What are secret portals?

  1. I am trying to get a better weapon on KH DDD
    and I have read about this secret portals but what are they and where? can I find them on standard mode?

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    ganondorf1995 - 5 years ago

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  1. Secret Portals are portals that contain a powered up version of whatever boss you fought in the world you find the portal in. they are always located in whatever area you fought that worlds boss as well. on the map they appear as normal portals but when you get up close they simply say "secret" if you can no longer access the area the boss for that world is in then it will be in the area just outside of it.

    for example, the secret portal leading to Char Clobster is in the very back of Monstro where you fought him as Riku. also you cannot find a portal leading to a boss unless it is a boss you fought with the character you are playing as.

    take note however that the bosses you fight in the secret portals are much more powerful then their original version.

    I should also mention that secret portals only exist for dream eater bosses so there are not any portals for Rinzler, Chernabog, Pete and so on. so don't bother looking for a secret portal in a world if that worlds boss was not a dream eater for that character. (I.E. there isn't a secret portal for Riku in Symphony of Sorcery but there IS one for Sora)

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  1. They are just the same as link portals (the pink icons on the map) but instead of having a character name, it will have secret or special depending on whether it is a secret or special portal.

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  2. they are not the same as link portals, they may look and seem to be the same but They have a more bigger reason to find, they hold Fantasy ingredients you need to find to create cool spirit dream eater and also if you are not in battle, go to your main menu and look at the touch screen, if you see a dream eaters silhouette in black with a huge ? There it means you haven't found those portals there yet and there are supposedly only one in a world when you drop between Sora and Riku, they have a purpose of being there, and also when I was going into one of those portals, after I beat it, I found myself a new dream eater recipe.
    To add some excitement I'll tell you this, look around in the second district of Traverse town and you should find a secret portal on the rooftops near the entrance to the third district, if you can't find it, drop a few times and keep searching there, there is a chance of a normal link portal of appearing there, but if you look hard enough you should find a secret portal and after you beat it, you should be able to get the flowbermeow recipe.

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  3. There's a difference between regular, special and secret portals. On you map, they all look the same, but when you walk over them, each is different. Regular link portals, are, well, regular. Special portals are accessible, and when you walk over them, the name says "special." Completing special portals with yield rare "fantasy" level dream pieces. Secret portals, when you walk over them, are incredibly distinctive from the other 2: It's black, the name is "Secret," and you fight boss battles in them. Be warned, the bosses are the same as the storyline bosses, however, their health is near max, and their strength is overwhelming. If you manage to defeat one, You will get an HP Bonus, and if you defeat all of them, you will obtain a keyblade that is a little bit more powerful than the ultima weapon. You can locate them at the spots where you fought the original bosses post end-game. I recommend you to be level 40 like I was, or higher when challenging these.

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  4. The Secret portals let you challenge every single boss in the game besides the final bosses (non-Xemnas). To access one you must go back to the area where you faced the boss (e.x. Backstage) and on the touch screen you will see a portal with the name "Secret". You can battle the bosses as many times as you'd like. The first time you beat one your max HP will be increased. But be warned, the HP and difficulty of each boss will be raised significantly. I recommend you level up to at least 50-54. Once you beat each boss again for the first time, you will get a special Keyblade called Unbound.

    I hope I was of help to you.

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