Anyone else notice this with StreetPass?

  1. I've noticed a correlation between the kind of missions I get via StreetPass (actual StreetPass that is) and just playing online. Getting actual StreetPass, more times than not, has gotten me Infection Missions, but not only that, they have a higher chance of being Progenitor. In fact, I wanna say the first StreetPass mission I got was a Progenitor Infection.
    Now, this correlation does not necessarily prove causation. It could very well be that the people that carry their 3DS around with them everywhere they go (like I do) are also very good at Revelations, and therefore will have a purple name tag (so better missions...I think) along with a couple of Infections already (which is how they are spread...I think). Anyways, I noticed this relation between the two...anyone else?

    User Info: xboxboy9394

    xboxboy9394 - 4 years ago


  1. Actually i find the same happens with me as you carry your 3ds and street pass you are more likely going to receive infection missions as for some reason i believe cap com thought the 3ds street pass feature would be popular therefore they made street pass the place where you can receive most of the infection missions. Though when you play online you instead always receive WANTED missions which are practically missions for certain lvl 50 guns (if you play along side a purple rank lvl 50 person) or custom parts. Though that been said Infection missions still are available though are VERy rare when you play online

    User Info: hertylian

    hertylian - 3 years ago 0 0

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