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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Sophie89

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 01/31/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        Resident Evil: Revelations (Revelaitons)
                         An FAQ for dummies, and anyone else
                             Copyright 2012 Sophie Reimann
    Table of Contents:
    *-Watch out-* 
    This guide is containing sarcarsm, typos (Getting fixed wheneveer I see them) 
    And of course alot of tips to get ready and set for the upcoming RE.
    IT also contains some smilys, beware!
    Of course its still a piece of unorganized guide here, but its v 0.1, so
    be kind and read through that bit for now. I will always update it. 
    ~-------------------------- * TABLE OF CONTENTS * -------------------------- ~
    0. Patch notes
    I. Introduction
    II. Dont steal my guide!
    III. Contact me (as much as you want)
    IV. Who the heck is that Sophie? ;_,
    V. Controls (Hints included!)
    VI. Enemies
    VII. Before it is going into action
    VIII. Walkthrough (Will do this later on)
    IX. Raid Mode Informations
    X. Raid Mode Walkthrough
    XI. Additional Content (DLC)
    XII. FAQ
    XIII. Credits
    ~ ------------------------- * Chapter 0. Patch notes * ---------------------- ~
    1.31.12 - Started this guide, with only a few things, because I dont have much 
    time right now. Resident Evil calls me to play it with friends. 
    Still look at it!
    ~ ------------------------ * Chapter I. Introduction * ---------------------- ~
    As maybe anyone knows, this is a guide about Resident Evil: Revelations,
    or lovely called Revelaitons. =) Who dosent get this joke now, GET OUT. 
    No seriously, its something Capcom did, they wrote Revelaitons on their book 
    side of the game of their first cover. XD
    Anyways, this guide will contain some tips and tricks and awesome hints 
    I know yet, feel free to correct me, write me for additional awesomeness, 
    and so on. 
    Have fun reading through!
    ~ ------------------ * Chapter II. Dont steal my guide T-T * ---------------- ~
    You heard me right! Its all written by me, I dare you putting it somewhere.
    Dont steal my guide, or a homing light of pain will
    catch you until the rest of your life. Seriously. ^.-
    I may accept it when you ask me, but only for cookies and so on. 
    You know what I mean. COOKIES. 
    MYOM.  *_*
    ~ ------------------- * Chapter III. Contact me (...) * --------------------- ~
    You can contact me at shinana@hotmail.de (For either hotmail or MSN), or simply
    here on GFAQ.
    No matter if you just wanna give me hints or just want to chat, when I got time
    I'll be there and awnser! =)
    ~ ------------ * Chapter IV. Who the heck is that Sophie? ;_, * ------------- ~
    Probably nearly no one knows me, because I'm like a ghost on GFAQ until now! C:
    Finally got myself caught here, must be that Resident Evil..
    Its such a good game.
    To tell you a bit of myself, I'm Sophie, turned 22 last may and will be 23
    THIS may of course. I'm a total nerd when it comes to games that contain 
    Zombies, brains, COOKIES(!), and almost anything with a touch of RPG elements.
    As you should have guessed by either my user / real name, your right,
    I'm a girl.
    No, I wont make you any sandwich. Only poisoned ones. C:
    I'm playing video games since I turned 3, and I actually never played
    with dolls  or anything, for me it were video games, video games, 
    OH and video games. =)
    I've been playing every Resident Evil game that is out yet,
    and most of them are finished more then a dozens of times, like my 38 
    playthroughs on my Resi 4. XD
    Oh well, I add more informations during formation updates, and stuff.
    That should be enough for the current introduction. Lets get started!
    No there wont be many more smileys, and I'm writing it in a more serious
    way now. ;) More funny parts are coming!
    ~ ------------------------ * Chapter V. Controls * ---------------------- ~
    The control system is similair to Resident Evil 4 and 5, with the downside that
    you only have one stick, and the aiming has to be done by the four Buttons.
    If you have a CPP (Circle Pad Pro), though, it looks differant.
    The controls changed, now you move directly to the left without turning into
    that direction, if you press left.
    Additionally, you can set the camera by using the second stick.
    I , for myself, can highly recommend the CPP to everyone, because its making
    the aiming much more precicely to be honest, and also its way much easier
    to get used to the controls if not any button has almost 3 functions.
