Getting an S Rank on level 15 ABYSS? - Raid mode

  1. Hi hope someone can help, I'm finding it impossible to get the S rank, not sure whether I am taking too long, killing too few enemies or just not accurate enough?

    Does anyone have a suggested route that they use all the time?

    E.g. solarium -> upper cabins -> bridge deck?

    I am at level 50 with good weapons so hopefully that won't be a problem, just not sure on the best path, as there are so many!


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    steveconygre - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Here's one sure way to get an S rank:

    1. Play SOLO PLAY - It's a lot easier to get an S rank by yourself. Since other players can ruin your game by getting in the way or even refusing to cooperate with you. Oh, and its a total myth that you can get an S rank if your partner gets one. You won't get it, unless you earn it. So it's better to play ALONE.

    2. Try to get powerful and efficient weapons that can kill enemies quick. I suggest you get the PALE RIDER (at least level 40-44). You can also use the RIFLE PSG1 and a SHOTGUN. Avoid using a Machine Gun, though. Since with that weapon, your accuracy will probably be a bit lousy (unless you're an expert with it). You should also have a good experience level. At least be level 40 (not necessary, but it helps).

    3. Take this path: Casino > Promenade > Deck

    4. At the CASINO, stand near the entrance at the top of the staircase and shoot at the first batch of enemies from there. Use the PALE RIDER or RIFLE to kill enemies from a distance. Take all the time you need to shoot every enemy carefully. There is no rush. You have to kill them all. Even the ones that remain or spawn right after you get the OLD KEY. You have to kill every single one of them. Don't leave the CASINO until you kill them all.

    5. At the Promenade, try to make every shot count from the very start. Use grenades to slow enemies down when necessary. Try to make it to the room that connects with the ground level of the PROMENADE. It's the same room that was locked in the campaign mode. Then try to get a Hunter to spawn by walking briefly out of the room and quickly getting back inside. Use the SHOTGUN to stun enemies and quickly pull out the RIFLE to kill them off. Employ this same strategy until the HUNTERS stop showing up. But be careful, there are still two MINI-HUNTERS around and some MUTANT-OOZES that shoot at you from afar. So walk out of the room and try to kill every enemy by not missing most of your shots. It's okay if you get hit several times by the enemies. Just try to not shower every wall with bullets and instead try to focus on connecting almost every blast you give out. If an enemy hits you while you try to aim, keep calm. Just try to hit them with your ammo. You must kill ALL the enemies at the PROMENADE.

    6. At the DECK, use the SHOTGUN to kill the HUNTERS that you run into before you reach the HELIPAD. Once you kill them all, equip some DECOY GRENADES and walk toward the HELIPAD. Now, while walking through the bridge that connects to the HELIPAD, you will notice that some FENRIR will start to appear. Immediately, throw a DECOY GRENADE at them. Do this while you stay put on the bridge. Don't run toward the HELIPAD yet. Wait until the grenade goes off before throwing another one. When HUNTERS start to show up, change to regular HAND GRENADES and throw them at the enemies. Use every single type of grenade you got in your inventory to kill all the enemies. Try to avoid shooting at any of them unless necessary. Once you kill them all, the MEDAL shows up on the HELIPAD.

    Here's what I recently got at the end of this stage, using the described strategy:

    Accuracy: 92%
    Enemies Routed: 63
    Damage: 3119
    Clear Time: 00:23:08
    Rank: S

    As you can see, you do NOT have to rush through this stage to get an S rank. Anyone that says that you have to beat the stage as fast as possible is incorrect. You just need to be efficient. Kill every enemy found at the CASINO>PROMENADE>DECK and keep your accuracy up at all times - you do NOT have to be perfect, though - you are allowed to miss some shots.

    Good luck.

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Other Answers

  1. Try different paths eventually you'll find one that your looking for and try not to use a machine gun too much since it can cost you some accuracy. Hope this helps

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  2. Thanks man it works perfictly and i got my s ranking thanks.

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  3. This is not working for me. I've a level 46 pale rider, a level 48 drake. No matter what I do I get an A rank. Does anyone know what the actual requirements are? I average between 85 and 90% accuracy. I've achieved as much as 106 kills with 90% accuracy. I am really having a hard time with this. So, if anyone has specifics as to what the requirements are that would be helpful. Ie; x:accuracy, x;kills, x;time.

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  4. Over 70% accuracy - 63 or more kills - under 15:00

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