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    Julius Guide by Amplifier92

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 08/14/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                        Kingdom Hearts : Dream Drop Distance
                                   Guide to Julius
                                    Version 1.0.0
                                   By : Amplifier92
                               1.Legals & Introduction
    Ok guys, first things first, this is my first ever guide so please understand.
    This guide is composed solely to help all of you KH fans and is made by yours
    truly, me of course. If any of you actually have any comment about this guide
    then feel free to contact me at apajalahah@hotmail.com and if you have any
    question (concerning this Julius stuff) i will gladly answer up to my current
    And also, if any of you have any relevant information regarding battling
    Julius that i think will go well in accordance to what i have written then
    also feel free to tell me. Don’t worry because you will be rightfully
    credited for your contribution.
    Lastly, anyone who wants to post this guide to their websites would have to
    ask me for it and wait for my confirmation, beacuse any act of posting
    without permission would be categorized as stealing, now we don’t want
    that right? This guide is not to be used for personal profits, and the act
    of selling it for profit would be illegal.
    Trademarks including everything in this game is copyright to their respective
    owners, and i do not own any part of it.
                                 2.Table of contents
       1. Legals & Introduction
       2. Table of Contents
       3. A little Sneak Peek Into the Target : Julius
                i. Who on earth is he?
                ii. Why should we fight him?
                iii. Where can we find him?
       4. Getting Started
       5. Battle Strategy
                i. Boss' in depth explanation
                ii. Fighting back
                iii. If all else fails
       6. End credit
                    3.A little sneak peek into the target : Julius
    3.i. Who on earth is he?
      When you first heard the name Julius, you would probably have no idea who he
      was and why you should know about him. Well guess what, he is actually the
      secret boss in this game. He has this Franken-Pete look if you know what i
      mean. And as we all know, secret bosses in the KH series screams a must.
    3.ii. Why should we fight him?
      Now why should we even bother fighting this handful boss while he is strong
      and hard to beat? Well let me give you a reason to fight here fellas;
             - First of all by beating him, a.k.a the secret boss in this game,
               you will get an extra feel of accomplishment.
             - If the first reason doesn't push you that much then this second
               one definitely will. After you beat Julius, you will have the right
               to wield the best keyblade in the entire game which is............
               (wait for it) THE ULTIMA WEAPON! Now that's more like it, huh?
    3.iii. Where can we find him?
      To find Julius, you have to beat the game first (sorry but that's just how
      it is). After the credit screen rolls, load up your end game save file
      and head towards traverse town. Land on the fourth district, then go up the
      stairs and head towards fountain plaza. Be warned, cause the hard part is
      just starting.
                                   4.Getting Started
    Ok, here comes the important part. Before you even think about fighting
    Julius, you have to make sure you are well prepared for it. Here is the list
    of what you'll need to have:
            - A level 40++ character (the more the better, you'll need it)
            - A decent keyblade with high magic boost (End of Pain/Dive wing)
              Counterpoint is ok but try getting the other two.
            - Level 3 drop bonuses (deaccelerator, defense and magic boost)
            - As many magic haste you can get (max it out if you can)
            - As many HP boost you can get (max it out if you can)
            - As many thunder screen you can get
            - As many fire boost you can get (more important than thunder screen
              and you'll see why)
            - Confusion block, poison block and blindness block
            - Leaf bracer (this is a must, no option)
            - Max defense boost
            - Max magic boost
            - Reload boost (not necessary but helps you big time)
            - Defender (same as the latter)
            - And the 2 most IMPORTANT and NECESSARY ability; second chance and
              once more, without this two, there's almost no hope to win.
    and other important stuff like scan, which you will have all the time in
    your equipped ability list.
    Optional : Cure boost can help but won't do much so yeah...
    And now for the commands, we are going to utilize one magic command which is
    totally brilliant that is Firaga Burst.
    The layout of the deck would be:
               1 Balloonga/Curaga
               2 Firaga burst
               3 (Firaga Burst second slot)
               4 Curaga ------> shortcut set to this curaga
               5 Curaga
               6 curaga
               7 Curaga
               8 Curaga
    Note : You can have either balloonga to fill in the attack while firaga burst
           is reloading or you can have curaga instead to have the extra "oomph"
           in healing. Your choice. This arrangement and shortcut placing is
           also counted in the battle plan, because putting firaga burst next
           to the curaga spell shortcut would ease you in both attacking needs
           and defending needs.
    You can find curaga and balloonga easily available in shops by this point of
    the game and as for firaga burst you can find it in Tyranto Rex's or Ryu
    Dragon's ability link, or grab it in flick rush shop for 2000 medals.