    The next part contains advanced controls, which are vital for the for game
    to know.
    1. While aiming, always tab back and forwards, so you have a chance to dodge
    a backstab from an Ooze or anyone else, you never know if anyone is behind
    you or an hunter approaches from the side! 
    You may dodge it, without even noticing the enemy! =)
    (This is by far even better then doing precice dodging when playing online, 
    because due to the lag there between Japan/ Europe for example, it can be tough 
    to dodge them by eye. This little tip really helps, even in single player - 
    but its recommend to better dodge by urself and not by wildly moving.
    Simple, because if you get hit alot during Hell mode for not making it
    with the "luck moving", your screwed.
    Its still good for dodging backstabs.
    2. Use the enemy weaknesses well, because every enemy has a weakness.
    If you dont do it, you end up wasting alot of ammo, which is a K.O.
    during the game, not to mention when you play Hell mode. ;)
    I will list the enemies and their weaknesses later on.
    3. Dont rely on your KI member, because their weapons dont deal the full
    damage, and also they rarely really cover your back. Always double check
    if there isnt anyone behind you. Even the KI dosent notice. ;)
    4. Always have a weapon with Daze, because its always good to put certain
    enemies in daze status, so you can Melee them and save ammo.
    More about daze and other perks, I will reveal in one of the other sections.
    5.(Raid Mode-Online) Communcation is important, you can warn your partner,
    telling him to wait at a certain point, and so on.
    I dont know why Capcom didnt activated the Mic for online play, that would've
    been much better.
    6.(Raid Mode) Use atleast one weapon you call yourself your "main weapon"
    and take a character with that mastery. Especially when you use a shotgun,
    you should rely on Chris or Quint, the reloading can get you in trouble when
    the place is crowed with Oozes. More about that I will cover in the Raid Mode
    More tips to come. I swear. Onto the next chapter, which covers the enemies
    and their weaknesses.
    ~ ------------------------ * Chapter VI. Enemies * ---------------------- ~
    The enemies in Resident Evil Revelations are called Ooze now, and an old type
    of BOW is back, the hunters!
    Here I will cover all the enemies, that includes bosses, and reveal their
    weaknesses and personal tips.
    SP is Single Player, and RM is Raid Mode.
    Name: Normal Ooze
    First Located: Chapter 1(SP), Mission 1(RM)
    Weakness: Head
    Personal Note: Nothing much to say about them, they can hurt when they are
    buffed in RM, but actually they arent a treat.
    Best weapon for it:
    2. Skagdead
    First Located: Chapter 1(SP), Mission 2(RM)
    Weakness: His Mouth when he crawls up
    Personal Note: They instant kill you underwater, but on plain ground, they are
    no treat at all. Slow, weak, and easy to finish. Just aim for their mouth once
    they try to crawl up to you, and your fine.
    Best weapon for it:
    3. Clawed Ooze
    First Located: Chapter 2(SP), Mission 1(RM)
    Weakness: Head
    Personal Note: Better stay away from their range, the claws hurt alot, in
    both SP and RM. They dont have a instant kill move though.
    Best weapon for it: 
    4. Boomer Ooze (Thanks to Left 4 Dead for that referance, cant think of
    another name)
    First Located: Chapter 2(SP), Mission 3(RM)
    Weakness: None (confirm please. 1 cookie I'm giving away for that <3)
    Personal Note: Dont get near them, or they blow up! Deals alot of damage
    so stay away from them!
    They have overall a low HP, and they are easy to kill.
    Best weapon for it:
    MG, Pistol and avoid strong weapons due to their low HP
    5. Fenrir
    First Located: Chapter 2(SP), Mission 4(RM)
    Weakness: Head, not 100% sure atm
    Personal Note: Fenrirs are the typical dogs in resident evil, which are
    fast and are able to rush at you and throw you down, or just bite you.
    Actually theres nothing else to say. =)
    Best weapon for it:
    MG, Pistol
    6. Shooter Ooze
    First Located: Chapter 3(SP), Mission 3(RM)
    Weakness: Head
    Personal Note: Annoying shooters, they annoy you the hell out in RM mode,
    and they can get frustated in SP aswell, especially during the "no herb"
    challenge. In RM, they can shoot very fast during the higher difficulties,
    stay in move!
