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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Zero_Kirby

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    Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater

    FAQ/Walkthrough by Zero Kirby

    Copyright 2012 Will Kirby

    Copyright Notice

    This guide was written completely by me! All screenshots of the game were taken by me, and this guide can only be viewed on GameFAQs... for now. If you want to include this guide on your site, please e-mail me at ZeroKirbyGames@hotmail.com.

    Please do not alter this work or remove my name from it in any way.

    A Few Quick Notes

    Most screenshots in this guide are actually taken from the 360 version of the game, as I lack the ability to capture from a 3DS without using the in-game Camera, which does not let you see Snake.

    All screenshots will be marked with the version they're taken from, like so:

    (360) This was taken on the 360.

    (3DS) This was taken on the 3DS.

    Of course, another dead giveaway would be the higher resolution of the 360 ones compared to the 3DS ones. I mean, duh.

    In most cases, the two games are interchangable. You will be told when there is a vast difference between the 360 and 3DS version in terms of gameplay or items.

    Also, this FAQ has spoilers. Lots of spoilers. I'll summarize many of the cutscenes, but I'll try not to spoil things before they happen. It is an eight year old game though, so keep that in mind.

    Got a question? E-mail me at ZeroKirbyGames@hotmail.com.

    Snake on Running Gags:

    "Metal Gear?!"

    Metal Gear begins on the MSX, with the story of Solid Snake sneaking about and accidentally being an awesome soldier. He finds out that his leader, Big Boss, is actually the one with the titular Metal Gear and thus not only destroys the hell out of Metal Gear but kills the hell out of Big Boss.

    Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake has him sneaking into Zanzibarland, finding poisonous hamsters, hatching owls to trick guards into thinking its nighttime, killin' a best bud, and killing the hell out of Big Boss. Again. Oh and somewhere along the line he finds out Big Boss is his dad.

    We don't really talk about the NES games.

    Metal Gear Solid, however, is considered to be a huge step up in the series. While still fundamentally like MG2, it was now 3D and incorporated this into its design completely. FOXHOUND's gone rogue, Snake has a brother, some guy reads your memory card and makes your controller vibrate, you meet an otaku, Grandpa Max is your CO, and it turns out Snake's a clone of Big Boss and so is his brother. So in a manner, Snake kills the hell out of Big Boss AGAIN. Also, voice acting, so we got to hear Snake say "Metal Gear?!" and repeat the other speaker's sentences back at them.

    Metal Gear Solid 2 is where the series got weird, if that makes any sense, because it was already pretty weird. First you play as Solid Snake and it turns out your brother, a clone of Big Boss, had his arm grafted to Revolver Ocelot, a villain from MGS who lost his arm. Turns out this lets your bro possess Ocelot from time to time which is pretty weird so you have to kill the hell out of Big Boss AGAIN. But nope, looks like Snake gets killed the hell out of instead, and he is a Big Boss so technically a Big Boss had the hell killed out of them.

    Then a flash forward to some jerk named Raiden who everybody hates because he's not as cool as Snake. Through marital problems, mindscrews, acrobatic vampires, soul killing, and some guy who's definitely NOT Solid Snake, turns out Not Solid Snake really was Solid Snake, the leader of the terrorists is yet ANOTHER clone of Big Boss, this one even more Big Bossier than the other Big Bosses, and Raiden has his entire perception of reality shattered when Grandpa Max needs scissors 61. You kill the hell out of Big Boss once more and Raiden decides to live his own life.

    Metal Gear Solid 3 is probably the most interesting game in the series because you don't kill the hell out of Big Boss.

    You play as Big Boss killing the hell out of others.

    Basic Controls: Without Circle Pad Pro

    Circle PadWalk/Run
    A/B/X/YMove Camera
    D-Pad UpAction Button
    D-Pad DownChange Stance
    D-Pad LeftEquip/Cycle Items
    D-Pad RightEquip/Cycle Weapons
    LAim Weapon
    Start/SelectSurvival Viewer

    Additional Controls will be explained as they become relevant.

    Basic Controls: With Circle Pad Pro

    Left Circle PadWalk/Run
    Right Circle PadMove Camera
    D-Pad Up/XAction
    D-Pad Down/BChange Stance
    R/D-Pad RightEquip/Cycle Weapons
    L/D-Pad LeftEquip/Cycle Items
    ZLAim Weapon
    Start/SelectSurvival Viewer

    Additional Controls will be explained as they become relevant.

