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    FAQ/Walkthrough by super_luigi16

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    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
      1. Author Intro
      2. About the Guide
      3. Abbreviations and Slang
    2. Version History
    3. Controls
      1. Combat Controls
      2. Menu Controls
    4. Walkthrough
      1. Introduction (S)
      2. Traverse Town #1 (S)
      3. Traverse Town #1 (R)
      4. Traverse Town #2 (S)
      5. Traverse Town #2 (R)
      6. La Cite des Cloches (S)
      7. La Cite des Cloches (R)
      8. The Grid (S)
      9. The Grid (R)
      10. Prankster's Paradise (S)
      11. Prankster's Paradise (R)
      12. Traverse Town #3 (S)
      13. Traverse Town #3 (R)
      14. Country of the Musketeers (S)
      15. Country of the Musketeers (R)
      16. Symphony of Sorcery (S)
      17. Symphony of Sorcery (R)
      18. The World That Never Was (S)
      19. The World That Never Was (R)
      20. Post-Game
    5. Appendix A: Dream Eaters
      1. An Introduction to Appendix A
      2. Spirt Care 101
      3. Meow Wow
      4. Tama Sheep
      5. Yoggy Ram
      6. Komory Bat
      7. Pricklemane
      8. Hebby Repp
      9. Sir Kyroo
      10. Toximander
      11. Fin Fatale
      12. Tatsu Steed
      13. Necho Cat
      14. Thunderaffe
      15. Kooma Panda
      16. Pegaslick
      17. Iceguin Ace
      18. Peepsta Hoo
      19. Escarglow
      20. KO Kabuto
      21. Wheeflower
      22. Ghostabocky
      23. Zolephant
      24. Juggle Pup
      25. Halbird
      26. Staggerceps
      27. Fishboné
      28. Flowbermeow
      29. Cyber Yog
      30. Chef Kyroo
      31. Tatsu Blaze
      32. Electricorn
      33. Woeflower
      34. Jestabocky
      35. Eaglider
      36. Me Me Bunny
      37. Drill Sye
      38. Tyranto Rex
      39. Majik Lapin
      40. Cera Terror
      41. Skelterwild
      42. Ducky Goose
      43. Aura Lion
      44. Ryu Dragon
      45. Drak Quack
      46. Keeba Tiger
    6. Appendix B: Items
      1. Keyblades
      2. Key Items
      3. Dream Pieces
      4. Training Toys
    7. Appendix C: Commands
      1. Attack Commands
      2. Magic Commands
      3. Item Commands
      4. Movement Commands
      5. Defensive Commands
      6. Reprisal Commands
      7. Flowmotion Commands
    8. Appendix D: Abilities
      1. Stats Abilities
      2. Support Abilities
      3. Spirits Abilities
    9. Appendix E: Mementos
      1. Tutorials
      2. Flashbacks
      3. Game Help
    10. Appendix F: Flick Rush
      1. Flick Rush Combat
      2. The Medal Shop
    11. Appendix G: Experience
    12. Appendix H: Trophies
    13. FAQ
    14. Legal Info
    15. Contributing
      1. Contact Info
    16. Credits

    Walkthrough (Continued)

    The World That Never Was (R)

    Riku's The World That Never Was.


    ItemArea EncounteredGot It?ItemArea EncounteredGot It?
    Dark SplicerDelusive BeginningSpark RaidFact within Fiction
    CuragaDelusive BeginningDoubleflightDelusive Beginning
    Mega-PotionFact within FictionElixirDelusive Beginning
    ElixirDelusive BeginningElixirDelusive Beginning
    ElixirVerge of ChaosElixirVerge of Chaos
    ElixirFact within FictionDrop-Me-NotWalk of Delusions
    Dream CandyDelusive BeginningDream CandyDelusive Beginning
    Dulcet FantasyDelusive BeginningLofty FantasyWalk of Delusions
    Intrepid FancyFact within FictionWondrous FantasyVerge of Chaos
    Keeba Tiger RecipeDelusive BeginningSkelterwild RecipeVerge of Chaos
    Confetti Candy 3Delusive BeginningBlock-it Chocolate 3Fact within Fiction
    Shield Cookie 3Verge of ChaosIce Dream Cone 3Walk of Delusions
    Royal CakeFact within FictionBalloonFact within Fiction
    Treasure GogglesVerge of ChaosPaint Gun: Blackx10Verge of Chaos


    Majik LapinCommon
    Ryu DragonRare
    Drak QuackCommon
    Keeba TigerCommon
    Anti Black Coat NightmareBoss
    Young XehanortBoss
    Armored Ventus NightmareBoss
    Dive Mode

    Goal: Rack up 1300 Prize Points before time runs out!

    Difficulty: 3/10

    This dive is rather simple, you simply have to move fast to get that A-Rank. Dash whenever you get breaks and simply follow the prize points to stay out of the obstacle danger. When you get near the end, you may want to ignore the last tunnel of stars because you can dash on the left and not miss out on many prize points.


    • 1:05:00 or less - x1000
    • 1:05:01-1:20:00 - x500
    • 1:20:01-1:50:00 - x100
    • 1:50:01-2:35:00 - x50
    • 2:35:01 or more - x1


    • 429,999 or less - Bronze Rank
    • 430,000-999,999 - Silver Rank
    • 1,000,000+ - Gold Rank

    A-Rank Reward: Meteor

    Delusive Beginning

    Riku doesn't get the warm welcome that Sora did--whatever. The world will first inform you of the Reality Shift, but I wouldn't worry about it for now. I'll discuss it later.

    Let's get our house in order. Check on your Spirits and their Ability Links; you should have some of the best Spirits thus far, though Appendix A: Dream Eaters can help you explore potential Spirits and their pros-and-cons. Your commands should be the strongest yet. For example, this is my deck after a bit of shuffling (see Appendix C: Commands):

    It's not exactly the power-deck, but it certainly gets the job done. Finally, switch over your Keyblade to the Counterpoint. It is the best Keyblade we have encountered thus far (unless you have the Divewing), so it should serve you well. Let's get moving now!

