rules by farming weapons with no attributes and attack
    values in only one of either ranged or melee, and fusing them together in order
    to build base weapons with attack values of my choosing, but no attributes.
    1. A weapon's base value is 100.
    2. Every weapon (or possibly every weapon type) has a slight multiplier that
       leans toward either ranged or melee. When you fuse two weapons together,
       the ranged and melee values are averaged out, then affected slightly by the
       multiplier of the resulting weapon, when an attack value is being augmented
       in the fusion. For all intents and purposes, the only time this is relevant
       is when a weapon needs to pass on something while fusing with another weapon
       but has no attributes to pass on. In this case, a small amount will be
       added to one of the attack values of the weapon.
    3. The multiplier will have no effect on an attack value of 0, unless both
       attack values of the weapon are 0. If you have a weapon that ONLY has stars
       in ranged and you fuse it with another weapon that only has stars in ranged,
       the resulting weapon will never have any stars in melee, even if it's
       multiplier would otherwise be biased to melee.
    4. Once a weapon has at least half a star in Ranged or Melee, it can NEVER be
       reverted back to 0 stars in that category. There might be a few exceptions
       to this rule, when fusing at low values (under 200) and using a weapon that
       is at 0 in both values as one of the components. I haven't been able to
       duplicate it on anything of high value, though, even when fusing a 100 value
       weapon with one of high value that has only half a star in either Ranged or
    5. If two weapons with similar values in only one stat are fused, the stat will
       rise. Example, a 2-star ranged and a 1 1/2 star ranged, both with 0 in melee,
       will make a 2 1/2-star ranged. This is assuming there are no attributes on
       either weapon.
    6. If two weapons with 0 in both ranged and melee are fused, the result will be
       a weapon that has half a star in whichever multiplier wins out (providing
       that both of these weapons have no other attributes on them, IE are 100
    7. Every attribute and attack value has an amount that it adds to the overall
       value of the weapon. This amount varies from stat to stat, as well as
       point to point. The first point of any attribute or value is SLIGHTLY MORE
       expensive than any additional points in that particular attribute or value.
       Thus, this system slightly punishes having many attributes over having few.
       There might be a couple of few exceptions on weaker attributes.
    8. When two weapons are fused, the game calculates the overall value of the new
       weapon, based on how close the overall values of the fused weapons are. If 
       they are close, there will be a slight gain in the new overall value. If
       they are too far apart, they will be averaged out (IE, the resulting weapon
       will take a loss in overall value).
    9. As Overall values go up, the amount of overall value that can be gained from
       one fusion goes down. This is why it gets very difficult to gain value in
       the 300+ range. It gets really tight around 306 or so, and you'll need two
       weapons of pretty much the same value with probably a good selection of low
       value single point attributes to pass on to make it that high. I'm not sure
       you can even increase value past 307 (by ending on 306.9 and having a set
       of attributes that fall within the margin of leeway explained in the next
       rule) with two weapons of lower value. Weapons of higher value into the 320s,
       330s, 340s, etc will always be averaged down when fused. It might still
       be possible to lose no value or even go up a point if you use two weapons
       of the exact same value and the margin of leeway creeps into the next number.
    10.The way attributes are passed on is as follows: The game calculates every
       possible combination of common factors in attack values and attributes that
       both weapons have, and chooses the combination that falls closest to the new
       overall value calculated as a result of the fusion. There is a certain
       margin of leeway (unknown how much) which the overall value of one of
       combinations must fall in for this to take place, or else one of the
       following will occur:
     10a.If there are no attributes or values to pass on that fit this criteria,
         the item of lower value will simply change weapon type. Example: 6 ranged
         0 melee Pandora Claws with Freezing +4, and 4 ranged 0 melee Ogre club with
         Overall Defense +8. The Defense attribute is way too expensive to pass on
         in this case, and the Ogre club is of higher overall value by 22, so the
         Freezing +4 is also too expensive to pass on. Furthermore, both weapons
         have only ranged, so the game can't average them out to form a new weapon
         with 4 1/2 or 5, because even that would be too expensive to pass on in
         this case. Since the overall values of the weapons in question are close
         enough that there would normally be a gain in value rather than a loss,
         nothing can be exchanged between the two. So, the result is A 6 ranged 0
         melee Crystal Bow with Freezing +4, and the same overall value as the
         Pandora Claws. 
     10b.Greyed-out attributes can be lost and assimilated into the attack values
         when fusing two weapons of vastly different overall value to reach a new
         overall value that falls within the margin.
     10c.Likewise, attack values can be assimilated into passing on more greyed out
         attributes when two weapons of vastly different overall value are averaged.
     10d.Fusing weapons sometimes results in something of lower value than both
         weapons used in the fusion. This most commonly occurs when the newly
         calculated overall value is closing in on the overall value cap, and the
         game cannot calculate a set of common factors that falls within both the
         cap and the safe amount of leeway from the new overall value, or when there
         is nothing to pass on.
     10e.There can never be bonuses that would end up stacking on the same weapon,
         even if they are different bonuses. Example, you cannot have Speed +4 and
         Running Speed +4, or Dash Ch. Shot +1 and Side Dash Ch. Shot +2. This goes
         for status effects as well; you can't have Poison and Freezing, or Shaking
         and Burning, etc. I don't think there is a special criteria for determining
         priority, the game simply uses which ever one results in a combination of
         attributes with a closer decimal value to the new overall value.
    *10x.If there are two sets of common attributes and attack values that are close
         enough within a certain range to the new overall value calculated, one will
         be chosen at random. This is evidenced by the fact that in some rare cases,
         you can end up with a different fusion when fusing the same two weapons in
         a different order.