    After seeing this set up you would probably understand why there is the need
    of putting fire boost in, and why there is no mention of attack boost or
    attack haste. Yes, it is because we are going to use only magic commands
    against this guy. And why thunder screen and those 3 blocks you say? I'll go
    to it in the next section so be patient.
    For the action commands, you will need:
                      Sora                               Riku
    - Slide roll (upgraded dodge roll)         - Dark roll ( buy it in flick rush
      get it from a chest in musketeer world     shop for 700 medals).
      in the dungeon area, its hard to miss.   - Dark Barrier (750 medals)
    - super glide (from ryu dragon's ability)  - High jump
    - High jump                                - Air slide
    - Air slide                                - Double impact
    - Double impact                            - Aerial recovery
    - Aerial recovery                          - Doubleflight (Get in a chest in
                                                 TWTNW first riku area in the
                                                 middle of the area protected
                                                 by the barrier)
    and others such as counter aura and stuff because you will already have them
    equipped anyway.
    Dark roll and super glide is really needed even though you can still dodge
    with the usual dodge roll but it's going to be painful. Get them, you won't
    regret it.
    **A little extra tip; bring toximander as it has the 3 necessary blocks you
      need, or a halbird as it has both attack and magic haste (x4). Handy.
                                    5.Battle Strategy
    Alas, it's the main part of the guide. The battle strategy.
    Okay then, first things first.
    5.i. Boss' in depth explanation
    |Name         : Julius                                                      |
    |Location     : Fountain Plaza                                              |
    |HP           : 12 bars (oh yeah, that's a lot of hp to deplet)             |
    |Level needed : 40++                                                        |
    |Element used : Thunder (that's why we need thunder screen)                 |
    |Strength     : ???                                                         |
    |Defense      : ???                                                         |
    Julius has a few attack movements. Here they are:
     1.Low punch : He'd spin his right hand and swing it heavily towards you, and
                   thus punching you once with his hand.
                   Blockable, easily dodged.
                   Strength : medium low, inflicts about a 1/4 to 1/3 of
                              your hp bar (assuming you play in proud or critical
                              mode with a character at level 40-45).
     2.Uppercut : One nasty move, may seem harmless in damage view but he would
                  chain it into many uppercuts. this time he uses his left hand
                  so you can tell which punch he is doing by looking at which
                  hand he is going to use.
                  Better to dodge away.
                  Strength : medium low
     3.Elbow slam : He will jump and try to slam you down with his elbow. It is
                    unblockable so the moment you see him jump, dodge away.
                    Strength : medium high, inflicts around half of your hp bar
                               so evade the moment he uses it.
     4.Body slam : Usually, this is a follow up attack he uses once he is able to
                   trap you with his uppercut combo, and once you are down on the
                   ground with low hp, BAM! He'll drop his body and slamming you
                   into smithereens.
                   It is unblockable but still dodgable.
                   Strength : medium high.
     5.Rushing tackle : He will rush towards you in high speed and tackle you
                        with his huge body.
                        Better dodge than sorry.
                        Strength : medium high, especially if he manage to hit
                                   you the second time with his after move in
                                   which he faces backwards from the direction
                                   he rushed and tries to brake.
     6.Spinning punch : Okay here is one of the most annoying move he uses. First
                combo   he claps his hands and then he'll begin to launch a storm
                        of jabs and spinning punches. And to top it off, he can
                        do this many times in a row to his heart's content.
                        Blockable, but don't! Don't hesitate to dodge.
                        Strength : high!! (may reduce your hp to 1 considering
                                   you equipped once more, or else it would be
                                   game over screen flash for you).
     7.Climb & stomp : Okay, honestly i've got no other way to think of a name to
                       describe this move but keep reading. This move sends the
                       word annoying to a whole new level. He will start jumping
                       high towards the top of the tower and then jumps down and
                       starts butt-stomping you continuously.
                       Unblockable obviously, so dodge like crazy.
                       Strength : high (if he manages to get you with all the
                                  stomping he's doing).
     8.Toxic grab : Okay, now forget what i said about the previous move. This
                    move is a one way ticket to the game over screen. he will
                    swing his right arm at a high speed towards you and grab you,
                    then lift you up to the level of his face, and without any
                    hesitation, he will start blowing poisonous breath towards
                    your character. Once he releases you, you will either be
                    poisoned, blinded, or confused, and that's not the worst part.
                    the status effect your character is experiencing will have
                    2 possibilities when it ends; either it stops and your
                    character turns normal, or you will be afflicted with the
                    other ones of the two other possible status condition.
                    For example, your character gets blinded and after it ends
                    he may be back to normal or he may as well be inflicted with
                    either poison or confusion. And say he got confused next.
                    After the confusion ends he may be back to normal or poisoned.
                    Now this is what i call genocide.
                    Don't even think about blocking. Dodge!