    Quick Blitz100
    Blizzard Edge400
    Spark Dive200
    Sonic Blade2200
    Strike Raid200
    Aerial Slam800
    Gravity Strike600
    Confusing Strike400
    Tornado Strike1500
    Collision Magnet1000
    Zero Gravity200
    Zero Gravira600
    Zero Graviga1000
    Wake-up Block400
    Counter Aura400
    Payback Raid400
    Payback Blast400
    Aerial Recovery400
    Sliding Sidewinder400
    Sliding Crescent400
    Fleeting Figment150
    Fleeting Fancy300
    Lofty Figment100
    Lofty Fancy400
    Rampant Figment50
    Rampant Fancy200
    Dulcet Figment100
    Dulcet Fancy400
    Intrepid Figment50
    Intrepid Fancy400
    Savage Fantasy2000
    Noble Figment100
    Noble Fancy200
    Grim Figment50
    Grim Fancy300
    Grim Fantasy300
    Vibrant Figment50
    Vibrant Fancy200
    Troubling Figment50
    Troubling Fancy100
    Wondrous Figment150
    Wondrous Fancy300
    Confetti Candy30
    Shield Cookie30
    Block-it Chocolate30
    Ice Dream Cone30
    Confetti Candy 2120
    Shield Cookie 2120
    Block-it Chocolate 2120
    Ice Dream Cone 2120
    Confetti Candy 3250
    Shield Cookie 3250
    Block-it Chocolate 3250
    Ice Dream Cone 3250
    Water Barrel80
    Paint Gun (Any Color)10

    Save. Head down the corridor in front of you. This world is going to be a lot like this: long narrow corridors and plenty of dead-ends. When you reach the end of this corridor, you'll notice a metric ton of Dream Eaters spawning--among them, Keeba Tigers, Drak Quacks, Majik Lapins, and Thunderaffes. Of these, only the Thunderaffe is known to us. Keeba Tigers are the biggest threat here; they have powerful attacks and are agile much like the Aura Lion of before. Drak Quacks are like souped up Ducky Geese, but they shouldn't be too much of an issue by comparative measures. Majik Lapins are notorious for limiting damage dealt to themself, so you need to use magic on these guys. All in all, this is a tough battle--use commands whenever available and Flowmotion when they aren't available. When you've wrapped up that battle, grab the chest in the center for a Dream Candy [1/28]. Continue up the ramps to the very top. A few Majik Lapins will spawn, but they're not all that bad when they're alone. Use Flowmotion and piercing attacks or magic. Now let's focus on the big disco-ball-like apparatus. Attack it a few times until a Reality Shift spawns. Draw lines across the white "bridges" across the lines to complete the Reality Shift. A new area should open up.

    Proceed to this next area; when you get to the opening, ignore the central machine. It's annoying and shoots lasers at you, so keep moving. Head around it to the north and open the chest for a Curaga [2/28]. Now let's head left. Through these corridors, we should reach an open area; Keeba Tigers and Drak Quacks will spawn, but commands should decimate them. After a bit, a Skelterwild will join these Nightmares, and that can make this battle, well, a nightmare! Focus on the dinosaur, and the other enemies should fall while you're attacking it. Flowmotion will certainly supplement your attacks.

    Ride the rails west. You should end up near a large beam of light--step in it to reach another disco ball. Destroy it with a Reality Shift, and you should follow the wormhole to make it back to that annoying shooting apparatus where Curaga was. Drop down and open the chest for Doubleflight [3/28]. Destroy the machine in the center thereafter with a Reality Shift. Before we head up the newly enlightened staircase, let's return to where we were in the west. Ride the rails to the end; head right when you reach the light instead of proceeding into it. Defeat the Majik Lapins first and the Thunderaffes next. There's a chest in the Majik Lapin area that contains an Elixir [4/28]. Also, grab the chest around the corner for a Confetti Candy 3 [5/28]. Now head back into the area where the Thunderaffes were. Flowmotion up the eastern wall to reach an upper ledge. Go around the corner to find two chests: one has an Elixir [6/28] and the other has a Keeba Tiger Recipe [7/28]. Return to the central hub. Climb the stairs. Hopefully your Spirits don't shove you off at the top like my Tyranto Rex did.

    Head left at the top. A few Thunderaffes will appear in this open area, but it's nothing to worry about. Continue around the corners until you reach the large open area. More Skelterwilds to deal with...wooooooonderful. Use powerful commands and Spirit Links. There's no reason to hold back; these things are a menace. Once those have been finished, let's focus on the big blinking red wall. There are chests here, but we have ascend it the old-fashioned way--with jumping. No Flowmotion. Let's start on the right. Follow the blocks up. Note that touching active blocks on their outer face will cause damage. Keep ascending until you reach a chest containing an Elixir [8/28]. Now do the same on the left to find a Dulcet Fantasy [9/28]. The middle is a bit tougher; you'll likely have to rely on Flowmotion off of the side of the blocks to make it up to the top. This chest contains Dark Splicer [10/28]. Now that we have a reprieve, let's equip these commands: Doubleflight and Double Impact among the Action Commands and Dark Splicer if you want among your Deck Commands. Now let's return back out to the center where the stairs were. Go north this time. There are a few Drak Quacks in this next area, but they shouldn't cause too many problems. However, the Keeba Tigers and Thunderaffes farther northeast will. Again, Flowmotion is king. Open the chest up here for another Dream Candy [11/28]. Proceed to the next area.

    SPECIAL Link Portal #3

    Forecast: HP Showers

    Difficulty: 9/10

    This is likely the single hardest Link Portal you will ever have to deal with. There are rare Tyranto Rexes, Rare Aura Lions, and Rare Ryu Dragons--you must be on your toes. Rely on commands when in the middle of a brawl, but escape to the outer edges when you're low on health so that you can Flowmotion/heal. Keep this up until the enemies fall. Try to deal with one enemy at a time so that you can whittle the wave down from three down to two, and from two down to one. Healing is necessary!