    11.The Overall value of a complete item is always rounded down, after all is
       said and done. Leftover decimals from the values of attributes are dropped
       entirely, but will of course still be calculated the next time that weapon
       is fused.
    12.The highest value weapon that can be found or bought (and thus the highest
       value obtainable) is 342, meaning the highest fuse under extremely lucky
       conditions is a 341 value weapon. It is likely that no weapon can exist
       higher than the value 342.0, making 342s extremely rare.
    II. Building a Customizable Weapon From Scratch
    *IIa. Points in Only One Attack Value*
    Assume I had a weapon with 6 ranged 0 melee that I wanted to get a specific
    attribute on. The way I could do this is to find a copy of that attribute on a
    store bought or treasure box weapon that also only has stars in ranged, and
    fusing that with another copy of a weapon that has only ranged and 0 melee. In
    an example that I custom fused myself, I started with a 100 value weapons and
    ended up with a blade, 6 ranged 0 melee, then successfully fused Recovery
    Effect+4 on to it after about 60 fuses in total. Transferring the desired
    attribute is best done in one fuse, with a bit of luck, but if you take a loss
    in an attack value in doing so, you can recover it by combining with more
    weapons that have only that one attack value. 
    If you wanted to add Overall Defense +8 to this weapon in order to make the
    ultimate 9.0 farming weapon, with those being the two most desirable attributes
    for solo, based on the value added to the weapon from the attack values and the
    one attribute already on it, you would think this would be impossible due to
    the overall value cap. This isn't the case.
    First off, how do you bridge the value gap? Since only the entire point value
    for an attribute rather than single points can be transferred, there is no way
    to add the whole +8 in one fuse. On the other hand, say I had a 6 ranged 0
    melee weapon with Recovery Effect +4, a 6 ranged 0 melee weapon with Overall
    Defense +1, another similar weapon with +2, +3, +4, and so on, I could fuse
    them all in order in theory, and end up with a 6 ranged 0 melee weapon that
    has 2 high attributes and still maintains its 6 attack value. This will always
    work as long as the difference in overall value remains close enough to stay
    within in alloted value increase for each fusion, otherwise one of the
    attributes will fall off, or the attack value will decrease (which is actually
    what  you want to happen as the value approaches the upper 280s and onwards,
    due to rules number 3, 10d, and 11).
    That is a lot of fuses, though. It took probably 20 runs through ch. 1 on 2.0
    intensity with buying weapons that had no attributes and only 1 attack value
    from the store in between to make that one weapon with one +4 attribute. It
    would take hundreds of trips to make a set of weapons with increasing defense
    values to fuse. And even after all that, it would be nearly impossible to get
    the EXACT weapon you want in the end, it would just be luck of the draw unless
    you do some extremely selective fusing while making each of the weapons.
    So, 6 star ranged 0 star melee weapon of choice with 2 high attributes of
    choice? You'll probably have to collect a few thousand weapons, with lots of
    ones that you'll have to discard. It will also include specific 100 value
    weapons (or higher value weapons with only one attack values but no attributes)
    to some extent that will need to be gathered from the appropriate chapter, or
    the store.
    The obvious shortcut to getting a second or third attribute on there is to use
    an extremely high value store bought or treasure box weapon that has only stars
    in ranged and the attribute you want to copy. Such a weapon is likely to have
    other attributes as well, so it would come down to some very tight math to
    determine if you can fuse it while transferring only the desired ability, and
    still keeping the custom abilities you added without a drop in attack values.
    Therefore, it is beneficial to save any 320+ value weapon you come across that
    has points in only one attack value, and an attractive attribute to see if you
    can make it stick to something else at some point. 
    Regardless of if you use this as a shortcut, or do it the long way, the final
    steps in creating the perfect custom weapon will always be fusing in the highest
    level weapons you can find that will copy over an attribute you want, keep the
    ones you have on the base weapon, and get the value as close to (or even
    slightly higher than) the overall value cap as possible. When I made my weapon,
    it basically went like this: 
    1. Started With 100 value first blade
    2. Dozens of fuses later, 6 / 0 weapon with nothing on it
    3. One or two fuses later, 6 / 0 weapon with Recovery Effect +4
    4. Several fuses later, 3 1/2 / 0 weapon with Recovery Effect +4 and Overall
       Defense +8
    5. One fuse later, 5 / 0 weapon with Recovery Effect +4 and Overall Defense +7,
       at this point, weapon is at 301 value and can only be further augmented by
       averaging it with store bought or treasure chest weapons of high value.
    6. One fuse later, 5 1/2 / 0 weapon with Recovery Effect +4 and Overall Defense
    7. One fuse later, 6 / 0 weapon with Recovery Effect +4 and Overall Defense +7
    8. The final fuse, 6 / 0 weapon with Recovery Effect +4 and Overall Defense +8
    As you can see, I had to go back and forth, sacrificing points at a time in
    order to get everything to line up. During the final fuses, you will need to
    collect lots of weapons before you find one that will work without adding any
    other attributes, and still raising the value.
    *IIb. Points in Both Attack Values
    As mentioned previously, when a weapon has points in both attack values, the
    resulting values are determined by averaging the values of both the weapons used
    in the fusion, and treating the result with the multiplier of the weapon that
    comes up. If you want to build a base weapon with no attributes and points in
    both attack values, you can do so by building it one-half point at a time; fuse
    four 100 value weapons into a half star melee and a half star ranged weapon, and
    fuse those two weapons together. Continue fusing weapons with the same values
    together, and eventually you'll end up with your 6/6 weapon. 
