Where can I find strong weapons and custon/illegal parts in raid mode?

  1. I play most the time in solo and i already in abyss dificult
    my weapons are:
    muramasa level 31
    machine gun mp5 level 35
    magnum l.hawk level 31
    my level is 42

    i need strong weapons because now its take much time/ammo to get down a simple ooze and apeares a strong enemy is literaly a battle for my life....

    is there a nice level in raid mode wich i can get some nice weapons?

    and custon/illegal parts i see a youtube video from someguy who play raid with fullburst and autoload...and well i like get this parts too...

    thanks to anyone who help and sorry for my bad english

    User Info: demetrio3

    demetrio3 - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Thanks for your answer 7un4tran....i will keep this question open for hope someone could give more hints....but i thank you a lot

    i dont will register your fc because i play some few hours per day...sorry

    User Info: demetrio3

    demetrio3 - 5 years ago

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  1. You usually can shop for better weapons because the weapons reset everytime you go in and out of the shop. Need money? grind stage 20 trench. You can raid with partners online for wanted missions that can get you quite some catches with weapons. Also what level are you?

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  1. Oops,my bad on last sentence. Here's my FC

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  2. What 7un4tran is true but you can also find them hidden in every stage and although you probably already know that but instead of trying to get to the end of each stage try exploring everything you just might find something useful.

    User Info: shadowa11

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  3. explore ABYSS stages and hunt for illegal custom parts, especially in areas unnecessary to complete the stage (like next to the 6th floor door in stage 19, although I can't be certain),

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  4. If you want good custom parts, you need to complete infection missions. you get these rarely and randomly while street passing ppl (which means completing any mission one time with someone). make sure to have auto save off. once you see that you have an infection mission, make sure the game doesnt save. backout to the load screen, then check missions, you can change the reward for the infection mission like this. if you dont like it, back out the mission tab, and dont save again, and go back to the load screen and repeat. often it will turn into a wanted mission, but the infection is still there, keep playing with it.

    the best weapons are lv 49, cuz they have the possiblity of getting higher slots than lv 50 weapons. but its about luck to get a lv 49 with max slots. stick with lv 50 for now. you get good weapons by street passing lv 50 players, and if you're a high level.
    Hope this helps

    User Info: matt2325

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  5. All I can suggest is keep playing raid mode to get stronger and/or legendary weapons. I'd unlock a level 50 magnum python, pale rider & l. hawk, a level 50 high roller and shotgun hydra in raid mode during a raid w/o need of an infection mission like every one else is suggesting. All I've not unlock is a level 50 murasmasa. Were lucky to pick up a level 49 muramasa with 6 custom slots during a raid on abyss mode stage 20. You'll usually find a level 48-50 weapon on stages 20 & 21 on abyss level in raid mode. Those are only two stages I play. If anyone would like to see add me, then my 3ds fc is: 0989 2468 3967

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  6. the strongest weapons i got were when i beat the real goal area in the ship (DECK/HELIPAD)
    i got about 5 lv 50 guns (im only lv 43 so i cant equip them) and some very powerfull custom parts (like burst 5 and clip 9 .e.t.c.)
    so i recommend doing the bonus level with me (Jay) or with a lv. 50.
    (HINT : When at the promenade deck , dont go up the elevator, but walk the stairs to the infected pool [its clean now] and kill all the enemy's there , it are less and weaker opponents , so you save ammo for the final battles, you still get an old key.)

    Hope i could help!
    sorry for my bad grammar:(

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  7. Play ghost ship with a LV 50 and let him clear it for , at the end you get good drops AND if you use the old keys correctly , you can explore the whole ship.

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  8. like jay says play ghost ship on final i was a level 32 i think and he helped me out and i got alot of stuff he took care almos of everything if you want i can help you my FC is 0404 - 6273 -1989 my nick is xXNintendo and in resident evil im S3x.Art leave your FC too

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