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"What Could Have Been the Best 3ds game thus far, Ends Up Being a Pain to Play"

Kid Icarus makes a long awaited return (unless you count the gameboy game) on new hardware, using the Smash Brothers character and graphical style. See Pit fly around, battle monsters, and compete online all in 3D. Also be prepared to use one of several painful and confusing control styles. This could have been the best 3ds game to date but Nintendo rushed the development process to release the game roughly a year after it was teased. Who knows what could have been.

There is fun to be had, but the controls are painful
Uprising is broken into two styles of gameplay. Each level is broken in half by flying, shmup style combat, and then Pit eventually lands and takes the fight to land. The latter half is more of a battle to stay pain free while navigating Pit. Kid Icarus: Uprising was being developed before 3ds dev kits were even out and near the release of Uprising, it seemed like Nintendo was scrambling to release the game. Doubt arose prior to release of the game about the controls. Eventually, Nintendo announced that Uprising would come with a plastic stand, to hold the 3ds and maintain the 3D effect while you play. This was a clear warning sign that the game was being rushed. Especially considering that the Circle Pad Pro was released and was proven to work well by using Resident Evil. Nintendo could have allowed more development time to allow use of the CPP, but instead they chose to release a plastic stand with every copy.

There are several modes to play around with. There is a dedicated single player mode, and even a multiplayer mode with online play. Weapon purchasing and fusion is also key in assuring that Pit has the best gear.

Uprising has fun gameplay, and multiple modes, but none of them are comfortable to play. Fans of analog sticks or mouse and keyboard should stay away.

Kid Icarus: Uprising takes a softer more comedic approach to storytelling. Personally, I agree with this and enjoy the quirky banter between Pit and Palutena throughout the game. The story, along with the menus and graphics are very similar to the Smash Brothers series; which makes sense considering the lead developer Masahiro Sakurai also developed Brawl. Pit lightheartedly battles the forces of the underworld, to protect humanity and to act out the will of the goddess Palutena. Without any spoilers, the game is essentially broken into two main Acts. The games single player mode is surprisingly long; roughly 12 to 15 hours.

Kid Icarus: Uprsing is arguably the best looking 3ds game. During some of the flying segments the battles between the human armies in the background was very impressive for the tech. The character models and lighting effects are all well done, and surprisingly even the voice acting is pleasant, albeit cheesy. There was a time when Uprising was being developed on the Wii before the developer had a 3ds dev kit, and I think it shows. Despite the somewhat cartoony look, Uprising is a great looking game.With multiple modes, a fusion system, and a difficulty slider that encourages replaying levels, Uprising is a game packed full of content. Fans of the Smash Brothers will find extras and collectibles that are familiar. The game heavily encourages replayability.

Final Recommendation: If you can stomach the controls, buy it
Recommending Kid Icarus: Uprsing is a delicate task. On one hand, it is a solid game with tons of content, and on the other it is a game that is fundamentally flawed with a unique control system that is a pain to play. Generally, the people that do not see what is wrong with the controls are younger gamers, or gamers without a console that uses two analog sticks, or a PC that uses the mouse and keyboard style of control. During my time with Kid Icarus: Uprsing, fun times were cut short because my neck and wrist became uncomfortable, and if I kept playing they would eventually hurt. So, I only suggest that you play Kid Icarus: Uprsing if you are not bothered by the questionable control choices. Fun game; very bad controls.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/30/12, Updated 01/28/13

Game Release: Kid Icarus: Uprising (US, 03/23/12)

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