    The same that is true of weapons with points in only one attack value should
    in theory apply to weapons with two values as well, but note that the number
    of fuses to create a 6/6 weapon will be double that of a 6/0 one. Also note
    that having both attack values high will severely limit the amount of space
    you have to add other attributes. There will probably only be room for one +4,
    even after you stack a negative on.
    *IIc. Additional Misc. Fusing Tricks
    - If you choose to go about it the long way and farm for low level weapons, 
    you can hold on to weapons that have attributes, and try to fuse those
    together in separate fusions from the ones that don't have attributes. Do this
    in the same way you would fuse attributeless weapons to raise their attack
    values, and try to make the attributes in question fall off over time. Never
    fuse something if it will result in more than 3 attributes, 2 or 1 being ideal
    for later removal as the weapons get higher. You can even start off your
    custom weapon in this manner, if you can start with or end on one of the 
    stats you want on your final weapon, IE Overall Defense +1, Freezing +1, etc.
    This could even save you some trouble later on if you intend go up the ladder
    in the mid 200s one rung at a time. 
    - The game saves your data whenever the system is powered down, or when you
    change menus. If you eject the game card while the system is still on, it
    will be unable to save on the fly. Here's what you can and can't do with this:
    1. CANNOT buy weapons from the store (IE 305+ weapons) to see if they result
       in a fuse favorable to completeing the final steps of a custom fusion, or
       any fusion of choice. This is due to the fact that the game saves between
       exiting the store and entering the fusion menu.
    2. CAN eject after you fuse two weapons together, in order to see if one of
       those resulting weapons would be favorable in fusions. This works as long
       as you don't leave the fusion menu, and I believe it works for an
       indefinite number of fuses as long as you don't go back. I have only
       personally tested it with one fuse, though.
    3. CAN eject after you bet hearts to raise the intensity of a chapter in solo
       mode. If you power off, the hearts will be gone. If you eject, it will be
       as if you never made the choice to attempt the level. I don't know if this
       is still possible once you reach the game over screen. 
    III. Which Weapons Are Found in Which Chapters
    If you do decide to farm from scratch, buying weapons from the store is a good
    source for obtaining weapons with no attributes, but is completely random. Each
    chapter has certain weapons that will drop at high rates during that chapter,
    with other weapons dropping at really low rates. Zodiac weapons can be found
    in any chapter once they have been discovered, at a slightly higher rate than
    non-chapter specific weapon drops. IE, when you find a weapon in a normal
    treasure box, the likelyhood is as follows, in order of most likely to least:
    1. Chapter specific weapons, including specific Zodiac weapons
    2. All other Zodiac weapons
    3. All other weapons
    First Blade
    Fortune Bow
    Violet Palm
    Twinbellows Cannon
    Insight Staff
    Ore Club
    Crusher Arm
    Sagittarius Bow
    Gaol Blade
    Tiger Claws
    EZ Cannon
    Standard Orbitars
    Hewdraw Club
    Flintlock Staff
    Darkness Bow
    Ball Cannon
    Taurus Arm
    Great Reaper Palm
    Viper Blade
    Atlas Club
    Bomber Arm
    Pandora Claws
    Silver Bow
    Ogre Club
    Gemini Orbitars
    Dark Pit Staff
    Meteor Bow
    Eyetrack Orbitars
    Volcano Arm
    Poseidon Cannon
    Thanatos Staff
    Royal Blade
    Knuckle Staff
    Needle Palm
    Cancer Claws
    Kraken Arm
    Bear Claws
    Cursed Palm
    Halo Club
    Palutena Blade
    Wolf Claw
    Burning Palm
    Leo Cannon
    Phoenix Arm
    Crusader Blade
    Rose Staff
    Divine Bow
    Pad Paw Orbitars
    Cragalanche Cannon
    Brawler Claws
    Skyscraper Club
    Fireworks Cannon
    Electroshock Arm
    Virgo Palm
    Samurai Sword
    Lancer Staff
    Midnight Palm
    Aurum Orbitars
    Earthmaul Club
    Dynamo Cannon
    Shock Orbitars
    Bowl Arm
    Phosphora Bow
    Aurum Blade
    Artillery Claws
    Cutter Palm
    Aurum Club
    Jetstream Orbitars
    Optical Saber
    Aurum Palm
    Rail Cannon
    Aurum Orbitars
    Scorpio Staff
    Laser Staff
    Raptor Claws
    Aurum Bow
    Compact Arm
    First Blade
    Guardian Orbitars
    Angel Bow
    Bullet Blade
    Palutena Bow
    Magnus Club
    Babel Club
    Centurian Orbitars
    Ninja Palm
    Ancient Staff
    Aurum Bow
    Doom Cannon
    Angel Bow
    Drill Arm
    Burst Blade
    Capricorn Club
    Viridi Palm
    Crystal Bow
    Hedgehog Claws
    Upperdash Arm
    Electroshock Arm
    Lancer Staff
    Fireworks Cannon
    Ancient Staff
    Viper Blade
    Kraken Arm
    Viridi Palm
    Pandora Claws
    Phoenix Arm
    Black Club
    Beam Claws
    Aquarius Blade
    Predator Cannon
    IV. Resulting Combinations
    *IVa. Finding the Results*
    The resulting weapon when any two weapons are fused together is fixed, based on
    the following conditions, taken from the wiki linked at the end of this guide.