                    Strength : Almost no direct damage but what it can do to you
                               can not be measured. It helps him land all of his
                               other attacks. A lot.
     9.Thunder rage : Okay now when you manage to deplet his health down to half
                      or less, he will then start summoning thunder which will
                      almost definitely hit you. And when it ends, he will get
                      his attack damage upgraded and his punches will now raise
                      the gound in front of him with the chance of hitting you
                      with it. And another annoyance in his arsenal is that when
                      he is in rage mode, his attack has a chance of ultimately
                      slowing down the reload time of one of your commands so be
                      really careful not to let him hit you even once. This is
                      the reason why you need loads of curagas (5 minimum).
                      When he does slow one of your commands down, it will
                      be indicated with a red color in the reload gauge.
                      Nearly impossible to not hit you even if you dodge.
                      Strength : high, considering it's continual damage.
    Fortunately for you, he has no means to heal himself so as long as you have
    that lvl 3 deaccelerator with you, you can take your time.
    5.ii. Fighting back
    After reading all that stuff above, you will now definitely wonder, "how am i
    going to beat this guy?" Well fear not, that is why i'm here.
    Before you even go into his place, makes sure you have all those drop bonuses
    i mentioned in the previous chapter, and also make sure your drop gauge is
    at max (blue in color) and has the number 0.4 on it (lvl 3 drop deaccel).
    Now take a look at your command deck. If you follow exactly what i wrote, you
    will always have to be prepared to press the shortcut button (which is the
    left directional button for those who didn't know) as it helps you to quickly
    heal and attack when needed.
    When you first enter the battle field, you will automatically be taken into
    a cutscene. After the cutscene ends you will notice that YOUR SPIRIT IS NOT
    THERE, so forget thinking about link-attacking or auto-healing. But don't
    worry, because their ability is still with you during the battle.
    #Playing as Sora
    when you choose to beat this guy with Sora, you have to be prepared to accept
    that he has a much lamer dodge and blocking mechanism than Riku's
    (no offense there). So in other words, dodge rolling and blocking with Sora
    would be a total hassle but he totally makes up for it with one of his
    signature move called "super glide". If you don't have super glide, then you
    can manage with slide roll but it will be a lot tougher because that means
    you will need to mash that Y button big time.
     - Defending : 
       Well the ideal way to play against this monster is not to block, but
       to dodge and find an opening, and once the opportunity rises, do not
       hesitate to use firaga burst or balloonga, which ever is ready.
       In order to evade properly, i would explain in detail how to dodge
       each and every move he does.
    1.Low punch : easy. Just dodge away from where he is attacking with Y button.
    2.Uppercut : double dodge away using double impact (pressing the Y button
                  twice) because it can be really dangerous if it hits and chains.
    3.Elbow slam : the moment you see him jumping towards you, double dodge away
                   to the side and not opposite of where he is coming from. So
                   either double dodge right or left when this happens.
    4.Body slam : first jump, and then slide away with the Y button pressed twice.
                  normal dodge on the ground would not have that much of chance
                  of escaping.
    5.Rushing tackle : double dodge towards the side just like elbow slam but
                       keep your distance because it has this after attack i
                       previously mentioned.
    6.Spinning punch : now this is the tricky bit. when he starts clapping his
               combo   hands, run to the opposite direction and when he starts
                       to get near, dodge/super glide out of harms way.
    7.Climb & stomp : when you see him jumping to the tower, start super-gliding
                      and just spin around the battle field while locking on to
                      him during your flight so you can see where he lands.
    8.Toxic grab : just dodge because it has the range of a low punch, but if you
                   bring those 3 blocks (toximander) then have nothing to fear.
                   He uses his right hand just like low punch but you can see that
                   in low punch, he spins his hand near his head a bit but in
                   toxic grab, he directly swing his hand with no hesitation.
    9.Thunder rage : stay put. Trust me, i'll explain later. Just make sure you
                     are as far away from him as possible when this happens, as
                     you can see the animation when he is about to start. It's
                     hard to miss. Do not worry about him slowing down your reload
                     as it only happens if his other attacks in rage mode hits
                     you afterwards.
    Note: when he is attacking in rage mode, use super glide instead because
          his attacks will raise the ground you're standing on. Just glide around
          the battle field. DO NOT go up to high grounds because it will only
          trigger his climb & stomp attack. IF he manages to slow your firaga
          burst's reload time then don't attempt to attack until it turns normal.
          Relying solely on balloonga is totally risky.
     - Attacking : 
       Now the fun part. After running away from his relentless attacks,
       i can't blame you for wanting to have revenge on him. It's time to
       give this beast the lesson that he deserves.
