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"A Somewhat Flawed return to Form"

Resident Evil Revelations is Capcom's second Resident Evil title on the Nintendo 3ds, and is the first to feature a full story mode with characters old and new. Revelations attempts to go back to the franchises roots of survival horror, blending elements from the original game, yet mixing gameplay mechanics found in games today. While Resident Evil Revelations provides the best Resi experience since 4, the game struggles on the story and character front.

Let me begin by stating that while playing Revelations, I was using the Circle Pad Pro (cpp), so my gameplay experience will include impressions of Nintendo's accessory. Prior to launch, I downloaded the Revelations demo off of the eshop. The initial control setup that Capcom offered felt comfortable, and it worked well enough that I almost didn't purchase the cpp. The only thing lacking in my opinion, was the inability of being able to move while aiming and shooting. However, once I fired up the cpp and my copy of Revelations, I realized how much of a difference the extra buttons and circle pad added. Revelations works perfectly with the cpp. The only set up is putting the 3ds into the accessory. The game acknowledged the cpp right away, and continued working even after I put it into sleep mode, then proceeded to wake it back up. Simply put, Revelations demonstrates effectively how to utilize Nintendo's accessory. The gameplay is more action oriented, following in suit of the progression of the franchise. You will explore, solve puzzles, and run and gun some creepy enemies.

A weird localization sets up for some interesting one liners

Revelations has strong gameplay, but is ultimately lacking in the story and character development sections. Playing as Jill and Chris, veterans of the long running franchise, felt natural and enjoyable. Yet the other characters you are given the ability to play do not hold up as much. Without spoiling anything, two characters are downright annoying and victims of localization. For those who do not know, no Japanese video game is ever just directly translated. Along with words not holding the same meaning across languages, certain cultural beliefs that are ingrained in different societies also add to a process called a localization. This is common in games, anime, and movies. Essentially, if you have ever played a game where the characters seem “off” in a way, it could be due to the language barriers present in the world. One line of the game: “Me and my sweet ass are on the way!” felt very out of place when taken in context. The story suffices, but the gameplay is where the game shines.

The best looking game on the 3ds

Nintendo and Capcom have essentially showen other developers how they should be making games on the 3ds. Nintendo has done this by using the hardware's uniqueness effectively, while Capcom has shown with Revelations what the 3ds hardware is graphically capable of. Revelations looks great. The character models look sharp, and the shine and lighting effects are incredible. However, it is easy to see where Capcom cut corners to hold up on the overall presentation. When the characters are speaking, their mouths do not move. This not only looks weird, but it also takes away from the graphics that Capcom has produced. I hope in the future, developers are able to fully utilize the hardware without cutting corners. The sound is also very good. Certain parts still echo in my mind, and give me a chill when I recall the voice acting of one part. Capcom was able to add to the horror by having voice acting that builds up to a scary conclusion.

My original playthrough was roughly 11 hours. There is a new game plus option, that takes your save and allows you to carry over all your weapons and items into a new play of the game. I really enjoyed this addition. It is nice going through the beginning of the game again, but his time with beefed up weapons. I would say the replayability is very high, especially with the raid mode as well. Players can team up together over wifi, while spending points earned on the single player on weapons and items.

Final Recommendation: Buy it
For 3ds owners, this game is a must have. The production values are very high, and the game is enjoyable. For me, this is my favorite Resident Evil title since 4, and is up there with Remake as my favorite games of the series. Not only do I recommend this game, but I also suggest picking up the cpp. Thank you for reading my review.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/29/12, Updated 01/28/13

Game Release: Resident Evil: Revelations (US, 02/07/12)

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