Review by GreenoLink

Reviewed: 11/05/12

There is no puzzle without a solution.

The long-lasting Level-5 series is coming to an end, this being second to last. This game has largely improved from its predecessors with new 3D models.

GRAPHICS: 8.9 out of 10
There's no doubt that this one has beautiful graphics. However, there were some problems with the 3D models and how some lines were blank and static. However, it hardly shows up. The 3D works beautifully. It reminds me of an anime cardboard collage. The 3D figures still remain cartoony and fun.

GAMEPLAY: 9 out of 10
You're probably thinking: "How can a game that doesn't use the buttons be GOOD?" Well, this game incorporates it well. You use the stylus to advance text. Puzzles are more intricate with the 3D, it has a nice feel when playing it. Likeable characters can leave you laughing, while sad endings can leave you in tears. This game gives emotion at the right time.

STORY: 9.5 out of 10
This one is a hard one, as all the games in the series have been the same but still unique. At the beginning, Luke and Layton are at Monte
d'Or because a woman named Angela Ledore sent them a letter. I won't go into so much detail in the 8-10 hour video game. So this game takes place after Last Specter and Eternal Diva. You will uncover a few secrets about the timeline later in the game which was pretty unique about it. Almost NO Prof. Layton games mention ANYTHING about the timeline besides Last Specter, Eternal Diva (anime movie) and this.

REPLAYIBILITY: 8.9 out of 10
There are little puzzles in the game that can range from a total no-brainer to a total head-scratcher. When you solve it correctly, it gives you Picarats which give you bonuses at the end of the game. When you solve it incorrectly, it takes away from the Picarat total. This has huge replayibility. Even I tried to solve puzzles to get Picarats. However, it's really hard to find puzzles near the end of the game.

BOX ART: 10 out of 10
The box art shows Layton and 6 ovals surrounding him, showing the puzzles. Then with his awesome quote underneath:


The back shows gameplay. It feels like they put effort into the box art. It just feels colorful and makes you want to play it. There isn't much to say about this.

FINAL SCORE: 9 out of 10
This is a great addition to the game. If you enjoy puzzles and amazing story, this is your game. If you hate puzzles, I suggest you borrow it or try a demo on the website. Overall, this game is so original from the others with a new formula and 3D figures that it makes it a perfect gift.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (US, 10/28/12)

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