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Resident Evil: Revelations review

So we have one reason out of a few to own a Nintendo 3DS: Resident Evil: Revelations. The game is the debut game for the Circle Pad Pro which will inevitably appear on the 3DS redesign if Nintendo ever decides to create one. Back on topic, resident evil has never really had a strong showing on a handheld, there is of course resident evil for the game boy but since Capcom erased that from the time line it really doesn't count. They did port resident evil 1 to the DS and put 1 (directors cut)-3 on the PlayStation Network. This is truly the first Resident Evil made for a portable system, that IS part of the time line. The game with the circle pad is somewhat easier to control, the right analog for movement of the camera and aiming of the weapon, without the circle pad pro there are two other control types and is completely optional, you dont need the Circle Pad Pro to play this game. The graphics are beautiful and the modals very well put together, beyond what I thought this system was capable of. The sound is Ok, I have found that cutscenes are lower volume then when someone is speaking during the game, I would recommend noise canceling headphones, they do make the game a lot more fun. Overall I am enjoying this game, I love customizing weapons and how it works, the idea that they can load you down with so much ammo and then make you waste it all on a single boss battle is surprising.

Sound: 7 out of 10
This, besides the partner A.I, is interesting. During game play when someone is talking it can be heard just fine but when it turns into a cutscene, the volume lowers for some reason. This isn't so much a flaw more of a problem during development. This is truly the only portable game I have ever played with the sound on and would definitely recommend headphones.

Graphics: 9 out of 10
The graphics are crisp, clean, probably something I would find an Xbox pumping out if it was capable of a little less then what it can actually do. The enemies look generally sickening, the mutations on some bosses combined with their own creepiness, can and have made my skin crawl and the character modals are very well done, the atmosphere and backgrounds are done well. This is very well done graphically especially for a handheld.

Story: 7 Out of 10
A terrorist group called Veltro who unleashed the T-virus in a city and after that was disbanded and has been resurrected and what they are currently planning is unknown. Jill has been sent on a mission to find Chris who was on his own mission before losing contact with the BSAA and in turn loses contact after she falls face first into a trap. Stuck on a luxury cruise ship full of monsters Jill and her partner Parker must find a way out. They also introduce an actual team of characters and unlike past Resident Evils this one doesn't just murder them off like every game before it, after a brief couple of minutes with Jill and Parker you get to play a more action oriented side mission as Chris and Jessica and later as Quint and Kieth and a flashback between Parker and Jessica, it gives the game some back story and a look into new characters life instead of just popping out of the ground A La Sheva Alomar.

Gameplay: 9 out of 10
So first impression is definitely that of Dead Space, I often said the key difference between resident evil 5 and dead space was Isaac could walk while shooting and Chris could not. Now in Revelations you can walk while shooting/aiming/reloading which does make the game kind of easier. Unlike 5 your inventory is three guns at a time, a secondary weapons menu which consists of mostly grenades and your knife, your scanner which can scan points of interest to find hidden items such as ammo, herbs, custom parts for weapon customization and other wonderful things, you can also scan enemies and once you reach 100% scan level you are gifted a herb for healing. 

The enemies don't drop ammo like in dead space or Resident Evil 5, but there usually is enough to go run'n'gun all over the place, unless you don't scan rooms using the Genesis Scanner then you might come up short with some weapons, at first there is a limit to how much ammo you can hold but you can find ammo clips/belts to upgrade that so you can old more at any given time. you can also upgrade guns capacity to hold more as well using custom parts.

Custom parts allow for gun customization, such as increased rate of fire, raises damage, increases gun capacity, stuns enemies so you can melee them and conserve ammo, and much more. There is no shop so you pretty much have to find all the guns and upgrades within story mode or in raid mode to have them and likewise to upgrade the ones you like. Some custom parts are exclusive to a single gun, like the burst shot which fires two shots back to back is exclusive to handguns but mostly everything you find can be placed on any gun, taken off said gun and put on another gun for whatever reason. Like one time during the story I had two machine guns and one slightly more powerful machine gun was out of ammo so I switched to the other that actually had ammo and put all the custom parts onto it

Partner AI has gone back to "DERP DERP DERP, I LIKE SOAP" more often then not I find myself wondering why enemies will ignore Parker or whoever my partner is with whatever character I'm playing as and go straight for me, even bosses will walk right by my partner as they shoot with what appears to be a gun but apparently they do their shopping at the dollar store and buy the cheapest guns and ammo because the damage they do is so insignificant they could easily have been replaced by an over weight house cat with no legs or Ashley Graham and you pretty much have to lug this character throughout the levels, and no before you ask you don't have to worry about giving them ammo or health because they, unlike you, are invincible. maybe that is a little unfair maybe it isn't, I once managed to lock Parker in a room with a bunch of exploding enemies and they walked right by him and went about their business, it's as if Capcom didn't want to be completely unfair they also gave us invisible hunters.

Raid Mode: 10 out of 10
So we have raid mode, this can either be played alone or co-op over wireless or over wifi. It's basically the replacement for the mercenaries, it's all mission based and it's basically kill everything to obtain a key for a door or to make the mission objective appear. The missions are usually go from point A to point B and murder everything in your way. 

The enemy health is displayed above the enemy and enemies come in several varieties and even sizes. smaller Ooze are faster and taller Ooze are slower but do more damage, least I think they do more damage, I didn't let any of the larger versions hit me. 

It certainly is a fun pastime and all that BP you be getting from the main story can be used in the raid mode shop to get guns, grenades, custom parts and replenish ammo because for some dumb reason it doesn't refill your ammo after a mission. You also get to select which characters to use and what weapons you want to use/upgrade, they also decided to make each character different; such as Chris is good with shotguns and rifles while Jill is good with handguns and machine guns and so on and so forth.

They also went so far as to actually hide things throughout each level so there is some adventuring to do in each level and these enemies do drop ammo for whatever guns your carrying so it's move from point A exploring when the feeling arises then move to point B. overall a very fun pastime, it is more action oriented then most of story mode and it being co-op and story mode not being gives the game a little more life.

Overall score: 9 out of 10
With the only gripe I have being the partner AI and the overall game being completely against you I am enjoying this as much as I enjoyed Dead Space 1 and 2, the graphics are amazing for the system it's on, the 3D is also amazing, the atmosphere is well set and I'm not gonna lie, leading up to two different boss battles I was completely creep out by the bosses before even finding either one. The first constantly saying "may day, may day, may day" and the other saying "FOUND YOU," the ladder making me stop and consider for a good couple minutes if I wanted to continue walking in that direction or not kind of like how in Skyrim I'll set the marker, fast travel towards it, start walking, get attacked by a dragon then bandits then a bear and then completely give up on that quest and go find something else to do.

All in all a great experience, it has reminded me why I got into resident evil and why I liked both the newer and older versions of resident evil. If your a diehard resident evil fan this is a must, if your looking for 40-60 to throw into your 3DS, this and the circle pad pro is a viable option, if you liked dead space 1 and/or 2 you'll like this. The circle pad pro is NOT required to play this but being the first game on the 3DS that utilizes it I must mention it here; it is a viable option but not required to play the game, it does bulk up the system more then I would like but it does add some comfort and again it's only optional.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/13/12, Updated 03/28/12

Game Release: Resident Evil: Revelations (US, 02/07/12)

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