    Getting Around as Naked Snake

    Walk/Run: Depending on how far you tilt the Circle Pad, Snake will walk or run. The degree at which this changes can be adjusted in Options. Running is very noisy, so enemies will be able to hear you coming if you get too close. Walking is quiet and will let you sneak up on, or past, enemy soldiers. Unlike the original Metal Gear Solid 3, you can still move around while in First-Person View. You will move slower while aiming a weapon, however.

    Move Camera: The face buttons (or Right Circle Pad) will move the camera around Snake. You can adjust the sensitivity in Options, and there's three settings for normal, Shoulder, and First-Person cameras. You can also invert the camera controls if you so desire.

    Action: The Action Button does many things based on the current situation. When you get to a context-sensitive obstacle or item that the Action Button can interact with, an icon will show up in the top-center of the screen showing you what the Action Button will do at that time. You can also press the Action Button while readying a weapon (and while no other context-sensitive actions are nearby) to manually reload it. This is slower than the so-called "Tactical Reload" but has its own advantages.

    Change Stance: Snake has three stances: Standing, Crouching, and Crawling. Pressing the button will swap between Standing and Crouching, while holding it will make Snake lie down. Unlike the original Metal Gear Solid 3, Snake can still move while Crouching, however he is slightly slower. Tapping on empty space on the Touch Screen will do the same thing.

    Equip/Cycle Items/Weapons: Snake can equip seven items and eight weapons (one item slot is always taken up by the Revival Pill). Hold down the button (or hold the respective icon on the Touch Screen) to see what you have currently equipped, and pick one to hold. Tapping quickly will then cycle between having the item or weapon ready, or having the slot empty. You can set whether you want Equip/Unequip, 2-Weapon Switch, or 3-Weapon Cycle in the Options Menu.

    Aim Weapon: Aiming a weapon will ready it for use. The camera will move behind Snake (or Snake will rotate to face the same direction as the camera - you can change this in Options) in one of three aiming modes - TPS, an over-the-shoulder camera, FPS, a first-person camrea, and Auto-Aim, which makes Snake aim for enemies automatically.

    Third-Person Aiming will display a cross-hair on the screen. If you see two cross-hairs, the center, lighter one is the center of view, while the off-set, more-visible one is where you will actually be shooting. You can swap which shoulder you're aiming over by pressing Left or Right on the D-Pad.

    First-Person Aiming will put you behind the sights of the gun. 3D will automatically turn off when this happens (it will reactivate when you are no-longer aiming down the sights, as in Intrusion View or with melee weapons). This makes the path of your bullets much more clear but will render you much less aware of what is happening around you.

    Auto-Aim doesn't use a special camera. Snake will automatically target enemies, but he will be unable to aim for sweet-spots such as the head. More effective with machine guns than stealth.

    Attack: Attacking does different things based on what you're doing:

    While aiming a weapon will make you fire the weapon. Depending on the weapon you'll need to press and release to shoot, hold down to shoot, or hold based on how far you want to throw something.

    While carrying a non-CQC compatible weapon will make you do a melee attack with said weapon. Certain camo doesn't allow CQC - normally-CQC-ready weapons in this case will do the simple three-move combo.

    While running will initate a roll. You can use this to clear gaps or knock down enemies.

    While the CQC icon is displayed will initiate CQC. This will get more detail in the Close-Quarters Combat section.

    Survival Viewer: Opening the Survival Viewer will pause the game and let you handle a number of things, like your camouflage, food, and wounds. This will get more detail in the Survival Viewer section. Each of the six main options in the Survival Viewer (Cure, Food, Map, Camo, Call, and Backpack) have their own icon on the Touch Screen which will let you quickly access that particular sub-screen.

    Close-Quarters Combat

    Snake's a pretty good marksman but sometimes you'll want to get up close and personal with your enemy, perhaps because you want to conserve ammo, or get information. That's when CQC comes in handy. CQC, when used right, can help you take on a group of soldiers with little fear or injury.

    CQC is performed with the Attack Button while equipping something CQC compatible (CQC compatible items will have CQC in the corner of their icon). When the CQC icon is displayed, you can use the following moves.


    Some camouflage will remove your ability to perform CQC. When this happens, none of the following moves will be available. Be wary! When wearing the respective camo, the CQC icon will disappear from any compatible weapons while you're wearing the camo.

