How do I get past (ghost ship)?

  1. How do you find the real goal area of the ship?
    I also have no friends that play this. Can anyone add me?
    Thanks. Amy
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    Thanks. Where is a good place to find friends that play RER?

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    Thanks. That helped a lot. I haven't played online yet. I am lvl 25. I have beaten the campaign on casual and normal. Working on hell mode now. I am on stage 21 in raid mode on Chasm and have all S ranks so far. However, every time I try online play I never make it to the start of the game. I am guessing that they are judging my 0 online plays and kicking me before even giving me a chance. I maybe a girl, but so far I think I'm doing pretty good.

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    princessamy138 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. As you know, you find several MEDALS all over the ship. If you break one, the game ends. But only one of them is the real one.

    Now, the real one is at the DECK or HELIPAD.

    And here's the problem: initially, the enemies are easy to deal with when you start playing this stage. But they begin to get tougher and tougher the closer you get to the real goal of the game. And when you finally get to the real MEDAL at the DECK/HELIPAD, you will face a lot of enemies who are all at level 50. This means that they will take quite a beating before you can kill them. You have to face all the normal enemies (Oozes, mutant-Oozes, Fenrir, etc.) and also Bosses (Draghignazzo, Rachel, Scagdead, Jack Norman). And I repeat, they are all at level 50.

    So, my recommendation to you, is that you level up to at least level 35-40 and get yourself some powerful weapons before you try and play it (try to get/buy weapons that are at least level 35-40).

    Now, if you have a low experience level, you can still beat this stage if you happen to have someone who is a lot stronger and who is willing to help you around through the whole stage and beat the enemies for you. But you have to find someone who is willing to help you out that way. Some players might not want to, though. And if they see that your experience is too low, they will avoid playing that stage with you. But some other players don't mind it at all and will help you. I have done this myself. I have helped players who were levels 20-25 to beat this whole stage.

    Oh and you can also beat this stage alone as well. But again, you need powerful weapons and a good experience level.

    And you can always join someone online who wants to play that entire stage. Sure, you will find a lot of them just "farming" that stage and who only want to break the first MEDAL. But eventually, you will meet someone that wants to beat the whole thing.

    Good luck!

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Other Answers

  1. I havent done it yet, but i have read that you have to go to the front of the ship, where there is suposed to be the Heliport of the ship. There you will have to fight lots of enemies until the BSAA logo appears. Someone that have done it can correct me if im wrong...

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