    First, find the resulting type of weapon by matching the types in the XX column
    vertically and horizontally:
    BL. Blade
    ST. Staff
    CW. Claws
    BO. Bow
    PA. Palm
    CL. Club
    CA. Cannon
    OR. Orbitars
    AR. Arm
     XX | BL | ST | CW | BO | PA | CL | CA | OR | AR 
     BL | CW | CW | CL | PA | AR | ST | ST | PA | BO
     ST | CW | CA | AR | AR | CA | CW | BL | CL | OR
     CW | CL | AR | CL | CL | AR | BO | BO | ST | ST
     BO | PA | AR | CL | CA | CL | PA | OR | CA | BL
     PA | AR | CA | AR | CL | AR | BL | BL | BO | OR
     CL | ST | CW | BO | PA | BL | OR | OR | CW | BL
     CA | ST | BL | BO | OR | BL | OR | PA | CW | ST
     OR | PA | CL | ST | CA | BO | CW | CW | CA | PA
     AR | BO | OR | ST | BL | OR | BL | ST | PA | BO
    Then, figure out what the exact result will be by adding the numbers of each
    of the weapons used in the fusion. Add the numbers of the two weapons together,
    and the result will be your combination, within the weapon type found above.
    Example: Blade 2 + Blade 3 = Claws 5; Burst Blade + Viper Blade = Stealth Claws
    If the result sums up to more than 12, use the remaining amount. There are some
    exceptions to this rule, explained below.
    Example: Blade 10 + Staff 7 = Claws 5; Aurum Blade + Flintlock Staff = Stealth 
    Claws; 10+7=17, 17-12=5. 
    1.  First Blade
    2.  Burst Blade
    3.  Viper Blade
    4.  Crusader Blade
    5.  Royal Blade
    6.  Optical Blade
    7.  Samurai Blade
    8.  Bullet Blade
    9.  Aquarius Blade
    10. Aurum Blade
    11. Palutena Blade
    12. Gaol Blade
    1.  Insight Staff
    2.  Orb Staff
    3.  Rose Staff
    4.  Knuckle Staff
    5.  Ancient Staff
    6.  Lancer Staff
    7.  Flintlock Staff
    8.  Somewhat Staff
    9.  Scorpio Staff
    10. Laser Staff
    11. Dark Pit Staff
    12. Thanatos Staff
    1.  Tiger Claws
    2.  Wolf Claws
    3.  Bear Claws
    4.  Brawler Claws
    5.  Stealth Claws
    6.  Hedgehog Claws
    7.  Raptor Claws
    8.  Artillery Claws
    9.  Cancer Claws
    10. Beam Claws
    11. Viridi Claws
    12. Pandora Claws
    1.  Fortune Bow
    2.  Silver Bow
    3.  Meteor Bow
    4.  Divine Bow
    5.  Darkness Bow
    6.  Crystal Bow
    7.  Angel Bow
    8.  Hawkeye Bow
    9.  Sagittarius Bow
    10. Aurum Bow
    11. Palutena Bow
    12. Phosphora Bow
    1.  Violet Palm
    2.  Burning Palm
    3.  Needle Palm
    4.  Midnight Palm
    5.  Cursed Palm
    6.  Cutter Palm
    7.  Pudgy Palm
    8.  Ninja Palm
    9.  Virgo Palm
    10. Aurum Palm
    11. Viridi Palm
    12. Great Reaper Palm
    1.  Ore Club
    2.  Babel Club
    3.  Skyscraper Club
    4.  Atlas Club
    5.  Earthmaul Club
    6.  Ogre Club
    7.  Halo Club
    8.  Black Club
    9.  Capricorn Club
    10. Aurum Club
    11. Hewdraw Club
    12. Magnus Club
    1.  EZ Cannon
    2.  Ball Cannon
    3.  Predator Cannon
    4.  Poseidon Cannon
    5.  Fireworks Cannon
    6.  Rail Cannon
    7.  Dynamo Cannon
    8.  Doom Cannon
    9.  Leo Cannon
    10. Sonic Cannon
    11. Twinbellows Cannon
    12. Cragalanche Cannon
    1.  Standard Orbitars
    2.  Guardian Orbitars
    3.  Shock Orbitars
    4.  Eyetrack Orbitars
    5.  Fairy Orbitars
    6.  Paw Pad Orbitars
    7.  Jetstream Orbitars
    8.  Boom Orbitars
    9.  Gemini Orbitars
    10. Aurum Orbitars
    11. Centurian Orbitars
    12. Arlon Orbitars
    1.  Crusher Arm
    2.  Compact Arm
    3.  Electroshock Arm
    4.  Volcano Arm
    5.  Drill Arm
    6.  Bomber Arm
    7.  Bowl Arm
    8.  End-All Arm
    9.  Taurus Arm
    10. Upperdash Arm
    11. Kraken Arm
    12. Phoenix Arm
    Samurai Blade + Earthmaul Club = Arlon Orbitars
    Rose Staff + Eyetrack Orbintars = Samurai Blade
    Knuckle Staff + End-All Arm = Gaol Blade
    Somewhat Staff + Virgo Palm = Upperdash Arm
    Dark Pit Staff + Fortune Bow = Palutena Blade
    Stealth Claws + Violet Palm = Rail Cannon
    Hedgehog Claws + Ogre Club = Great Reaper Palm
    Angel Bow + Phosphora Bow = Viridi Palm
    Angel Bow + Drill Arm = Centurion Orbitars
    Cursed Palm + Ball Cannon = Black Club
    Pudgy Palm + Fireworks Cannon = Phoenix Arm
    Ogre Club + Rail Cannon = Dark Pit Staff
    Shock Orbitars + Volcano Arm = Dynamo Cannon
    *IVb. Loops*
    Loops are combinations of fusions that will lead you back to the starting
    weapon type, which are useful if you want to strengthen a particular weapon and
    end up back on the same type of weapon, as posted on a Japanese BBS. This is
    not a complete list.