    Rewards: Brilliant Fantasy

    Walk of Delusions

    There's a treasure chest on the left containing a Drop-Me-Not [12/28]. Head forward afterwards to destroy the disco-ball. Follow the path; keep walking. No jumping is required and that will only get you off track. Follow the path in front of you that you can take without jumping. Keep going until you reach the next set of enemies--Ghostabocky Nightmares, Electricorns, and Keeba Tigers. Everything's either a threat or annoying here, so, um, go all out. Continue up then head left. Destroy the disco ball, and that should reveal the next area. Drop down to the walkway below now; a great deal of enemies should spawn--mostly Thunderaffes and Keeba Tigers--but Flowmotion should serve you well here. Afterwards, check out the chest for a Lofty Fantasy [13/28]. Another disco ball is ahead; destroy it to open up the entire area. The chest holds an Ice Dream Cone 3 [14/28]. Save. Proceed to the next area.

    Fact within Fiction

    Continue around the corridors. Eventually you should come across a few Cera Terrors, but commands will decimate them. Keep going until you reach some rails with a large structure farther ahead. Jump up to the higher rail, ride it towards the structure, and launch a Super Jump to reach the chest up here. This one contains Spark Raid [15/28]. Drop down to the area below now. Defeat the Drak Quacks and Majik Lapins here; open the chest for a Balloon [16/28]. The chest around the corner has an Elixir [17/28]. Now you should look north--notice the dark lasers? You have to jump over them to the spaces in between to make it through here. Once you make it to the end, you should open the chest for a Royal Cake [18/28]. You should also recognize the beam of the light; step into it to make it to the upper part of the path. Keep going north.

    SPECIAL Link Portal #1

    Forecast: Overcast

    Difficulty: 5/10

    These Rare Aura Lions are not too bad, considering they don't like to attack (you'll probably incur more damage from the moving energy beams). Just hammer away with Flowmotion and commands until the Aura Lions fall.

    Rewards: Savage Fantasy

    At this intersection, head left. This small square area should spawn a Ryu Dragon and some Drak Quacks--nothing you can't handle. The chest next to the beam of light contains a Block-it Chocolate 3 [19/28]. Step into the beam of light next, and you should ride a rail on the other side all the way back to the structure. Once here, look left down a small corridor to find an Intrepid Fancy [20/28]. After grabbing that chest, you can head back north on the rail. Return to the intersection and continue through to the larger circular area. This battle is long and nasty. First you'll have Majik Lapins; next are the Cera Terrors; subesequently come the Ryu Dragons; finally are the Skelterwilds. You likely want to use a Dual Link at the beginning, transition into strong area commands, and finish with Flowmotion. Heal often.

    After the battle, keep going east. Up in this next area is an obvious chest containing a Mega-Potion [21/28]. Let's head to the next area via the lift.

    Verge of Chaos

    Head through the corridors to the open area. This next battle isn't as epic as the one before, but it still has Pegaslicks, Drak Quacks, Halbirds and Ryu Dragons--all of which are threats. Zero Graviza will be an amazing help for this battle simply because of its ability to stun all enemies. Balloonga is also a good choice. Once you've defeated all of those enemies, head south to grab a chest containing a Paint Gun: Blackx10 [22/28]. Now head north. The enemies up by this chest are just as annoying--Pegaslicks, Keeba Tigers, and Ryu Dragons. Deal with them as you did in the earlier battle for this area. The chest contains an Elixir [23/28]. Now return to the pipe in the center. This part's a little tricky to explain, but I'll do my best.

    SPECIAL Link Portal #2

    Forecast: Treasure Front

    Difficulty: 7/10

    This battle is T-O-U-G-H. Do not, do not, do not lose all of your health in this battle; heal often. Use Flowmotion, commands, Spirit Links, and hiding when necessary and as they are appropriate.

    Rewards: Brilliant Fantasy

    You see, these pipes are rails. However, it's not as simple as "ride the rail" because you'll be switching rails often. I'm just going to give you general guidance rather than a play-by-play. Start off by heading up, and staying to the left. Keep riding up until you reach a platform on the left with a chest. This chest contains a set of Treasure Goggles [24/28]. Now jump down to the other side (to the right from a head-on view) where you should notice another pipe heading downward. You should land on another platform where you can take the rail up. Er, do that. Head for the platform on the right with the Pegaslicks (defeat them) and a chest. The chest here contains a Skelterwild Recipe [25/28]. Now head left (head-on view of building) and grab the chest on the lower platform for a Wondrous Fantasy [26/28]. Now we can head up by taking the rail farther to the left all of the way up.

    Once at the very top, head north to where the two chests are (Elixir [27/28] and Shield Cookie 3 [28/28]) and save. The shop has the same wares as before. Now that we have all the chests, we can get down to business. Firstly, let's soup up our Dream Eaters by artificially feeding them Link Points (via food, games, whatever you want). This should allow you to unlock some of the most powerful spells available to you if you have some of the strongest Dream Eaters available in your party. After that, work with your deck. Your deck should have two means of healing (usually two Curagas). Other commands should be strong single target commands that can really deal damage from afar. For example, here's my deck:

    Once you're ready, take the rail in the center to your next set of battles.

    Anti Black Coat Nightmare

    Difficulty: 7/10

    This battle is tough--simply because of one attack this battle is tough. You will likely die once unless you're pro at dodging. It's battles like these that compel me to suggest two Curagas rather than one. Anyways, the Anti Black Coat Nightmare (henceforth abbreviated ABCD for Anti Black Coat Dude) is largely a melee fighter, but he certainly "cheats" in a lot of unexpected ways. As with any other battle, I'll get into his attacks first. However, much of this battle is simply toughing through the attacks and going all-out with the offense. As always, heal early, heal often.

