How do I beat Julius?

  1. I have vs. Julius several times already and the closest I got to beating him is about half of his hp with Riku, can anybody tell me some tips and tricks on how beat this guy, even some move combination and spirits equipped can help.
    BTW, Where can I get a stronger key blade than the on I got from Symphony of Sorcery, I been thinking of that lately and is it the ultima key blade?

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    Ngo0018 - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Oops I'm sorry don't bother answering the spirit combination thing, I really forgot you can't use spirits in this battle,
    And to level up, what would be a better world to train at.

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    Ngo0018 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You get the Ultima Keyblade from the Julius fight itself. If you're looking for upgrades, though, try clearing all the special & boss portals or A-ranking all the dives. You'll get keyblades from those and they'll be better than anything you get from the plot (and they'll pretty much be outranked by Ultima when you get it so it's probably best to get them sooner if you ever want to use them).

    When I beat Julius, I did it with a few Thunder Dives (sorry, don't know the English command name--any other kind of dive attack seemed to work well too), Thunder Dashes, and a bunch of Curagas. It made for kind of a boring fight but I just kept spamming them when he wasn't directly attacking me. I believe I brought Ars Arcanum in when I did it with Sora and that made it go faster too. Try to find a good balance of attacking and dodging. It gets a bit easier to figure out where his openings are the more times you try it and it's much easier to beat him with physical attacks than flinging magic at him even though that seemed really counter-intuitive to me. The only thing you really have to worry about is having your cure spells out when he does his desperation attack because he'll actually block you from using whatever you had displayed for a set amount of time if he hits you with it.

    I was also at a pretty high level when I finally got around to this, though, so my strategy might not work very well if you're doing it early on. (I think I was around ~65 or 70.) I don't think I had any particular Spirits equipped when I beat Julius with either character.

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