    Blade + Club or Cannon = Staff + Cannon = Blade
    Sword + Claw = Club + Palm or Arm = Blade
    Staff + Claw or Bow = Arm + Claw or Cannon = Staff
    Staff + Orbitars = Club + Blade = Staff
    Claw + Claw or Bow or Blade = Club + Orbitars = Claw
    Claw + Orbitars or Arm = Staff + Blade or Club = Claw
    Bow + Claw or Palm = Club + Claw = Bow
    Bow + Blade or Club = Palm + Orbitars = Bow
    Palm + Sword or Claw or Palm = Arm + Orbitars = Palm
    Palm + Club or Cannon = Blade + Bow or Orbitars = Palm
    Club + Palm or Arm = Blade + Claw = Club
    Club + Staff or Obitars = Claw + Blade or Claw or Bow = Club
    Cannon + Bow or Club = Orbitars + Bow or Orbitars = Cannon
    Cannon + Blade or Arm = Staff + Staff or Palm = Cannon
    Orbitars + Blade or Arm = Palm + Arm = Orbitars
    Orbitars + Bow or Orbitars = Cannon + Bow or Club = Orbitars
    Arm + Bow or Club = Blade + Palm = Arm
    Arm + Claw or Cannon = Staff + Claw or Bow = Arm
    V. Attributes
    Each point in an attribute adds to the overall value of an item by an amount
    that differs based on the attribute, as well as how many points are in that
    attribute. Generally, the amount is nearly the same for each point with the
    exception of the very first point being added, which is about 50% more
    expensive. Thus, as explained in the first section of this guide, when you have
    more attributes on a single weapon, you tend to lose some potential. There are
    some exceptions to this rule, on weaker attributes.
    The total value of a weapon after all factors have been calculated is always
    rounded down. The approximate values are taken from data collected on a wiki
    site, which can be found via a link cited at the end of this guide.
    A. Attack Value
    Ranged: Each half-star increases all ranged damage you deal by approx. 15%
    0.5 - 14.9
    1.0 - 23.2
    1.5 - 31.6
    2.0 - 39.9
    2.5 - 48.2
    3.0 - 56.6
    3.5 - 64.9
    4.0 - 73.2
    4.5 - 81.5
    5.0 - 89.8
    5.5 - 98.2
    6.0 - 106.5
    Melee: Each half-star increases all melee damage you deal by approx. 15%
    0.5 - 9.9
    1.0 - 15.7
    1.5 - 21.4
    2.0 - 27.2
    2.5 - 32.9
    3.0 - 38.7
    3.5 - 44.5
    4.0 - 50.2
    4.5 - 56
    5.0 - 61.7
    5.5 - 67.5
    6.0 - 73.3
    B. Charged Shots
    Standing Ch. Shot: Increases charge shot damage dealt by you while standing by
    roughly 12.5% per point
    +1 - 9.2
    +2 - 15.8
    +3 - 22.4
    +4 - 29.0
    -1 - -6.4
    -2 - -12.8
    Dash-Ch. Shot: Increases all dash charge shot damage dealt by you by roughly
    12.5% per point
    +1 - 13.2
    +2 - 23.3
    +3 - 33.4
    +4 - 43.6
    -1 - -11.1
    -2 - -22.1
    Fwd-Dash Ch. Shot: Increases damage dealt by your forward dash charge shots by
    roughly 12.5% per point
    +1 - 11.2
    +2 - 19.1
    +3 - 26.9
    +4 - 34.8
    Side-Dash Ch. Shot: Increases damage dealt by your side dash charge shots by 
    roughly 12.5% per point
    +1 - 9.9
    +2 - 16.7
    +3 - 23.5
    +4 - 30.4
    Bkwd-Dash Ch. Shot: Increases damage dealt by your back dash charge shots by
    roughly 12.5 per point
    +1 - 10.6
    +2 - 17.9