    ABCD's attacks are largely unpredictable. They are lightning quick, so, frankly, there is no point in trying to dodge them. ABCD is also very agile--he'll apparate (transport himself) often from point-to-point throughout his attacks. His general pattern is to attack twice, apparate, attack twice, apparate, attack twice, apparate, and so on. His attacks are as follows (bullet pointing this time):

    1. First, he likes to use his light-saber like sword to deal quick blows of damage. This isn't too difficult to dodge, but I wouldn't worry about it. To dodge, I would recommend that you keep moving. This attack comes out quickly, so you can't do much consciously.
    2. ABCD also likes to send poison quills at you to deal lots of damage in conjunction with inflicting poison. If you get poisoned, heal right away to do away with the status. To dodge, move out of the way with either an attack of your own, or by dodge-rolling.
    3. ABCD's favorite attack is to send either a red net of energy flying at you, or to summon one from the ground. Both of these are slow(er) attacks, but they deal massive damage. To dodge, you can simply dodge-roll away when you notice either the red line on the ground coming at you, or the red circle appearing beneath you.
    4. Finally, ABCD has an absolutely terrible attack--this one will cause serious problems when used in conjunction with ABCD's other attacks. Basically, without warning, ABCD will hoist you into the air, suck all of your HP out of you (in the form of health balls that you can grab shortly after being put back on the ground), and bind you while reducing your HP. I'm sorry, but this attack is super-annoying. However, it's not an automatic loss--while in the bind, you should switch your command wheel over to one of the Curagas, and you should get ready to use it right when you're released. ABCD may or may not be waiting to deal damage, so Leaf Bracer is a huge plus in this battle. There is no way to dodge this attack.

    Your offense is a little bit more messy. Since you'll likely be getting pummeled from all angles, it's best to just focus on dealing damage rather than limiting your damage taken. Firstly, start off with a Dual Link. This will allow you to get in probably two bars worth of health of damage without taking much damage yourself. After the Link is where it gets interesting--simply go all out with your ranged commands. Generally, attacks like Firaga Burst can deal a full bar of health's worth of damage. Other attacks like Balloonga and Ice Barrage are good choices as well. Don't try to chase after ABCD, or you'll be met with disappointment and frustration.

    There really are no twists to this battle. Just heal as often as necessary, and be smart about your commands. Simply put, commands of all sorts will be your savior for this battle.

    No Rewards

    No break; straight to the next battle!


    Difficulty: 3/10

    Compared to the last battle, this battle is a cakewalk. Ansem's attacks aren't very powerful at all, and he frankly shouldn't cause any problems. The only reasons you'll really have to heal are because they keep on cropping up on your command wheel!

    Ansem's general attacking pattern is rather predictable and easy to dodge. Realistically, you can dodge any attack if you aren't preoccupied with a command already; even if you can't take the time to dodge his attacks, you should be fine. You would have to be ignorant of your health to die in this battle. Basically, Ansem has a whole cadre of sweeping attacks, though I need more clarification on these as they are somewhat hard to decipher. Regardless, they shouldn't cause any problems whatsoever. The only attack that will get annoying is where Ansem sends flying disks at you to deal repeated swaths of damage. Even though this offense is likely his strongest, it is still largely avoidable with dodge rolls. Ansem also enjoys guarding himself with his black spirits behind him--this offers opportunities to prep your next attack or heal.

    You'll start the battle floating, and, I have to admit, this battle would be much harder if it were to stay floating. However, you can easily bring this brawl to the ground by using the Reality Shift that crops up right at the beginning. Ansem should take heavy damage, and the battle should get rather open with plenty of ways to launch an effective offense. My advice is to go all out: launch commands when they become available, run up and get a combo in or two, use a Spirit Link if permitted--do whatever it takes to deal damage. It shouldn't take much effort to fell Ansem quickly.

    No Rewards

    Part II...

    Ansem, Part II

    Difficulty: 7/10

    Yep, this battle is about as tough as the one with ABCD. And it's mostly because Ansem has one attack that will simply bombard you with punishing attacks one after another; however, the rest of the battle is rather straightforward. It's certainly not easy by any means whatsoever, but it's not like you'll be scratching your head, figuring out what to do. Ansem has a wide variety of attacks he'll use in this battle, so I'm going to list them out as I did for ABCD:

    1. The attack Ansem uses most often isn't all that hard to avoid at all, and you shouldn't worry about it on any level. Basically, Ansem will send little particles energy flying after you. These aren't that hard to avoid; simply keep moving, and you should be fine.
    2. Ansem's next attack is slightly more menacing; with this one, Ansem will send small spaceship-like bursts of energy at you. The five energy bursts should cover about all of the area around Ansem, but you can easily dodge these by moving, or dodge-rolling.
    3. Ansem has a variety of close-up attacks that will attempt to knock you back. The best advice with these attacks is simply not to be right in Ansem's face.
    4. After getting pummeled for a while, Ansem will basically extend/warp/time-travel/it-was-the-aliens the stage sending you back far away from Ansem. Once he does this, Ansem has a few options of attacking:
      1. He will create two large bundles of energy and start charging for a laser-like attack. These laser will be targeted at you, so you need to move unpredictably. Also, these attacks are much more likely to hit you when you are closer to Ansem. Finally, these lasers can confuse you. If you choose to get near Ansem rather than take the lasers, he'll suck you in and reduce your HP to one.
      2. When Ansem is low on HP, he'll start sending black bundles of darkness after you rather than storing energy. This is the attack that will cost you the battle--these balls of darkness (don't take that the wrong way) will keep on flying at you, and they can deal a huge amount of damage when coming in succession. Your best bet when Ansem starts sending these at you is to stay to one corner and hope for the best. If anyone has a better strategy, please let me know.

