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    Gold Laurel FAQ by HugDaddy

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    KID ICARUS: UPRISING - Gold Laurel FAQ and Checklist (Version 1.0 by Adam G.)
    [I] FAQ Table of Contents
                      FAQ Table of Contents                    I
                      Version History and Copyright           II
                      Author Notes and Credits               III
                      The Basics                              IV
                      General Tips                             V
                      Focused Walkthrough                     VI
                      Checklist                              VII
    [II] Version History and Copyright
    Information within this guide written and compiled by Adam G. (HugDaddy).  
    Version 1.0 completed on May 27, 2012.
    This guide is copyright (c) 2012 by Adam Gresko (HugDaddy).  This guide is 
    written to be hosted solely at http://www.gamefaqs.com.  Any use or display of 
    this guide in whole or in part on another web site, in another forum or in any 
    other public display is strictly forbidden without the expressed written 
    permission of the author, then only with credit.  This guide may not be 
    reproduced under any circumstances except for private personal use.  This guide 
    may not be sold or distributed in any way other than for free, and any 
    distribution must not alter any contents of this FAQ, including copyright 
    information.  Comments, contributions, and suggestions are welcome by e-mail 
    (gb10k at hotmail dot com).  If you write to me, please make sure that "Kid 
    Icarus - Uprising FAQ" is in the subject line, and please do not send ANY spam 
    OR share my address with those who do.
    [III] Author Notes and Credits
    This FAQ was originally started from my random notes taken while playing 
    through the game.  As I read more messages on GameFAQs' board, I noted a demand 
    for a complete list for Intensity Gates found within Kid Icarus: Uprising, as 
    such a list would ease the difficulty in earning Gold Laurels.  I've also 
    provided answers for the questions I've seen posted repeatedly on the GameFAQs 
    forums with a minimum of spoilers.  Thus, I have expanded the scope of this 
    guide to include information regarding Zodiac chambers and certain elusive 
    treasure chests.  This guide is designed to enable quick searches (i.e., use of 
    [F3] or [CTRL] + [F]); you can search for a specific section from the Table of 
    Contents (e.g., "[V]") or for a specific item (e.g., "Leo Cannon").  This FAQ 
    assumes knowledge on the user's part of any and all locations within the game. 
    First, I thank my wife for not letting my play time bother her (including 
    letting me slip away for an occasional tournament or event)!  As is customary, 
    I thank Jeff Veasey ("CJayC") for starting GameFAQs in 1995 for his diligent 
    work.  I also thank the knowledgeable users on the Kid Icarus: Uprising 
    message board on GameFAQs as their pursuit of perfection helped to inspire me 
    to make this guide.  I also wish to thank you, the readers of this guide, in 
    advance for any suggestions you have for this guide.  If I've left you out, 
    please let me know!
    [IV] The Basics
    An Intensity Gate is a type of door that can be encountered during the ground 
    phase of a chapter.  You must be playing the chapter at an active intensity 
    equal to or above what is posted to remove the barrier.  For example, there is 
    a Level 9 Intensity Gate in Chapter 7.  If you are "finished" prior to opening 
    the gate, it will not open.  Likewise, if you are "finished" after opening this 
    gate and restart in the initial chamber, you will not be able to reopen this  
    gate as you would be playing at an intensity less than 9.0.  Intensity Gates 
    may block the way to one or several treasure(s), an alternate path or both.  
    These areas may consist of a long series of rooms that serve as a detour (e.g., 
    Chapter 7), a series of chambers with treasure at a dead-end (e.g., Chapter 4) 
    or even just a door that opens to spit out a treasure (e.g., Chapter 16).
    A Zodiac Chamber is typically a well-hidden spur off of the main path found in 
    some chapters.  Finding the chamber and taking its treasure will "unlock" that 
    item or weapon for use in the game.  Unlocking a Zodiac treasure will allow you 
    to: -1- find the treasure within the chapters during solo play; -2- uncover a 
    "?" result when fusing weapons; -3- convert "???" weapon gems that you gathered 
    via StreetPass into real weapons (or convert them to more hearts); and -4- 
    allow you to redeem hearts for such weapons.
    Gold Laurel for a given chapter is earned upon clearing the stage with all 
    secrets discovered.  At a minimum, all Intensity Gates must be opened and any 
    Zodiac chambers must be entered.  Before that occurs, a green laurel will 
    indicate the completion of a stage.