    +3 - 25.2
    +4 - 32.6
    C. Continuous Fire
    Standing Cont. Fire: Increases cont. fire damage dealt by you while standing
    +1 - 7.9
    +2 - 13
    +3 - 18
    +4 - 23.1
    -1 - -5.1
    -2 - -10.1
    Dash-Cont. Fire: Increases all dash cont. fire damage dealt by you
    +1 - 10.6
    +2 - 17.2
    +3 - 23.8
    +4 - 30.4
    -1 - -9.2
    -2 - -18.5
    Fwd-Dash Cont. Fire: Increases damage dealt by your forward dash cont. fire
    +1 - 8.6
    +2 - 14.2
    +3 - 19.7
    +4 - 25.3
    Side-Dash Cont. Fire: Increases damage dealt by your side dash cont. fire
    +1 - 8.6
    +2 - 14.2
    +3 - 19.7
    +4 - 25.3
    Bkwd-Dash Cont. Fire: Increases damage dealt by your back dash cont. fire
    +1 - 8.6
    +2 - 14.2
    +3 - 19.7
    +4 - 25.3
    D. Melee Strikes
    Melee Combo: Increases damage dealt by your melee combo attacks
    +1 - 9.2
    +2 - 15.3
    +3 - 21.4
    +4 - 27.5
    -1 - -6.4
    -2 - -12.8
    Melee Dash Attack: Increases damage dealt by your melee dash attacks
    +1 - 7.9
    +2 - 12.6
    +3 - 17.3
    +4 - 22
    -1 - -5.5
    -2 - -11
    E. Special Attacks
    Item Attack: Increases damage dealt by items you use
    +1 - 14.5
    +2 - 27.7
    +3 - 40.9
    +4 - 54.1
    Power Attack: Increases damage dealt by powers you use by ~30% per point
    +1 - 23.8
    +2 - 40.3
    +3 - 56.8
    +4 - 73.3
    F. Defense
    Health: Increases max health
    +1 - 9.0
    +2 - 18.4
    +3 - 27.9
    +4 - 37.3
    +5 - 46.7
    +6 - 56.1
    -1 - -8.1
    -2 - -15.8
    -3 - -23.5
    -4 -31.1
    Shot Defense: Decreases damage you receive from shots
    +1 - 14.9
    +2 - 29.8
    +3 - 44.7
    +4 - 59.6
    -1 - -14.9
    -2 - -31.2
    Melee Defense: Decreases damage you receive from melee attacks
    +1 - 9.9
    +2 - 18.5
    +3 - 27.1
    +4 - 35.6
    -1 - -8.9
    -2 - -20.8
    Knockback Defense: Decreases the chance you will be knocked back
    +1 - 6.6
    +2 - 13.2
    +3 - 19.8
    +4 - 38.3
    -1 - -7.7
    -2 - -10.7
    -3 - -13.6
    -4 - -16.6
    Status Resistance: Decreases the chance you will be afflicted by a status change
    +1 - 12.8
    +2 - 21.3
    +3 - 29.8
    +4 - 38.3
    -1 - -7.7
    -2 - -10.7
    -3 - -13.6
    -4 - -16.6
    Overall Defense: Decreases all damage you receive
    +1 - 14.9
    +2 - 25.8
    +3 - 36.6
    +4 - 47.5
    +5 - 58.3
    +6 - 69.2
    +7 - 80
    +8 - 90.9
    -1 - -16.5
    -2 - -25.7
    -3 - -34.8
    -4 - -44
    G. Movement
    Stamina: Increases how long you can run without tiring out
    +1 - 11.9
    +2 - 17.9
    +3 - 23.9
    +4 - 29.9
    Speed: Increases overall movement speed
    +1 - 9.2
    +2 - 17.2
    +3 - 25.1
    +4 - 33
    -1 - -11
    -2 - -17.6
    -3 - -24.2
    -4 - -30.8
    Running Speed: Increases running speed
    +1 - 7.9
    +2 - 13.4
    +3 - 18.9
    +4 - 24.4
    Walking Speed: Increases walking speed
    +1 - 6.6
    +2 - 9.9
    +3 - 13.2
    +4 - 16.5
    Evasion: Increases invincibility period slightly after dodging an attack
    +1 - 10.8
    +2 - 17.2
    +3 - 23.5
    +4 - 29.9
    H. Effects
    Recovery Effect: Increases health recovery from items (and powers?)