    Best weapon for it: 
    Magnum, Rifle
    7. Infected Ship Captain (Boss)
    First Located: Chapter 3(SP), Mission 6(RM)
    Weakness: The "human form" head, which is on his shoulder
    Personal Note: The first boss in the game, and like in Resident Evil 4 and 5,
    its one of those Chainsaw enemies! They instant kill you when they get to you,
    But if you stay in movement, they only give you a little poke from their
    chainsaw, which isnt an instant kill. Always try to daze it and either Melee it
    or try to shoot their weakspot with a strong weapon and your good.
    Best weapon for it:
    Rifle, Magnum, daze perk
    8. Infected Rachel (Boss)
    First Located: Chapter 6(SP), Mission 8(RM)
    Weakness: Head
    Personal Note: The second boss in the game, she is like a speeded up
    normal Ooze though. All she can do is grabbing you and a basic attack.
    During the single player, she is running away after you dealed her about 15%
    of her damage, but this can be pulled off by dazing her or shoot her leg with
    stun. She still runs away, but your able to kill her before she runs off.
    Best weapon for her: 
    Shotgun, MG, Magnum, but due to her speed and because she
    can run away, use a daze perk.
    9. Hunter
    First Located: Chapter 5(SP), Mission 7(RM)
    Weakness: Head
    Personal Note: How much did I miss you, hunters! They are back, and they are
    sneaky and powerful as ever. Like in Resident Evil 1, they are able to
    instant kill you if your below 50% of your life. Be careful when your around
    Best weapon for it:
    Shotgun and Magnum are the best choice. An MG with daze is also fine.
    10. Stone thing (Totally forgot his name, will add that later) (Boss)
    First Located: Mission 12(RM)
    Weakness: None, but when he is knocked off, his back is the weakness.
    Personal Note: Taaaaaank! Hes a giant, he hurts hard, and he can only be hit
    from the back. Be careful when he rushes towards you, but you can dodge that
    easily. The best way to kill it is to use Grenades or a Magnum / Shotgun.
    When he staggers, theres a weakspot on his back.
    Best weapon for it:
    Grenade, Shotgun and Magnum.
    11. Fish
    First Located: Mission 9(RM)
    Weakness: None
    Personal Note: Oh god. One out of two annoying enemies when your in the water.
    I could write a poem about how ugly they are.
    Best weapon for it:
    Shock Grenade(In the water), everything else (land)
    12. Sea Creeper
    First Located: Mission 9(RM)
    Weakness: Mouth
    Personal Note: See Fish
    Best weapon for it: Shock Grenade, all other main weapons
    13. S&S Ooze (Does it have a real name)
    First Located: Chapter 9(SP)
    Weakness: None
    Personal Note: One of the last enemies in the game, thats why they are so hard.
    They have a shield that blocks of all bullets, he raises it either to its face
    or its legs after a short delay if you aim there. You have to be quick!
    When you either destroy his body part or the legs, he gets into a second form.
    If you destroy the body, their legs still move and shoot lightning sparkles.
    If you destroy the leg part, though, they crawl to you quickly and slash you.
    Better aim for their body, because the crawling S&S deals alot more damage
    then the lightning.
    Best weapon for it: Shock Grenade, Rifle
    14. Ultimate Abyss (Final Boss)
    First Located: Chapter 12(SP), Mission 20(RM)
    Weakness: His little mutated thing on his back.
    Personal Note: The last boss in the game, and he covers up alot of differant
    attacks, which I will explain in-depth in the walkthrough. Actually the fight
    is a mix of dodgeing, sneaking behind him and shoot. More of it later.
    Best weapon for it: Anything that deals tons of damage, all sub weapons deal 0
    damage, and he cant get affected of any status effects except critical.
    The next part covers up tips in the SP, and the walkthrough itself
    ~ ------------- * Chapter VII. Before you get into action * -------------- ~
    Coming soon.
    ~ ----------------------- * Chapter VIII. Walkthrough * ------------------ ~
    Coming soon.