    [V] General Tips
    I won't list too many specific pointers other than those proven particularly 
    Opening the Intensity Gate is all that is required to earn credit towards a 
    Gold Laurel for that stage.  I confirmed this on my first attempt at the Level 
    9 Gate on Chapter 7, as I made it past the first wave of post-gate foes before 
    being finished off.  Despite not being able to reenter that gate on that trip, 
    I earned a Gold Laurel for that chapter after clearing the chapter on that 
    Playing at a higher intensity will increase your likelihood of earning weapons 
    and items with higher values; however, being "finished" will lower the 
    intensity at which you are playing, reduce your loot (and its value) and cut 
    your score in half.  Thus, your best results may come from playing through a 
    chapter with the strongest intensity at which you can play without being 
    Along with playing at a higher intensity, you can earn more hearts fighting 
    with a weapon that has a higher Heart Bonus modifier (+3 is ideal) and by 
    equipping (and using properly!) a stronger Heart Booster power (Level 4 is 
    the best).
    Do not sell any weapons unless you are certain that you will not need it later 
    in the game in a fusion recipe.  
    Do not sell any weapon gems for 5 hearts (EVER!)!  At the very least, 
    unlocking a Zodiac treasure will allow you to get more hearts for that gem.
    Weapons without stars or without modifiers can be useful in fusion to help 
    remove unwanted modifiers from an otherwise desirable weapon.  
    If you make a weapon via fusion that you dislike, you can eject the cartridge 
    to restore your most recently saved slate of weapons.
    Search the message boards, Answers section and FAQs for more information.
    [VI] Focused Walkthrough
    As noted earlier, this guide assumes basic familiarity with the stage; thus, I 
    do not include information regarding the stage other than to help you identify 
    the location of the gate or chamber.  I will detail the challenges you may face 
    past an Intensity Gate.  I have described what lies beyond an Intensity Gate 
    based on the posted intensity (i.e., the lowest intensity through which it can 
    be passed).
    Chapter 1 - 
    	Level 5:
    		Upon landing, proceed to the first intersection, then turn right.  
    		There are two Gyrazers flanking a Crawler.  I recommend taking the 
    		Gyrazers out first so that you can take your time with the Crawler.  A 
    		treasure chest and three food items will drop.
    Chapter 2 - 
    	Zodiac Chamber - Sagittarius Bow:
    		While descending staircase with a Skuttler Cannoneer, look behind the 
    		tapestry for the glowing, blue Sagittarius symbol.  Step into it to be 
    		taken to a chamber with the Sagittarius Bow.
    Chapter 3 -
    	Level 4:
    		Upon landing, skip the food, go clockwise down the stairs and up the 
    		next staircase along the right wall; continue clockwise past the gate 
    		and along the upper level to reach the treasure chest; turn around 
    		immediately to defeat a Souflee; drop down to get the food afterwards.
    	Level 7:
    		After defeating the Hewdraw Head, go down the stairs and turn left.
    		Two Wave Anglers will appear once the lone treasure chest is opened.
    Chapter 4 - 
    	Zodiac Chamber - Taurus Arm:
    		After the Eggplant Wizard, there is a large three-level chamber that 
    		has two swinging scythes along a narrow path followed by a Shelbo.  In 
    		the level below that, there is a glowing hole; hop into it and look for 
    		the Taurus symbol to enter the chamber.
    	Level 5:
    		Once outside after the above, go into the door in front of you instead 
    		of using the jump pad, the elevator will take to you to a level with a 
    		grind rail and a gate (with another grind rail).  You will need to 
    		shoot to remove the obstacles along the grind rail behind the gate.  
    		Two Gyrazers and a Shelbo will appear in the next section, after which 
    		food will be dropped.  Two treasure chests are at the end of the hall; 
    		once taken, two Reapers will emerge in the previous corridor (you can 
    		sneak past them).  A lone Boogity is in the next area.  Once back on 
    		the grind rail, a Souflee will sneak by you; turn around immediately 
    		to defeat two charging Shrip.
    Chapter 5 - 
    	Level 4:
    		Once in the room with the multiple trampolines, take the path to the 
    		right (not counting the spur with the Armin); after turning left, look 
    		to the right for the gate.  There are apparently three treasure chests; 
    		the middle one is a Mimicutie, though.
    	Level 8:
    		Once back in the trampoline room, continue to the right, carefully 
    		bouncing to reach the platform with the Specknose and Paramush.  Once 
    		victorious, look left to see bouncing Monoeyes bouncing around a 
    		green-bordered triangular platform.  Drop down to reach the gate.  
    		Inside is a treasure chest and an homage to the original game.
    Chapter 6 - 
    	Zodiac Chamber - Gemini Orbitars:
    		You may fight Dark Pit in the underground area to the right of the 
    		fountain's intersection.  Once clear of Dark Pit, search the perimeter 
    		of the underground area for the Gemini symbol.
