I dont get Jessica...?

  1. Who was she working for and why? It just doesnt make sense why she was working with Raymond, she was close friends with Parker and was already working for the FBC. There doesnt seem to be any reason why she would defect.

    User Info: mrbagly22

    mrbagly22 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Jessica Sherawat was a double-agent working for Tricell all along. She was merely playing the part of a mole within the FBC and later, the BSAA. Trying to retrieve as much data & info on several viruses (including the T-Abyss) as she could. After the events described in Revelations, she ends up filing a report (a different one from the one Raymond made) and uploads it on her computer. And sends it directly to Tricell. Capcom published part of the report in the special edition of Resident Evil: Revelations (the one sold in Japan that included a DVD called "Revelations Report"). There is a picture at the official Japanese Revelations website where you can see Jessica's computer screen as it sends her report to Tricell. Look up the picture in the "Log Book" section of the site.

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Other Answers

  1. Nobody knows, she might have her own reasons.. Like Ada from RE 4. Though I have a feeling she will have some connection in RE 6, because in the trailer, Chris says that "it's all because of THAT B**CH!" so there's a high chance that he's talking about Jessica.. Though no one's sure yet.

    User Info: DemonOHeaven

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