    ~ ---------------- * Chapter IX Raid Mode - what is this? * -------------- ~
    The Raid Mode is a new, unique gameplay mode that is new in RE:R, and is a
    very slight mix of Resident Evil Outbreak, Resident Evil 1 Co-Op and
    Mercenaries, thrown into a mixer and add some RPG elements into it.
    Tada, you've got the Raid Mode.
    This section covers up all 21 Mission that are featured yet, together with 
    tips and hints.
    Anyone who still knows which mission covers up which costume, please contact me
    for a full list, and I grand you a big credit. =)
    The Raid Mode can be played either offline, local with two players, and online
    with two players. No matter how you play, all your progress is carried over to
    all of these three methods.
    BP (Battle Points) are the currency to buy weapons, upgrades, herbs and ammo
    from the store. BP is either obtained by playing the SP or finishing missions
    in RM, while differant difficulties grand more or less BP and ranks in SP
    grand differant BP.
    There are 10 characters, all of them have their own materys, but none suffer
    downsides. Some of the characters do also have additional costumes, which can
    be unlocked for doing ingame "quests".
    Quests are either preset, these can only be done once and grand exclusive
    rewards like costumes or additional difficulties.
    There are also daily quests and so called bounties, while the dailys quests
    refresh once a day(cant confirm that yet, I sometimes get them and sometimes
    not), and a bounty quest is always obtained when you play with a partner for
    the first time. 
    This can also be done every day, means you can get the bounty quest for 
    the same partner more then once.
    The gameplay itself it nearly like the SP, but there are alot of new factors.
    Enemies have a level system , just like you, and also a life bar.
    The enemy level is important, because if you are a few levels above your enemy,
    you deal more damage then normal, and vice versa.
    Means, if you are below your enemies, they deal you more damage.
    You also deal less damage if you are lower, and vice versa.
    The damage can be reduced for buying a armor, there are differant ones unlocked
    by a certain level.
    Alright, enough for the general informtions. I will cover up some more
    throughout the RM walkthrough.
    ~ ---------------- * Chapter X Raid Mode - Walkthrough * -------------- ~
    coming soon
    ~ ---------------- * Chapter XI Additional Content * -------------- ~
    This game dosent have any DLCs yet, I will cover this part up once they are
    here. =)
    ~ -------------------------- * Chapter XII FAQ * --------------------- ~
    Now that the serious part is done, lets head for some FAQ, regarding everything
    related to either me or RE:R! ^__^
    F: Are you really a girl? I mean.. wasnt there something with the Kitchen?
    A: !.Come back to real life, idiot - its 2012, not 1940. 
    Of course I'm a girl, and I do play alot, I'm sure even alot more then you. :P
    F: Is it true that Rachel comes more then once?
    A: Yes, she is a bit like Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. =)
    F: Sophie, how can I contact you?
    A: Look it up above, stalker. <3
    F: Why do you also write Resident Evil: Revelaitons, like, some others?
    A: Capcom did a vital mistake when they released their first cover for the
    3DS, it was Resident Evil: Revelaitons written there instead of Revelations. =)
    F: Why do you play with Quint all the time? Hes a nerd!
    A: I'm a nerd too! XD No, Quint is a excellent character, featuring the large
    explosives range and reload speed for shotguns. 
    And because I love shotguns, I had to pick him. ;p
    F: Which character do you like most in RE:R?
    A: Quint , Keith and OFC Chris. ;)
    Quint for just being him, Keith is totally awesome, he acts like one of these
    "new" guys, with a slang, and Chris is hot. 
    F: Make me a sandwich!
    A: Ahahahahaha. <3
    F: What do you drink while playing?
    A: IceTea peach or coke. C:
    F: Do you own other consoles too? Can I add you there?
    A: Yes and no. =) I do have a PS3, and a computer with steam.
    And I wont give you both of this, only if I would know you.
    I will add more FAQ later. ;)
    ~ -------------------------- * Chapter XIII Credits * --------------------- ~
    The Credits are all mine, mine and mine for now.
    I will update this once in a while when I got anyone who helped me. ;)
    Credits also belong to Capcom for the awesome new Resident Evil and everyone
    whos behind that. C:
    And Steam for inspriring me that these explosives Oozes are called Boomers. <3
    See ya soon!

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