Can someone help with custom part drops?

  1. I seem to be having difficulty with the ghost ship in raid can someone find an alternative way to exploit the games Custom Part Drop AI? If any additional details for my question appear it will be closed...

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    NumberManEX - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    In basic terms I cannot find out how to get special custom parts (not like grenade launcher) and other weapons (like the murumasa)

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    NumberManEX - 5 years ago

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  1. Most custom parts are exclusive to certain levels or wanted missions on certain levels. Many of the best parts are only gotten by infection missions though. One of the FAQs here (the one by Berserker) lists where you can get particular parts. As for rare weapons like the murumasa, you can get those any time you find a weapon, it is just less likely than the more common weapons. Where you get it from merely determines what level the weapon will be.

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  1. I didn't really understand your question, besides the fact that you had difficulty with Ghost Ship.
    Nevertheless, for accomplishing Ghost Ship, you need to be level 45 or above, you need to be properly stocked with ammo, herbs, grenades etc, and you need proper Custom Parts for each of your weapons.
    You can get the best Custom parts once you complete the dozen(s) stages of Abyss difficulty, because only in that difficulty, you get inevitably awesome Custom parts such as Gluttony, Charge Shot, Cornucopia, etc.
    Or if you need a walkthrough for Ghost Ship, just search "ghost ship" in the RE: Revelations' GFAQS Board, and you'll find plenty of the advice you need.

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  2. Okay in order to conquer Raid mode last stage make sure you have the gun with the most ammo and all your guns are equipped with top custom parts or even illegal. PLAY with a friend that is purple colour rank and level 50. Make sure you are full stocked and Note always take with you a machine gun, Pale rider WITH charge shot 4 and handgun or a shot gun. Follow this route and stick to it:
    1.Go through first part of ship take obtain key
    2.Ride the elevator to the ships engine room
    3.Go pass that and go to the casino defeat enemies there
    4.Enter the queen zonobia's hall and go to the working elevator on the left.
    5.AT ALL TIMES stick in the elevator and kill ALL hunters then if they stop coming go and shoot them and go back in and kill the rest. (NOTE: charge up pale rider to full max charge 4 and you can pierce the shelled zombie.
    6.From here go the cafeteria and you can choose your path.
    7.Make your way to the bridge defeat enemies there
    8. make your way to the foredeck this the finale stage
    GOOD luck

    Okay for getting those types of custom parts you need to be level 50, always try playing online with level 50 people on stages 19 abyss or 20(optional) Always try to play with everyone to get mission drops as these mission drops IS HOW you obtain the rare gluttony and e.c.t. and GUNS that are higher level. remember the also street pass with people who have the game in the real world not online and you can get really good mission drops from them as well ;)

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  3. OHH yeah by the way my friends code is :4527-7909-1364 My resident evil revelations name: hertylian purple rank If you see me online join me and when you first enter make sure you say Thanks Thanks Thanks 3 times and then i know it would be you LOL thats if you want to anyways :) Ohh well GOOD LUCk

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