Falling through bridge?

  1. How can I avoid falling through the bridge in stage 18 chasm in raid mode? This happens to me a lot.

    User Info: GamerTags127

    GamerTags127 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Here's how that happens:

    1. You get that glitch if your connection suffers from lag. The bridge will take a few seconds to load up in the stage.

    Solution to #1: Avoid running through the bridge as soon as that part of the stage loads. Instead, wait until you see the bridge appear. And then run over it. Also, try to fix that connection of yours. So you get less lag.

    2. You also get the glitch if you play Co-Op and you run far ahead of your partner through that stage. If you get to the bridge and your partner is nowhere in sight, then the bridge will take more time to appear on screen.

    Solution to #2: Avoid being ahead of your partner during that segment. Try to stay close. Wait for him/her to catch up. And go through the door that leads to the bridge right after your partner does (let him/her go first). And again, don't run through the bridge until it materializes.

    User Info: Pikminister

    Pikminister - 4 years ago 0 0

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