    +1 - 15.8
    +2 - 21.1
    +3 - 26.4
    +4 - 31.7
    Effect Duration: Increases the amount of time effects (and powers?) last
    +1 - 10.6
    +2 - 20.2
    +3 - 29.9
    +4 - 39.6
    I. Status
    Poison: Increases the chance of inflicting poison with your attacks
    +1 - 6.2
    +2 - 10.0
    +3 - 13.9
    +4 - 17.8
    Paralysis: Increases the chance of inflicting paralysis with your attacks
    +1 - 7.9
    +2 - 14.5
    +3 - 21.1
    +4 - 27.7
    Weakness: Increases the chance of inflicting weakness with your attacks
    +1 - 9.2
    +2 - 16.4
    +3 - 23.5
    +4 - 30.6
    Petrification: Increases the chances of inflicting petrification with your atks
    +1 - 16.9
    +2 - 20.9
    +3 - 24.9
    +4 - 28.8
    Shaking: Increases the chance of inflicting shaking with your attacks
    +1 - 7.3
    +2 - 14.1
    +3 - 20.9
    +4 - 26.7
    Confusion: Increases the chance of inflicting confusion with your attacks
    +1 - 7.3
    +2 - 14.1
    +3 - 20.9
    +4 - 26.7
    Burning: Increases the chance of inflicting burning with your attacks
    +1 - 7.9
    +2 - 13.9
    +3 - 19.8
    +4 - 25.7
    Freeze: Increases the chance of inflicting freeze with your attacks
    +1 - 20.2
    +2 - 25.5
    +3 - 30.8
    +4 - 36.1
    J. Shot Attributes
    Shot Range: Increases the range of your shots by ~12.5% per point
    +1 - 13.9
    +2 - 24.3
    +3 - 34.7
    -1 - -5.9
    -2 - -9.2
    -3 - -12.5
    Shot Homing: Increases the ability of your shots to zone in on a target
    +1 - 11.9
    +2 - 18.7
    +3 - 25.5
    -1 - -4.6
    -2 - -8.1
    -3 - -11.7
    Shot Cancellation: Increases the ability of your shots to cancel other shots
    +1 - 42.5
    K. Self
    Self Damage: Causes some damage to your health every 5 seconds
    -1 - -8.8
    -2 - -13.2
    -3 - -17.6
    L. Life Bar Status
    Full-Health Boost: When at full health, your attack power and speed increase 
    +1 - 8.6
    +2 - 12.3
    +3 - 16.1
    +4 - 19.8
    +5 - 23.5
    +6 - 27.3
    In-Peril Auto-dodge: When life falls below 1/3rd, auto dodges can occur
    +1 - 7.7
    +2 - 11.6
    +3 - 15.4
    In-Peril Attack Boost: When life falls below 1/5th, attack power increases
    +1 - 9.9
    +2 - 16
    +3 - 22
    +4 - 28.1
    +5 - 34.2
    +6 - 40.3
    -1 - -10.7
    -2 - -14.2
    -3 - -17.8
    -4 - -21.3
    M. Hearts
    Heart Boost: Increases the number of hearts you receive from enemies
    +1 - 8.8
    +2 - 17.6
    +3 - 26.4
    -1 - -3.3
    -2 - -5.0
    -3 - -6.6
    VI. Which Values and Attributes are Best Suited for My Weapon of Choice?
    It depends on your personal preference. Given the high value of attack values
    and the limited space you are given to work with, it is probably better to
    work toward whatever the particular weapon you are trying for does best. Most
    weapon types are geared for one stat, and won't really benefit from having
    both attack values. Here are some tips:
    - Bow, Cannon, Orbitar, Most clubs, Staves should have Ranged only.
    - Claws should have Melee, or both.
    - Blades and Palms should have both.
    - Arms I haven't had much experience with yet, but the ones I have used had
    rather limited shot capabilities. not sure what to say here, other than they
    do high Melee damage, and have gimmicky Ranged shots.
    - Some Clubs (depending on play style) COULD have both. Keep in mind that while
    melee attacks from a club can be devastating, their charge shots are where they
    truly shine. If anything, Melee value will be more useful in solo play on a
    club, than in multiplayer.
    - Specific defensive stats should be avoided if possible. For solo play,
    sticking to health and overall defense is ideal. Recovery Effect is also very
    useful for higher intensities. The perfect weapon for tackling chapters on 9.0
    would include a high Ranged attack value, some Overall Defense, and Recovery
    Effect. If you find yourself dying too much in the air phases of stages, maybe
    Overall Defense AND Shot Defense might be the way to go.
    - For ranged weapons in general, gear toward whatever attack you like the most.
    Much of the time, Standing ch. Shot or Dash ch. Shot will be the best option.
    Continuous Fire is much more useful in solo than multiplayer, so I would
    personally tend to avoid it if possible except for solo weapons.
    - Speed is good to offset the slowness of clubs. Stamina could be useful in
    theory if you find yourself playing extremely offensively with clubs or other
    weapons, or find yourself tiring out a lot. 
    - You shouldn't play around health-related boosts; they are too unpredictable.
    Item attack isn't very useful unless you tend to run with Item Vacuum in your
    setup, and Power Attack is one of the more expensive value attributes, so it
    is definitely best to avoid when possible. Even offensive powers like Black
    Hole and Explosive Flame are better for pressuring and trapping opponents
    into taking charged shots head on rather than directly dealing damage. Only
    if you use both Meteor Shower and Mega Laser heavily should you consider it.
    Remember though, the cost you are paying for having it on a weapon is cutting
    in to something else.
    - The usefulness of status defects generally falls into 4 tiers, which are
    ordered from most useful to least useful:
    Freeze: Target cannot act or move for short period, takes full damage
    Petrify: Target cannot act or move for longer period, takes half damage
    Weakness: Target takes twice as much damage
    Paralysis: Target cannot move as quickly, or dodge as easily
    Shaking: Target loses control of their aim
    Confusion: Target loses control completely, will act randomly
    Burning: Target slowly takes damage over a quick period of time
    Poison: Target slowly takes damage over a longer period of time
    Keep in mind that status effects seem to be applied after X shots, rather than
    a percentage. IE, with Freezing +4, it takes around 30 standing cont. shots
    for it to occur, after it has already occured one time.
    - Most important of all, each weapon has something it does BEST, and it may not
    always be obvious what that is. Think carefully before you jump to conclusions.
    Since the amount of fusing that goes in to customizing a specific weapon is a
    bit excessive, you'll want to know exactly what a weapon is capable of before
    you jump in, and have a strategy and power set that will work well with your
    desired result in mind beforehand.
    Here are a few examples of what you should aim for when creating a weapon
    from scratch. These are some of the ones that I tend to use in multiplayer and
    do well with, that I don't really see other people use to the fullest extent.
    Lastly, I'll close it out with a good solo weapon.
    *The Trap Artist*
    Black Club
    6 Ranged
    0 Melee
    Good Attributes: Standing Ch. Shot, Shot Range, Shot Homing
    Good Powers: Black Hole, Autoreticle, Quick Charge, Energy Charge, Invisible
    Shots, Homing Boost
    I have one of these with range +3 and homing +2 that dominates in LvD. Use
    Energy Charge and Autoretcile, and shoot from behind cover since the Standing
    Ch. Shot goes through walls (and more importantly, the ceiling). On some maps,
    you can even hide shots entirely within walls, only to have them curve out
    and smack someone for 300 damage. It's best not to play aggressively with this;
    be sneaky, don't be seen. Especially if you have a homing boost of 2 or 3. If
    someone comes at you head-on, don't aim for them directly; aim to the side.
    The Standing Ch. Shot has a huge hit radius, travels fast, and people won't
    expect it to curve toward them since not too many people are clever enough to
    put Shot Homing on this.
