How do I beat Ansem II?

  1. I've been stuck on this fight for a few days and I'm wondering if there are suggested decks or dream eaters to fight him with.

    User Info: blahman2121

    blahman2121 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This boss can be defeated with any level after 36, like i did. the key is the patience, learn his patterns so you use counter aura to him. another key factor is to avoid the lasers, dodge at the exact time. and to avoid the black seems that you can block 'em, but you may have some damage so i recommend having 2 curagas (you get one from the first spirit of Sora, the other one you get it somewhere in The world that never was as riku) Hope this helps, and also; this is the hardest boss.

    User Info: THEgamerDARK

    THEgamerDARK - 5 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. A deck full of magic is useful, but don't include Thund/er/ara/aga cause you have to be at a close range to use this magic, magi haste and boost is also great to power up your magics, be sure to include Triple Plasma, it's deals lots of damage to him.

    Most people were complaining about having Dark Roll to avoid him but I don't really see the difference and also be sure to be lvl 38 or higher, most people have been defeating him at that lvl range, maybe a new keyblade might help

    User Info: Ngo0018

    Ngo0018 (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. Try getting to around level 40.
    This was my Stats/commands when I fought him

    Level 45
    Spirts: AR R&R Seal AR KO Kobuto and AR Frootz Cat
    They where all between level 40-50
    I forgot the commands...
    And the Keyblade was the one where you get from gettning all A's on the Dives with Riku
    Hope it helps

    User Info: AceOfBlades247

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  3. at level 50, used:
    curaga x2
    cura x1
    dark firaga (the one that splits into 5) x1
    baloonga x2
    ice breaker x1

    i would NOT use any 2 slot moves because that usually means you stand still and take damage while casting, always leaving you at one hp. the extra cura is for emergency healing- in case the curagas have not fully cooled down.

    when i fight tough bosses, i always try to keep my command deck focused on cura so after i get hit, i cast it ASAP and rely on the fast cooldown for when i need curaga cooldown time. all my offensive commands activate right away, giving no time to get cancelled or hp siphoned when casting.

    as for dream eater coverage, i just focused on getting magic haste and attack haste as high as possible. i also had to sneak in some defense so my lineup was kab kanon and sudo neku.

    this is exactly what i posted for someone else asking about proud mode (which is what i beat him in)

    User Info: ricky56

    ricky56 - 5 years ago 0 0

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