    Chapter 7 - 
    	Level 9:
    		Immediately upon arriving at the ground section, you begin in a large 
    		chamber.  Once dispatching the Wave Angler and Snowman (the Zurret at 
    		the top of the stairs is optional), turn right before the right 
    		staircase to find the gate.  Once past the gate, the room will have one 
    		Shelbo, 2 Handoras and an electrified floor.  In the right	corner (from 
    		where you enter) is a Boom Spear.  Once that wave of foes is cleared, 
    		a Shrip and Zurret will appear.  The Zurret should drop some food, and 
    		there should be food and a treasure chest in the corner if you look 
    		left from the base of the stairs.  Climb the stairs to find a Drink of 
    		the Gods and a Lightning of Judgment.  The door leads to the room with 
    		the Treasurefish, Gyrazer and two Wave Anglers that normally is after 
    		the aforementioned Zurret at the top of the first chamber's staircases.
    		[Please note that you will return to the initial chamber during the 
    		course of Chapter 7, but the Intensity Gate will not be available.]
    	Treasure chest note:  At the end of the section with the three grind rails, 
    		the purple grind rail leads to a platform with a chest.
    	Level 4:
    		One you fall through the trap door after the Mimicutie, go into the 
    		door and turn right.  After entering, stay at the very top of the ramp, 
    		since a Bumbledrop will ambush you otherwise.  You can snipe the two 
    		Frozums from the icy ramp and be safely out of range.  A treasure chest 
    		with a revolving ice trap awaits you at the bottom.
    Chapter 8 - 
    	Level 6:
    		After using an elevator, you will encounter a Belunka and Space Pirate; 
    		after defeating them, look to the right while walking down the ramp.  
    		A single treasure chest is inside.
    	Zodiac Chamber - Cancer Claws:
    		In the room storing the constellations, when you encounter a Snong on 
    		the second level, don't take the Jump Pad. Take the dead end path to 
    		the right and jump down to find the Cancer chamber.
    Chapter 9 - No Intensity Gates or Zodiac Chambers are in this chapter.
    	Treasure chest note:  In Twinbellows section, fall into the broken section 
    		of the right staircase after defeating the Orne for a chest (i.e., 
    		during a run with the Three Sacred Treasures).
    Chapter 10 - 
    	Zodiac Chamber - Leo Cannon:
    		In the section with the Guttler after sinking the statue into the lava, 
    		turn left at the first arrow to find the Leo chamber.
    	Level 4:
    		You will eventually enter a room with a Suit of Skuttler and a Tempura 
    		Wizard.   A Level 4 gate is to the right from where you first entered.  
    		Defeat both foes to remove the barriers over the doors.  A Girin and 
    		Sinistew are at the bottom of the ramp.  To the left of them is a hot 
    		spring on a higher level than a spring that you may have encountered 
    		just after the Leo chamber.  If you go just past the hot spring, there 
    		is a small staircase that leads to a Mimicutie.  Going back to the hot 
    		spring, turn around and look among the plants in the upper alcove to 
    		find a Souflee.
    Chapter 11 - No Intensity Gates or Zodiac Chambers are in this chapter.
    Chapter 12 - 
    	Zodiac Chamber - Virgo Palm:
    		Near the end of the stage, Defeating two Monoeyes and a Boom Stomper 
    		will trigger the descent of a round blue elevator.  A second elevator 
    		can be found In the opposite direction and around a corner.  Use it to 
    		go down to the Virgo chamber.
    Chapter 13 - 
    	Level 7:
    		To the left of Arlon's chamber is a Level 7 gate.  One treasure chest 
    		is inside.
    Chapter 14 - 
    	Zodiac Chamber - Libra Sponge:
    		Once approaching Phosphora's chamber, turn around and go around a curve 
    		to find an electric barrier blocking the Libra chamber.  Dodge through 
    		the barrier to pass through.
    Chapter 15 - 
    	Level 6:
    		You will find an exotank halfway through the stage.  Two sections doors 
    		later will be a long, descending exotank ramp.  At the bottom is a 
    		Mimicutie.  Turn right and go up this ramp to access a ledge with two 
    		pieces of food and the intensity gate.  [Alternately, you can also use 
    		the Jump Glide power to skip the exotank ramp.]  Once inside, a 
    		treasure chest is to your left.  Defeat or skip past the Xoneme in 
    		front of you, then fall over the edge to return to the path below.
    Chapter 16 - 
    	Treasure chest note:  In the section with the behemoth (which is being 
    		followed by a Treasurefish), there is an alcove with a Baglo on the 
    		left just after the conveyor belt.  Use melee attacks to crumble the 
    		wall and expose a treasure chest.