    When the battle first starts, you'll want to go all out on the commands. Generally the best place to be is in the northeastern or northwestern corners. This way, you're not right in front of Ansem, but you can still deal damage efficiently. You shouldn't worry too much about Ansem's attacks as they aren't fatal in most cases. Cure when you need to.

    However, the battle gets tricky when Ansem sends you back and starts charging. You have two options: (a) you can either stay in the back and run back and forth, attempting to limit the damage dealt...once Ansem sends the energy bursts hurtling at you, you can jump up and Flowmotion; (b) (if you have Second Chance equipped) you can start Flowmotioning towards Ansem and ignoring any damage that you incur... get up close to Ansem and deal whatever damage you can. When he reduces your HP to one, use Curaga. I personally prefer the latter as it's unlikely you'll die after Ansem swindles your HP, and it will fast-track the battle considerably. The bundles of darkness are slightly trickier, but you should be able to make your way towards Ansem and deal damage afterwards. Just keep hacking away, and you should eventually win. Heal as needed.


    Er, welcome to The World That Never Was? It's, er, been a while? Well, let's head northwest. Heal and save--the shop holds the same wares as it did before. Continue to the next area.

    Brink of Despair

    Of course flying is the answer. Who wouldn't have guessed? Reality Shift with your Komory Bat to make it across the gap (draw a line between the two points).

    SPOILER! Highlight to View


    Young Xehanort

    Difficulty: 9/10

    This is very much like Xemnas all over again. You will cry. You will throw your 3DS down in disgust. You will...um...okay, I don't think I can come up with many more anecdotes to reperesent how hard this battle is. There's a reason he's the--spoiler--final boss. He isn't unbeatable, but he certainly is not going to hand you the ending of the game willingly. You have to earn it. Young Xehanort has two phases, and I'll break them up as such. The first phase will likely be harder, but the second phase will place you on the clock (literally).

    Phase I

    This is a mano-a-mano battle between you and Young Xehanort, and I have to say that, er, he has the advantage. His attacks are numerous, and I won't cover them as I have before--it serves no purpose in this battle for me to cover them for you. The basic idea is that Young Xehanort will go through phases--times where he will attack and times where he will defend by apparating. He will also have momentary lapses of movements: take those as a blessing.

    When Xehanort attacks, he goes all out. He will combo you with everything under his belt--large Keyblade-swinging attacks, small undercut attacks, and energy bursts that eminate from his Keyblade. All of these hurt. And Xehanort does not relent when he attacks; therefore, when he's attacking, get out of there. Pronto. You will be in a constant flux of dodge-rolling. However, you can't simply dodge roll in a straight line as Xehanort has the nasty tendency to teleport to maintain his combos. For this reason, your dodge-rolls should look something like this:

                   | <-- Dodge-Rolls
            /\    /
           /  \__/

    ...and so on. Many of Xehanort's attacks have reach, and this can get annoying quickly. You just have to keep going. You can try to go for the back wall so you possibly Flowmotion out of it, but that tends to get messy as well. He will use aerial combos, and you'll likely be the one confused--not him. Another possible avenue of defense is to spam the "Y" button while running away; you should likely be able to launch a counterattack that will momentarily stun him. However, the best idea is to just keep out of his way, and try to live.

    When he finally ceases attacking, heal, heal, HEAL! There's no reason not to heal! Heal whenever you can! During the battle, Xehanort will likely take either (a) breaks to sit down and pant, or (b) apparate back and forth. In these cases, use ranged commands like Firaga Burst, Ice Barrage, and others. If you keep these up, you should eventually fell Xehanort.

    However, as the battle proceeds, Young Xehanort will start to whip you with all sorts of ranged attacks. His favorite are flying needles; his other favorite are ice crystals; his most devastating is a long permutation of light. All of these hurt, and can get annoying when compounded upon one another.

    The moral of this phase is to heal, heal, HEAL! Attacking can wait--living can't. After you knock out all of his health, run to the center, spam "X" and "A", and complete the Reality Shift. The battle will now move to Phase II.

    Phase II

    Now the clock is your enemy. Fitting, huh? Anyways, so apparitions of Young Xehanort will appear and start running at you from the clock. At first, they'll come flying at you with Keyblades blazing. They aren't too much of a problem; just stay far away from the clock and use ranged attacks. All in all, attacks like Firaga Burst will be your savior. However, the major problem here is that you have a very limited amount of time to defeat this clock--about three minutes. The major idea is to attack whenever there isn't a Young Xehanort careening at you.

    As the battle proceeds, the clock will send out different apparitions. These will send flaming red "X"s at you that you can easily dodge-roll away from. Later apparitions will send bursts of flame straight at you, and these can get annoying. Use the same counterattack you used with Phase I to deal damage in this midst. When there is a break in the attacking patterns, go all out on the clock. When it starts to get very low on health, move in and use physical combos. Whatever you do, don't run out of time. Otherwise, you'll have to battle Young Xehanort again, and he'll be just as bad as he was before.

    Dive Mode

    Difficulty: 0/10

    Goal: Tag 30 different Soras

    This isn't all that hard; just float down and pass through 30 of the numerous Soras. Watch out for the Anti-Soras, though.

    Armored Ventus Nightmare

    Difficulty: 4/10

    Compared to the last few battles, this one is relatively easy. Simply put, keep on locking onto Ventus, and keep on pummeling him with commands. A more complete explanation will come shortly.


    I hope you've enjoyed the guide! Feel free to give me feedback via the Contact Info section. :)


    So you've decided to explore the Sleeping Worlds in the post-game, eh? Well, let's get right to it! Please note that, in the post-game, I will be more liberal in my explanations with regards to spoilers, I will be more terse in combat suggestions, and I will practically skip over navigation UNLESS IT IS NEW. We should all know how to play the game by now. Also note that I am saving Traverse Town for last because it houses the secret boss. Enter at your own risk! Furthermore, make sure you've got the best equipment and commands available. The Walkthrough is the best guide for obtaining all of these extras (e.g., the Divewing). Check out the Appendices for more on commands.