       First of all, there is rarely an opening for you to cast that burst to
       damage him. The best time to attack him is after his elbow slam attack,
       rushing tackle attack, and right after you manage to get away from his
       spinning combo and climb & stomp. Fortunately for you, he does the elbow
       slam and the spinning combo LOADS of time. Most of the time you will be
       able to dodge the elbow, but as for the spin, you will mostly get hit and
       be sent flying behind him, and when you do, quickly land and cast, but
       take precaution of your hp because you can still be saved by once more
       and second chance only if you have more than 1 hp. A firaga burst with
       full fire boost and magic boost can deplet a single bar of his health
       (or more), while balloonga gives around 1/3 hp damage if it all hits.
       Pretty neat huh?
       By the time you decrease his bar to 6 he starts thunder raging. Dodge
       his thunder imbued attacks until the rage stops and continue the routine.
       Once he has only 2 bar or less of hp, he will stay almost forever in his
       rage mode now this is where it gets tricky. Not only he stays long in rage
       mode, he will often use the climb & stomp attack making it hard to attack.
       If this happens, wait until he is above the tower, then cast.
     - Healing :
       Last but not least, the healing mechanism. The trickiest part of this
       whole strategy is how to heal properly without wasting curagas. Everytime
       your hp deplets, you will obviously have the urge to heal immediately.
       Now i'm here to tell you to hold your horses. I will remind you that you
       have the 3 great abilities that will help you through this, they are
       second chance, once more and leaf bracer. With second chance and once more,
       if you happen to have more than 1 hp left, say 2, you will still be able
       to withstand even the strongest move Julius has in store for you, as long
       as you DO NOT try to push any button when you are down to 1 hp and he is
       still pummeling you. Be patient, wait for his attacks to stop, then you
       press X. If you do it correctly you will survive.
       Now why am i telling you this? It is simply because when you cast firaga
       burst, you CAN NOT move at all. This ultimately means in the middle of
       your cast, he will hit you around. But fear not, your firaga burst will
       still be active and while he is busy hitting you, he will be hit back
       at the same time. After he has had enough hitting you at that moment,
       he will stop into a delay for a while in which you can heal.
       Then if you'll get hit anyway, why should you find an opening to cast?
       Good question! The answer is because with no opening, there's no chance
       your spell will come out because he will cancel your cast whe you try
       to use it in the middle of his attacks. As simple as that.
       One more interesting thing about healing is your other ability, the
       leaf bracer. Using the leaf bracer, you will be temporarily immune to
       any attack while you heal (for about 0.5 second) and you can use this to
       your advantage. Not only curaga heals, it protects you from seemingly
       tight situation where dodging/blocking is futile. The best example will be
       when he uses his finisher (a.k.a body slam) after his uppercut combos.
       The moment he stops uppercutting you, he will most likely slam you down,
       and when you're about to land after being pummelled by uppercuts, be
       ready to touch the X button (curaga) and directly press it when you
       touch the ground.This will heal you + protect you from his finishing slam.
       This is a very important technique and thus you have to practice to
       master the timing and with a few tries you'll get it eventually.
       To summarize how the curaga technique work, here's a simple chart
       to illustrate:
       get hit --(if hp is still more than 1)--> continue dodging/attacking
             '--(if hp goes down to 1 point)--> HEAL!! (mash the X button until
                                                        you successfully heal)
         immediately dodge to regain control of the situation <---'
               '---> once back on you're feet, find an opening and cast away
       Rinse lather repeat. Simple right? With a little few tries you'll master
       this in no time and you'll beat this guy down. I know getting hit on
       purpose sounds weird, but hey, it'll work if you know how to do it right.
    #Playing as Riku
    While playing as Riku, we will use the exact same strategy but instead of
    slide rolls and super glides, we use dark rolls instead. It's fast, long
    distanced, and higher immunity (longer and faster movement). Just mash the Y
    button when you need to dodge and you'll be fine. Doubleflight helps evade
    loads off low attacks as well, just don't forget to dodge when you're
    already airborne. When he starts summoning thunder to hit you, you can try
    blocking with Riku's dark barrier but if it fails just stay put until it's
    over and like before, stay as far away from him as possible.
    5.iii. If all else fails
    OKay, i really hate going into this section, but it does happen sometime.
    If you have tried this and fails, i suggest you train your caharacter's
    level a bit until you feel it to be adequate, and don't forget to keep
    trying because maybe you just need to practice on your timing and reflexes.
    Trust me, with a little hard work and determination, you are bound to
    Once you are done beating the life out of him, he will escape in agony back
    to where he belongs, and tadaaaa, you have obtained the Ultima Weapon.
                                      6.End Credit
    In the end of this guide i would like to thank:
      - God
      - Mr.Nomura for making such a great game
      - Square enix and Disney interactive
      - And of course all of you in GameFaqs
    Once again, any question or comment is welcomed at apajalahah@hotmail.com
    Thank you for reading; Amplifier92

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