    	Zodiac Chamber - Scorpio Staff:
    		After you get an Aether ring, you will encounter a hole through which 
    		you can descend.  As you descend, shoot the glowing orb switch which 
    		will allow you access to a floor with the Scorpio chamber.
    	Level 7:
    		In the next section after the chamber mentioned above, you will pass 
    		through a hallway with numerous doors that will open to give you items.  
    		The gate is to the left and will yield a treasure.
    Chapter 17 - No Intensity Gates or Zodiac Chambers are in this chapter.
    Chapter 18 - 
    	Level 6:
    		After your first forced fight with the centurions, you can see an 
    		unreachable treasure chest on an upper ledge.  In the next section, 
    		make a u-turn to the right and follow the wall to find the gate.  Go 
    		through it and up the stairs to find the aforementioned chest at the 
    		end of the path.  Defeat two Skuttlers and one Skuttler Mage on the way 
    	Zodiac Chamber - Aries Armor:
    		After you encounter a Souflee bathing in a hot spring, follow the path 
    		to the left and around a corner to find doors leading to the Aries 
    Chapter 19 - 
    	Level 6:
    		In the second land phase on this chapter, you will go through a maze 
    		with numerous Igniots.  Instead of going left at the last fork to leave 
    		the maze, keep right and go around the corner for a gate.  Inside is 
    		one treasure chest.
    Chapter 20 - 
    	Level 5:
    		The gate is to your left immediately past the exotank near the start 
    		of the land phase.  Past this gate are three Syrens followed by one 
    		Mega Mussel.  Hop along the platforms to find a Souflee, a treasurefish 
    		and a treasure chest.
    	Level 8:
    		Once at the prison section, go down the first hall to the right.  There 
    		is a trap door just before the hot spring.  Fall down the trap door, 
    		then turn around to find the gate.  Inside is a treasure chest.
    	Zodiac Chamber - Capricorn Club:
    		Once at the prison section, go down the second hall to the right.  The 
    		last cell on the left can be opened with a nearby switch.  Open it to 
    		defeat the Skuttler Mage and examine the back walls to find a hidden 
    		path to the Capricorn chamber.
    Chapter 21 - No Intensity Gates or Zodiac Chambers are in this chapter.
    Chapter 22 - No Intensity Gates or Zodiac Chambers are in this chapter.
    Chapter 23 - 
    	Level 8:
    		In the second section are green lifts that you can attack to lower.  A 
    		gate is next to a pair of these lifts.  Turn left while standing on the 
    		upper one to find the gate; inside is a treasure chest.
    	Zodiac Chamber - Aquarius Blade:
    		You will encounter grind rails with obstacles on them.  The second rail 
    		will require you to jump left to another rail.  Once you are back on 
    		land, get back on this grind rail and stay on it to reach a different 
    		platform with the Aquarius chamber.
    Chapter 24 - 
    	Zodiac Chamber - Pisces Heal:
    		One you land and ride the elevator to begin the first trial, the Pisces 
    		chamber is at the bottom of the stairs (opposite of the path you need 
    		to take to advance).
    Chapter 25 - No Intensity Gates or Zodiac Chambers are in this chapter.
    [VII] Checklists
    |_| Chapter 1 - Level 5
    |_| Chapter 3 - Level 4
    |_| Chapter 3 - Level 7
    |_| Chapter 4 - Level 5
    |_| Chapter 5 - Level 4
    |_| Chapter 5 - Level 8
    |_| Chapter 7 - Level 9
    |_| Chapter 7 - Level 4
    |_| Chapter 8 - Level 6
    |_| Chapter 10 - Level 4
    |_| Chapter 13 - Level 7
    |_| Chapter 15 - Level 6
    |_| Chapter 16 - Level 7
    |_| Chapter 18 - Level 6
    |_| Chapter 19 - Level 6
    |_| Chapter 20 - Level 5
    |_| Chapter 20 - Level 8
    |_| Chapter 23 - Level 8
    |_| Chapter 2 - Sagittarius Bow
    |_| Chapter 4 - Taurus Arm
    |_| Chapter 6 - Gemini Orbitars
    |_| Chapter 8 - Cancer Claws
    |_| Chapter 10 - Leo Cannon
    |_| Chapter 12 - Virgo Palm
    |_| Chapter 14 - Libra Sponge
    |_| Chapter 16 - Scorpio Staff
    |_| Chapter 18 - Aries Armor
    |_| Chapter 20 - Capricorn Club
    |_| Chapter 23 - Aquarius Blade
    |_| Chapter 24 - Pisces Heal

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