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"A great game, but the story is lacking."

I am a huge fan of the Resident Evil games. With the exception of the Outbreak series, I have beaten every entry. Resident Evil Revelations shocked me by being one of the better entries in the series.

Graphics- 10/10
When I first saw the opening scene in Resident Evil Revelations, I was astounded. Jill's face was beautifully detailed, and the lighting effects boggled the mind. The rain splashed on the window of the ship, and I fell in love with the look. These graphics can even hold up against Resident Evil 4! From the fantastic character models to the giant environments, no game on the 3DS has ever looked this good. The 3D effect adds a huge layer of depth to even further the experience. Enemies in the distance look menacing and disturbing as they come closer and closer. Capcom even included the ability to enhance the depth of the slider, which makes the environments look even more realistic. The bottom line is that everyone should see this game to believe what the 3DS is capable of.

Music- 8/10
I am sorry to say that the music in this game is not great. It merely gets the job done. The fact that I don't even remember any tunes is not a good sign. Still, I found myself getting very nervous in dark areas, and I do remember that the music kept me on edge.

I actually liked the story of Resident Evil Revelations. The game is divided into chapters that will leave the player grasping the system in awe. Unfortunately, the writing and voice acting are lacking. The only good performances come from Jill and Chris. Several lines of dialogue make little sense or derail otherwise great moments in the game. In one part, O' Brian says, "Jill and Parker are on the other ship. You're on the Queen Zenobia's sister ship. Jill and Parker are likely being held on that ship." Which ship? Instances like this occur often, and become extremely annoying. The main story revolves around a city called Terragrigia that ran on a solar energy satellite. Veltro, a group of terrorists, attacked the city, and the Federal Biohazard Commission turned the satellite against Terragrigia to eliminate the threat. The story focuses on a secret conspiracy that becomes more and more confusing. I struggled to understand certain parts of the game, and just when something made sense, I found huge contradictions. For example, Jill is being monitored by the main antagonist. This person appears on screen and announces that they are going to destroy the ship due to the massive problem it has created for them. If the ship's existence was such an inconvenience, why didn't they destroy it immediately? They let it float undetected and unmonitored for a year! Issues in the plot like this occur frequently. The one thing this story really lacks is reasons. Why do the bad guys want the BSAA to end? It is never revealed, which makes the overall experience confusing and not as good as I had hoped. However, the end of the game does have me very excited for Resident Evil 6.

This game shines in the gameplay department. Capcom included the ability to move and shoot, which is very useful. However, your gun is locked in place unless you buy a second analog stick. The addition works well either way. Also, Jill and other main characters can perform a dodge by flicking the analog stick. It is extremely useful, and I used it many times. Players can stun enemies and perform chargeable melee attacks, which is admittedly unrealistic. The underwater sections are a lot of fun and provide a hearty challenge. On foot, fighting handles well, and many sequences will leave the player sighing with relief. Resident Evil Revelations does suffer a bit of an identity crisis. (A common saying in reviews of this game, but it does apply) Some sections are all based on horror. The player gets very little ammo and enemies are everywhere. Ten minutes later, I was blasting down Hunters with 85 bullets in my shotgun. I would have been happy to play as Jill throughout the entire game, but Capcom wanted to include other protagonists. Chris and Jessica are interesting, and their chapters are fun. Quint and Keith are pointless characters and they made me want to cut of my ears. By the end of the game, the horror is left out, and the game is all action. However, players should not worry. Both the survival horror sections and action sections are great. Some of the boss battles are unbelievable, including one with a monster that is easily twice the size of the main ship. Players can also upgrade weapons by assigning perks to each weapon. These bonuses can range from increased spread to double the damage per bullet. Weapons can be upgraded at these weird bins that are scattered around the ship. Considering that Jill can only hold three weapons at a time, choose wisely. The biggest problem that I had with the game was loading times. I understand that the 3DS has a hard time loading 200 foot tall rooms, but it is the fact that Capcom actually tried to mask their load times instead of fixing them that bugs me. Some doors can take upwards of thirty seconds to open, and the game clearly lags when these doors are "opening".

I did have a lot of issues with Resident Evil Revelations. However, this game does a lot to make up for it. With its incredible graphics and great gameplay, the awful voice acting and ridiculous story are well made up for. I can easily recommend it to anyone looking from some one on one time with their dust collecting 3DS.

Final Score: 8/10 (Not an average)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/27/12

Game Release: Resident Evil: Revelations (US, 02/07/12)

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