    The post-game largely consists of rebattling all of the bosses. These battles can be invoked by virtue of SECRET Link Portals. These will usually be where you last faced the boss, barring certain exceptions (Prankster's Paradise (S): Revisited). I recommend that you be around Level 50 for both protagonists (see Appendix H: Experience). Good luck!

    La Cité des Cloches (S): Revisited


    Save. Before you head off to the Square, make sure you are absolutely ready for this battle. Stock up on quick-execution powerful attacks like Firaga Burst, Balloonga, and Sonic Blade. Also make sure to have a Curaga or two.


    Defeat the enemies in the center. They should be confetti to you by now. Start the SECRET Portal afterwards.

    SECRET Link Portal - Wargoyle

    Difficulty: 4/10

    Wargoyle is much the same as before just with higher attack power, and tons more health. However, don't be discouraged by his huge swaths of HP--you can cut through this very easily and quickly with commands like Firaga Burst. Considering many of his attacks are the same, I'll simply touch on the attack that is just as much of a menace now as it was before. When Wargoyle decides to step away from you for a bit, watch out for his line attacks (Dark Renders?); they come quickly and deal tons of damage. Remember to Dodge Roll out of the way to avoid them.

    Otherwise, your strategy for Wargoyle should be a long-ranged hyperoffensive. You'll want to spam commands like Firaga Burst, Balloonga, and possibly Raids as they become available. Each of these attacks can deal half-a-bar to a full-bar of health of damage. Hence, you should primarily stay away from Wargoyle--this will neutralize most of his attacks as they are close-range (barring aforementioned Dark Render). However, you can go in close range while the Wargoyle is idling. Use commands like Sonic Blade and Sparkga that deal continual damage; the former is highly recommended given that it allows you near-invincibility. Heal as necessary. Because the field is so large, it shouldn't be hard to escape the Wargoyle, if necessary. Keep hammering away, and you should defeat him in no time!


    Once you defeat Wargoyle, head back out to the Town and return to the World Map. Good job!

    La Cité des Cloches (R): Revisited

    Bell Tower

    Save and prep your deck for this upcoming boss battle. Make sure to stock up on powerful ranged commands. Once you're ready, head out to the Square.


    Defeat the Necho Cats and engage the SECRET Link Portal!

    SECRET Link Portal - Wargoyle

    Difficulty: 7/10

    This Wargoyle battle is MUCH harder. Seriously. This Wargoyle will simply kick your ass every time you think you've got a win. The attacks are much the same, but the major problem is that the Wargoyle's attack power has increased dramatically. Most of its attacks can do 50-100 HP in one blow--hence, three or four attacks will knock you out completely. A lot of your strategy should rely on ranged attacks (Firaga Burst, Balloonga, etc.) and blocking/countering. Furthermore, if you find the need to heal, go behind one of the Nave's towers and try to hide. Use Flowmotion to escape (you will likely need to remove your lock on the Wargoyle). Overall, you simply need to keep moving, keep attacking, and hide/heal as necessary.


    Head back into the Bell Tower to return to the World Map.

    The Grid (S): Revisited

    Rectifier 2F

    Let's start here. Save and make sure you have plenty of ranged commands. Ride the elevator to the Portal.


    Defeat the Guards in here. Afterwards, pass through the doors to reach the bridge (not "Bridge, bridge). Unlock the Secret Portal once you're ready.

    SECRET Link Portal - Rinzler

    Difficulty: 4/10

    Despite your last battle against Rinzler being one of the toughest early battles of the entire game, this Rinzler's threat has largely been neutralized. While Rinzler can still deal large swaths of damage with his formidable physical combos, you have a wonderful check against his attacking pattern and the gravity switch that accompanies this battle: commands. Before, we only had weaker commands that could not deal large amounts of damage from ranged positions; now we have commands like Balloonga, Firaga Burst, Sonic Blade, Ars Arcanum, and even Sparkga. Simply by spamming these attacks, you can whittle Rinzler's health down rapidly. While he's off running around and setting up his combos, you can just sit back and spam commands like the ones listed above. When the gravity switches, you continue spamming--maybe use some Flowmotion, some Spirit Links, but you should overwhelmingly use your commands. Heal as necessary. Leaf Bracer is amazingly useful in this respect.


    Head back out to Rectifier 2F and return to the World Map.

    The Grid (R): Revisited

    Portal Stairs

    Return to the Portal Stairs. Defeat the Guards if they spawn; otherwise, head toward the Portal.


    Walk across the bridge to the SECRET Link Portal. Open it to start the battle against Commantis.

    SECRET Link Portal - Commantis

    Difficulty: 4/10

    Commantis isn't a cakewalk, but he also isn't as hard as Wargoyle's rematch. Moreover, Commantis is NOT as easy as he was the first time--this is primarily because his attack power has skyrocketed. Due to the fast and barrage-like nature of this battle, you will constantly be getting hit by projectiles that deal large amounts of damage. Thus, you will probably need to heal often--if you find yourself needing to escape the combat for a bit, ride on the outer rail. This should also give you safe opportunities to launch Flowmotion attacks from this outer ring. In terms of attacking, you'll want to rely on physical commands like Dark Splicer and so on. Magical commands do not deal much damage and take a long time to execute. Also make sure to jam Commantis when he starts charging up--you don't want to find out what happens if he DOES charge up fully.


    Head back out to the Portal and head out to the World Map.

    Prankster's Paradise (S): Revisited

    Amusement Park

    This is likely the fastest way to the Promontory. Save before you leave. Head to Windup Way and defeat enemies along the way as you wish.

    Windup Way

    Head right towards the Promontory.


    Go all the way to the very end with the jutted out point. Start the SECRET Portal when you're ready.