    *The Aggressor*
    Angel Bow, Phosphora's Bow, Sagittarius Bow
    6 Ranged
    0 Melee
    Good Attributes: Standing Ch. Shot, Dash Ch. Shot, Paralyze
    Good Powers: Slip Shot, Transparency, Warp, Reflect Barrier
    Fairly good range and homing on this inherently, but it might benefit a bit from
    one more point in range. Because of it's homing, you can activate Slip Shot
    when you know someone is nearby, and do some big damage. You also shouldn't
    aim directly at a person, unless you are extremely close. Instead, maintain
    a distance of about 20-40m and aim to the side or upward. Once you know how
    your shots will curve, you can shoot around corners and over objects in this
    way, too. Warp and transparency are for mobility and the essence of surprise,
    or an escape if a melee spammer is too close, but otherwise, you shouldn't feel
    too pressured, as this can be a comfortably aggressive weapon. Another good
    strategy is to hide your Slip Shots in the ground so that people won't see
    them coming to dodge. Other bows will vary in projectile speed and damage, but
    another really good one for pressure that will fire difficult to dodge shots
    at lightning speed is Phosphora's Bow. 
    *The Sniper*
    Laser Staff, Flintlock Staff
    6 Ranged
    0 Melee
    Good Attributes: Standing Ch. Shot, Shot Range
    Good Powers: Energy Charge, Quick Charge, Warp, Transparency, Reflect Barrier
    Autoreticle won't work; so don't even try it. Neither will the shot homing
    attribute. Stay as far away as possible and go for those big damage charge
    shots from 100+ yards away; when you land a shot from that far with Energy
    Charge active, it's likely to kill. This time, Warp and Transparency will let
    you keep your distance. A Laser Staff would work well here too, with a few
    added advantages: it's easier to hit with, and the continuous fire and dash
    fire is better. It won't do quite as much damage as the Flintlock, but it
    has slightly more range, and should still probably get kills when coupled
    with Energy Charge. In short, it's actually way more multiplayer friendly,
    since you'll score hits three times as often.
    *The Berserker*
    Claw of Choice (Tiger, Brawler, etc), Arm of Choice (Taurus is best)
    ? Ranged
    6 Melee
    Good Attributes: Melee Combo, Effect Duration, Speed, Stamina, Overall Defense
    Good Powers: Super Armor, Ares Armor, Libra Sponge, Heavenly Light, Bumblebee,
    Counter Attack, Jump Glide
    Melee Spammer build. Just pop Ares Armor and Libra Sponge and look away from
    the game screen while pressing attack as fast as you can, and you'll win FFAs.
    For extremely aggressive play, you can pop Jump Glide to fly across the map
    at light speed, but don't go flying into any pits. Bumblebee and Counter
    Attack are good ways to deal with other Melee Spammers, as is Heavenly Light,
    but you'll need to drop Ares Armor and possibly Libra Sponge to work them in.
    I'm not a fan of Melee Dash Attacks, but they work out pretty well if you use
    an Arm rather than a claw.
    *The Salty Sea Dog*
    Cannon, Club, Etc. of Choice
    ? Ranged
    ? Melee
    Good Attributes: Item Attack, Overall Defense NEGATIVE, Health NEGATIVE
    Good Powers: Item Vaccum, Double Item, Throwing Boost, Spite
    Once, I had a line of 4 medusa heads and 2 sentry guns all firing together
    with this setup. While Item Attack is generally not too useful, it DOES hurt
    quite a bit when you stack it with double items, vaccum, and an FFA game where
    you'll die every 20 seconds or so. 
    *The Lich King*
    Black Club (Same as in the setup above, more or less) or Skyscraper Club
    6 Ranged
    0 Melee
    Good Attributes: Shot Homing, Shot Range, Dash Ch. Shot
    Good Powers: Slip Shots, Homing Boost, Quick Charge
    This is more of a fun setup than a serious one; you could use invisible shots
    with it to be downright cruel, but then you wouldn't be able to witness the
    mayhem. The idea here is that you can fill the entire screen with giant black
    necropolises from the dash shot of black club, which will home in on targets
    like a swarm of angry bees, and nearly guarantee a hit. People will dodge,
    not realizing that the shots will simply turn back and hit them in the back.
    In fact, with range boosts, they will do so 3 or 4 times. The weakness here
    though is that after they hit a target, they cannot hit that same target a
    second time (except the Bckwrds Dash Ch. Shot, which travels slow). Coupled
    with Quick Charge, you can have up to 3 giant necropolis pyramids or
    electro-meteors harassing your foes all at the same time. Slip Shots is key,
    since Dash Ch. Shots will not go through walls with either club like the
    regular ones do. 
    *The 9.0 Specialist*
    Staff of Choice (Lancer, Rose are best, Laser, Dark Pit, Thanatos work)
    6 Ranged
    0 Melee
    Good Attributes: Overall Defense, Recovery Effect, Heart Boost, Health
    Good Powers: Super Armor, Health Recovery, Crisis Recovery, Pisces Heal, Ares
    Armor, Heart Booster
    Your standard solo setup. It has the punch to defeat enemies quickly from a 
    distance, even on 9.0, and enough defensive abilities to vastly increase the
    amount of mistakes you can make before being finished. Staves have very few
    weaknesses in solo, so this is a good all-around choice for now until each
    weapon is explored in depth, and the extremely overpowered ones clearly stand
    VII. Special Thanks and Copyright Info
    1.) The wiki found at:
    for much of the information regarding values and weapon combination results
    contained in this guide, as well as the loop information.
    2.) Gamefaqs board users for discussion, which has lead to a few ammendments and
    some insight on certain things.
    This document is copyright 2012, Kelly Mower (babyryoga@yahoo.com) and should
    not appear on any website without proper credit. It should not be sold under
    any circumstances. If you wish to host this guide, you may do so only with the
    advance written permission.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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