What is the best Spirit team for Flick Rush?

  1. In Dragon Quest VIII, you just needed three Golems to easily win the Monster Arena quest.

    Which Spirits do I need for a similarly easy time in Flick Rush?

    User Info: Rocketprime

    Rocketprime - 5 years ago

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  1. Dream eaters that are in the Meow wow variety can easily beat the cups with it's cheap Horn Bounce attack, also you could use Ghostabocky or Jestabocky cause they can eat and spit the enemy continuously until defeated, or Necho cat/Frootz cat, it's spin attack lifts it's enemy in the air, rendering them defenseless, but it's better to experiment with the Spirits you have right now, you might actually find a team that suits you.

    User Info: Ngo0018

    Ngo0018 (Expert) - 5 years ago 2 0


  1. Peepsta Hoo has a scan ability, use that to find out what each Dream Eater is weak to, then exit the match and switch your dream eaters to take advantage of your opponents weaknesses.

    Peepsta Hoo is also a good spirit to have in flick rush, it can use almost every element and switch its cards to hit weaknesses.

    User Info: NyteShay

    NyteShay - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. Loaded question, really. There's some actual depth to Flick Rush, to the point where a separate FAQ might be needed.

    NyteShay's only telling part of the story re: Peepsta Hoo's Scan, for example. It doesn't act aggressively, so when an enemy is shielding the scan goes on unabated. If the opponent is attacking, however, it does count for breaking the attack if your scan value is higher than the attack (and the AI will probably burn through a couple extra cards in vain). Scan itself of course does no damage; it does destroy whatever cards you have out to replace them with swoops and the element the current opponent is weak to, which means you're out four cards beyond what you used to scan.

    Another of my favorites is Kooma Panda, but he can be hard to use. His attacks are slow, but that's not necessarily bad. His table flip is what the fighting game community calls a "meaty attack", which means a panicking opponent (or AI) is going to have a long period of time in the attack if successful where he burns through cards because yours is higher and he's getting hit. His wind-up punch offers plenty of time to stock cards to buff the attack value, but the same opportunity is given for your opponent to counter; at the Special Cup, you can't use this unless you have four high numbers and a full bar to use them all. The butt-drop is quick, but can't be buffed as much.

    So, a lot of words there to say, "Whomever suits you best."

    User Info: vidstudent

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  3. I personally use, two Me Me Bunnys and one Majic Lapin. Switch the Majik Lapin out with a spirit of your liking if you wish. I use it cause of it's magic abilities. The Me Mes will be able to use Elixer with any successful block, Elixer will heal your team and refill their card decks. When your spirits get low on health, pre determine when they will attack, then block! use Elixer, repeat as needed. They also have great atracks, like B Bunny for example. Spin attack, greaton large enemies. Hope this helped, if not, find a team that suits you!

    User Info: Blade5745

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  4. Also remember that the Me Me Bunnys can use attacks that take long enough to either, reload cards, or to wait for the purple bar to refill! (Forgot its name)

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    Blade5745 - 4 years ago 0 0
  5. Zolephant has a broken move that can win any cup. Just combine all your cards to do a rock move, that takes long to perform, and allows you to recharge while doing the move. Then you can do it again. it'll be a high number since you combined everything to do this move.

    User Info: matt2325

    matt2325 - 4 years ago 0 0

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