    SECRET Link Portal - Chill Clawbster

    Difficulty: 3/10

    Chill Clawbster is just as easy as he was before. The basic strategy remains the same; when he's docile and simply sitting around, spam attacks to whittle his health down quickly. When he's flyind around and charged up, hide and launch ranged attacks (though even those will likely miss). Don't try to attack him while he's charged up, or you'll end up taking more pain that you likely caused. Just wait for him to settle down, then resume your attack. This battle should be over in no time!


    Return back out to the Amusement Park to leave Prankster's Paradise.

    Prankster's Paradise (R): Revisited

    Monstro: Cavity

    Save here before heading farther inside Monstro's intestinal tract. When you're ready, head to the Bowels.

    Monstro: Bowels

    Defeat the enemies in the center, then open the SECRET Link Portal when you're ready.

    SECRET Link Portal - Char Clawbster

    Difficulty: 3/10

    This battle is LONG, so make sure your Drop Gauge is nearly full! You'll want to rely on homing commands like Dark Splicer and Balloonga over commands like Meteor Crush and others that are NOT homing. As you likely remember, the Char Clawbster loves to move around, so you'll need to chase after it rather often. However, you shouldn't be in danger of losing at any point; while its attacks are stronger, they are not overwhelming. Generally, you can just walk through the projectiles without taking too much damage. All you have to do for this battle is chase after the Clawbster and deal damage--can't get much easier than that!


    Head back out the Bowels to the Cavity and return to the World Map.

    Country of the Musketeers (S): Revisited

    Grand Lobby

    Make your way to the Theatre, defeating enemies along the way.


    Defeat the enemies in the center, then unlock the SECRET Link Portal.

    SECRET Link Portal - Pete

    Difficulty: 2/10

    This battle is very, very easy with your overpowered commands. First we have to deal with the Beagle Boys--they aren't too much of a problem, but they can get annoying if you get caught in their combos. Just use area commands like Sparkga and Balloonga to easily decimate them. If you need an alternative, just use Flowmotion against the back wall. As the Beagle Boys start to fall, remember to use Reality Shifts to send them flying into the set. Once Pete comes out, the battle will basically transform into two cyclical phases. When Pete is running around with his sword, use endless commands and combos to punish him severely. However, when Pete begins swinging the prop, remember to hide in one of the corners (behind the curtains) until the attack subsides. Rinse and repeat til you need to finish him off with a Reality Shift. Heal as necessary!


    Return to the Grand Lobby's save spot and later the World Map.

    Country of the Musketeers (R): Revisited

    Grand Lobby

    Save. Make your way to the Theatre. Defeat any enemies, if you want.


    Continue to the Backstage area. You may need to defeat the enemies in the center of the Theatre if for nothing more than a warm-up. Make sure your commands are ready to deal with a warping boss that doesn't hurt too much. Make sure you have adequate homing commands.

    SECRET Link Portal - Holey Moley

    Difficulty: 3/10

    This guy is a joke. Just rely on Flowmotion to get you where you're going, deal damage with strong, quick commands like Balloonga and Meteor Crash, and repeat. The Holey Moley will continually warp around, but that doesn't mean much; just locate him again and deal more damage. Once the Holey Moley loses about half of his health, he will summon some arms (?) to mess with you. These guys are massively tough if you attempt to fight them... Luckily, we don't have to. If you find high ground, you can simply watch them from above--they'll eventually exit. There's a lot of high ground near the front and middle of the Backstage area. Once that episode is done, go back to dealing damage. The Holey Moley should fall relatively quickly.


    Author's Note: There is no SECRET Link Portal for Riku in the Symphony of Sorcery. Proceed back to Traverse Town.

    Symphony of Sorcery (S): Revisited


    If you enter in the Chamber and make your way to the OTHER glowing musical sheet (the one on the left from the perspective of the front door), you can head to the Precipice.


    There is both a SPECIAL Link Portal in here and a SECRET Link Portal here. I'll put the SPECIAL Link Portal first, for your convenience.

    SPECIAL Link Portal #4

    Forecast: Overcast

    Difficulty: 5/10

    Considering we are now in the post-game, you should be able to deal with this Special Link Portal rather easily. Rely on commands when they're available and Flowmotion when they are not. It's a rather straightforward fight.

    Rewards: Savage Fantasy

    SECRET Link Portal - Spellican

    Difficulty: 4/10

    The Spellican is not difficult, so long as you keep your health high. He will follow the exact same pattern he did in the main game--go for a whirl on the comet trail, then brawl it out in the cosmic arena. However, we'll be able to deal much more damage during the brawl than we did before. Commands like Firaga Burst and Sonic Blade should be more than enough to take care of Spellican.

    During the rail part, dash like crazy until Spellican starts to hurl rocks at you. Time your jumps so you don't have to aerial slide in mid air (it's okay if you do, it's just faster if you don't). Continue sliding. When Spellican starts to shoot bubbles at you, evade by jumping. Once you get within range to strike the Spellican, do so.

    Now the actual battle begins... again! This part is actually quite simple; use your commands and deal massive damage to the bird sorceror. In this battle, simple dodging is recommended because it takes so little time and is so easy; when the Spellican begins to summon stars above him, dodge roll to evade the shooting stars. When the Spellican uses his sword, head back to dodge the sword. When the Spellican summons his little thunderous minions, locate Spellican on the upper rocks and focus on him--the minions will disappear. Do not try to defeat the little demons. They have far too much health and far too high of a defense for you to actually deal with them efficiently. Continue hammering command attacks into Spellican. Make sure your health is high at all points in time because Spellican might force you to go back to the rail part; you don't want to enter that part with critically low health. Otherwise, this is a ridiculously easy battle.


