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Reviewed: 03/02/12

Me and my sweet ass are on the way to convince you to buy this game!

The Resident Evil series is well known for its horror, as it should be. Resident Evil 4 took on a new gameplay style as well as more action based gameplay, but it was still scary in its own way, along with being an amazing game. However, many fans were upset with the lack of horror present in Resident Evil 5. This time, Capcom has set out to please those fans as well as please some of the newer fans who enjoy the more action based gameplay. And you know what? They did a pretty damn good job.

Gameplay: 10/10
If you have missed Resident Evil's horror, then it's a warm welcome back. Don't be fooled by the 3rd person over the shoulder viewpoint, as this game is one of the scariest RE games since before RE 4. You'll be creeping through dark, tight corridors as the tense music sends a chill down your spine. The first bosses are some of the scariest in recent RE memory, and are arguably the scariest portions of the game. The limited ammo will make sure that you don't just fire at everything that moves. You'll have to aim carefully and choose some of your battles wisely. Speaking of aiming, you can choose to shoot from a first person point of view or third person. I prefer the third person, but the choice is yours.

Along with the survival horror aspect, there are action sequences as well. These are less common, and usually have a different setting than the survival parts. Basically, you are given more ammo, sometimes stronger guns, and an assload of enemies to fight. Unfortunately, sometimes these take away some of the suspense that has been building up. Otherwise, they are still enjoyable. Not to mention Raid mode is very action oriented. But more on that later. If I have one complaint, it's the dodging mechanic. I can't really get it down. But others have no problems with it, so it's my fault, not the game's. Overall, the game is a return to RE roots and is extremely fun, not to mention scary, to play.

Graphics: 10/10
Ignoring the gameplay, this is where Revelations really shines. The graphics are some of, if not the best looking graphics on the entire 3DS. It almost looks like it belongs on the Vita. They are sharp and everything just looks beautiful. I honestly cannot say how amazing they look. You will literally just have to witness them yourself to witness the true beauty. The effects are also great, as the ship actually tilts from left to right like a real ship. The 3D is very immersive. If set to very strong(an option in the menu), they are up there with the strongest effect on the system. Hell, it is the strongest effect on the system that I have seen. And above all, it just makes the game that more immersive. I could best describe this game's graphics as unbelievable for the 3DS.

Sound: 9/10

Above all, I'd say that sound is the most important aspect of a survival horror game. Capcom themselves admitted that the game just isn't scary without sound. And this game does a great job. the music and sound effects are captivatingly eerie. Trying to spoil as little as possible, I will say that the first two bosses are scary just because of their voices. Seriously, they just sound ****** up. Which is great.

The music is (fully?) orchestrated, and some of the game's songs sound amazing. The main theme sounds great, along with the "Previously on Resident Evil Revelations" theme. And that's just to name a few. Overall, I think Capcom did an outstanding job with the soundtrack.

Controls: 9/10
The game has four control schemes to use. Certainly, there will be one that works for you. Control type A allows you to aim with the circle pad. You can hold L to walk while aiming, but if you want more control than that, you can use type C. This lets you use the face buttons to aim and the control pad to walk. And if that's not enough? Type D allows you to use the Circle Pad Pro to meet all your dual pad needs. I used type A the whole game and thought it worked fine, but there are options to suit everyone, so you shouldn't have a problem with the controls.

Story: 8/10
The game starts off with Jill Valentine and her partner, Parker Luciani, arriving at a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. They are searching for Chris Redfield, who's last known coordinates are the ship's location. Due to the fact that I don't want to spoil anything, I'll leave it at that. But I think that the game's story is really good, with plenty of twists to keep you on your feet. And I don't even want to begin to mention the game's corny, classic RE style dialog. You can see a prime example in this review's title. Well, the "Me and my sweet ass are on the way" part. Yeah.

Replay/ Extras: 10/10
For starters, you unlock hell mode once you complete the game on normal difficulty. If you like increased difficulty, that's one reason to replay the game. The game also features missions, which are like achievements. For example, one of them is to beat the game without using a herb. Ouch. But the main unlockable is Raid Mode. It's Revelations Mercenaries mode. Except, it's different. You play through levels which come from the main game. As you progress, you gain levels and unlock new and higher level guns. Toy can also purchase guns from a shop. These guns can be customized with perks. Its extremely addictive, as I have put more time into this mode than the campaign(which took me slightly over ten hours to beat, by the way.), and I'm still not done S ranking all levels. This is something that you will be coming back to just because it's so damn fun.

Conclusion: 10/10
With Resident Evil: Revelations, you have one of the 3DS's flagships titles. It utilizes the handheld's abilities to the max. It is a return to RE form, and a good one at that. Every aspect of this game is great. I give it my highest recommendations. Revelaitons is truly what Resident Evil is about.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Resident Evil: Revelations (US, 02/07/12)

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