    Traverse Town #4 (S): Revisited


    Traverse Town #4 (R): Revisited


    Appendix A: Dream Eaters

    The first of the alphabet soup of Appendices, Appendix A covers Dream Eaters--both Nightmares and Spirits. Each Dream Eater has it's own section with the in-game description and my general take on its appearance included. After that, a small paragraph to introduce you to the Dream Eater is present. Furthermore, the Dream Eaters are broken into two sub-sections: one for the Nightmare form, and one for the Spirit form. Obviously the Nightmare form is treated like an enemy while the Spirit form is treated like an ally; thus, Nightmares have strategies to defeat it, and Spirits have purposes for your party. Also of note that this Appendix is a marriage of encyclopedic information and guided suggestions, so it simply doesn't rattle off information like other sections.

    Regardless, I'm going to start out this section with an introduction to how I format this section followed by a section on Dream Eaters in general (coming soon!). From there, I'll move onto specific Dream Eaters in the order that they are sorted in your Records. This means that they won't be in the specific order that you encountered them, nor will they be in alphabetical order.

    Author's Note: I do NOT cover AR card Dream Eaters or bosses. The former are not part of the main scope of the game and the latter are extensively covered in the Walkthrough.

    An Introduction to Appendix A

    Each Dream Eater gets their own section in this Appendix, and this section encompasses their two major forms--their Nightmare form and their Spirit form. For example, the Meow Wow has a Spirit: Meow Wow section and a Nightmare: Meow Wow section to differentiate between the two. This section will explain how I present the information to you in this Appendix.


    The Nightmare section will start out with a general interpretation of the danger that this Nightmare poses, and some other introductory information if needed. This is generally just to open you up to what kind of Nightmare this Dream Eater is, and give you an impression as to what to expect. Once that's out of the way, there is a small section to show where this Dream Eater is encountered with hyperlinks to that world. [When I get the chance, I'll throw in a section on the attacks that each Nightmare likes to use, so that you're aware of them, but that'll likely be post-completion content] After that list, there is a small (or possibly large) blurb on strategy to defeat that Dream Eater. While these are rather general--the Walkthrough has better advice--they should suffice to give you a general idea on what to do should you encounter this Dream Eater.


    The Spirits section contains far more information as it is reflective of an ally section in any other guides, and, well, allies are more complex than enemies, now aren't they? Please note that Spirit sections only exist for Dream Eaters that I've worked with for a bit and have actually made into Spirits, so these aren't comprehensive as of yet. Regardless, those Dream Eaters that do have Spirits sections will abide by the following format.

    Firstly, each Spirit will have a relative spread that I've developed based on my experiences with the Dream Eaters. Of course, these will likely change as my experiences do as well. After that, there's a short overview and explanation of the preceding spread that basically gives you my impression as to whether you should spend the time to get this Dream Eater. Following the spread explanation, there's a small table detailing what you need to make that Spirit (both the recipe version and the most efficient * recipe). After that, there's a short section on the Dream Eater's purpose in your party--will it be an offensive juggernaut, or a defensive support unit? Will it be a gambit, or an all-around Spirit? What other Spirits does it compliment?

    Finally, there's the Ability Link section. This part details all of the abilites, commands, and other boosts that your Spirit can learn (given you have the Link Points to learn it). Firstly, there is a text map of sorts, that shows the process to get from Point A to Point B. Each bubbled ability is represented by a lower-case letter and each connection is denoted by two dashes (--) if horizontal or a vertical bar (|) if vertical. Below this map is the large table that corresponds to the map; there's a key linking the ability to the letter on the map, the name of the ability, what type of ability it is, and so on. Regardless, there's a lot of information packed in this section.

    Spirt Care 101

    Spirits are basically your only support in DDD, barring the one battle at the very beginning where you have Riku's assistance. Hence, you must raise your Dream Eaters to be cuddly killing machines that will either directly or indirectly help you defeat enemis. The direct way is obviously through Spirit Links or through their own attacks; the indirect way is through abilities and commands earned through the Ability Link. The performance in both mediums can be enhanced through profound and persistent Spirit Care that attempts to bring out the best in your spirit.

    The easiest way to increase your Spirits' battle stats is either through leveling--which involves having the Spirit in combat--or through candy. All of the Spirit Candies are described in the Training Toys section. Nevertheless, you can artificially increase your Spirit's attack, defence, magic resistance, and magic stats by feeding them the corresponding candy, or a Royal Cake.

    However, the Spirit's most important form of assistance is through its Ability Link. This grid offers not only powerful commands, but also powerful abilities. Do note that you must have the Spirit in your party to have the ability available; however, you do not need the Spirit in your party to use an unlocked command. Think of commands as actual items that you receive from the Spirit and abilities as powers that the Spirits tentatively lend to you. This means that if you want a specific command from a Spirit, you can simply raise it up for a bit until you unlock said command. However, you'll want to look more closely at abilities to determine which set of abilities you want from your three Dream Eaters.

    Furthermore, you should check on your Spirits every time you reach a new Save Spot. This is generally a good checkpoint system as it reminds you to check their Ability Link often for more commands/abilities. During these times, you should do the following:

    1. Check the Ability Link
    2. Feed Candy
    3. Play Games (?)
    4. Check Dream Eater Synthesis
    5. Change Dream Eater Party (?)

    Meow Wow

    Description: "Cat or dog? Boy or girl? Friend or fiend? One thing's for sure: this Dream Eater is adorable. Warning: fire freaks it out."

    Appearance: A macro tubby hamster-like Dream Eater. It's black-and-pink as a Nightmare, but blue-and-white as a Spirit.

    The Meow Wow is docile, as noted by its quaint appearance.

    This is the first Dream Eater you'll meet in the Dream World, and, as such, it is the Goomba, Rattata, grunt of the KH3D world. It is frankly easy to defeat, and, while it can be used capably, the Meow Wow frankly should be switched out for a more powerful or versatile Dream Eater later. Furthermore, when you encounter a Meow Wow in battle, you should feel a sigh of relief that it isn't a more potent Dream Eater. The Meow Wow, frankly, is the weakest Dream Eater and should be passed over for better Dream Eaters.