    Throw: Probably the move you'll use most, while pressing Attack, hit a direction on the Circle Pad and Snake will grab his enemy and quickly toss them to the ground, knocking them out instantly. Good for clearing a crowd of enemies quickly or knocking a guard down when you're low on ammo.

    Grab: When you just want to let the enemy know you care, hold down Attack without pressing a direction on the Circle Pad and you'll pull them in close for a tender choke-hold. From here you can do a number of other moves.

    Interrogate: Press Left on the D-Pad while holding an enemy and you'll threaten them to get them talking. Information obtained in this way ranges from useless to invaluable. You can learn Healing Radio frequencies, Alert Cancels, where items and other guards are, or even if other guards have more useful info, alongside general gameplay tips. You can perform multiple interrogations to get more information (until the voice clips begin repeating, naturally).

    Throttle: Pressing Up on the D-Pad while holding an enemy will throttle them (moving around while holding them will do this as well). Doing this repeatedly will eventually knock them out, but doing it too much after that will snap their neck and kill them.

    Slit Throat: Need to get rid of them forever? Pressing Right on the D-Pad while holding an enemy will make Snake slit their throat, getting blood everywhere (which affects your camo rating!). You will automatically drop the enemy after this because now threatening him to get him talking would be rather pointless.

    Shield: Aiming a weapon while holding the enemy will use them as a human shield while you pick off his friends. From here, you can release the Attack button so you can fire your weapon, but you need to keep Aiming to prevent releasing the enemy. When done, don't forget to hold Attack again before releasing Aim.

    Toss: While holding an enemy, release the Attack button then quickly press it and a direction on the Circle Pad and you'll toss them to the ground. Immediately aim your weapon at them to hold them up and keep them from counter-attacking or raising an Alert. From here you can do the usual hold-up routine (detailed in How to Sneak Around). They won't get back up if held up, but if spotted they can raise an Alert.

    Survival Viewer

    Naked Snake's a tough dude but even he needs to call for help, switch some camo, or even eat. The Survival Viewer is how you access all of that. Pressing Start or Select accesses the full Survival Viewer, which also has buttons for your Options and Mission Data. The other six options - Cure, Eat, Map, Call, Camo, and Backpack - all have shortcut buttons on the Touch Screen during gameplay.


    When using those shortcuts, exiting the menu will take you back into gameplay and NOT the main Survival Viewer screen. When needing to perform multiple tasks, it's best to enter the full Survival Viewer.

    Cure: Most injuries only subtract a bit of health, but under the right circumstances, Snake will get a severe injury that changes a section of his health to a red color. This health can't be recovered until you treat the injury in the Cure menu. Severe injuries range from bullet wounds to broken bones to simple illnesses. Curing them usually uses up supplies, so make sure you keep stocked up!

    Food: Snake's gotta eat, just like any other person. The Food menu keeps track of all the food you have, live or... not-live. All you gotta do is eat whenever your stamina is low and you'll recover some, depending on the type of food. Bad tasting foods usually result in poor stamina recovery. However, eating enough of the same food will develop Snake's taste for it, and you'll recover more stamina when eating said food. Watch out for flies on your food though - one fly means there's a chance of food poisoning, and two means you're guaranteed to get it. It's best to toss out rotten food and collect more.

    Map: From here you can see a map of nearby areas. If you interrogate the right guards, items and other guards will be indicated on the map.

    Camo: Part of sneaking around without being seen is wearing good camouflage. There's two kinds of camo - face paint and uniforms. Choosing both carefully is key to blending in. When selecting camo, you'll see numbers that correspond to how well the camo will work in the situation you're currently in - white, large numbers are best, while red numbers are bad. You'll have to switch camouflage often, and you can find more throughout the game. You can also use Photo-Camo, which uses pictures you've got on your SD Card to make new uniforms. These also generate numbers and camo ratings.

    Call: Snake needs some helpful advice, to save his game, or maybe he's just a little lonely. You can use your Radio to call your support team for help. The Major will usually re-iterate your mission objective or give you a hint, and Para-Medic will tell you about food you've captured or the environment. The Boss or Sigint will tell you about weapons, camo, and items you've picked up and equipped, while EVA will warn you of traps or tell you about the area in more detail. You can also Save your game and if you call your allies enough you'll just get senseless rambling or funny dialogues. Calling them enough times will also unlock more profile pictures for them with more detailed info on them!

    Backpack: You need a place to keep all the cool toys you find and the Backpack is just that. Split into two categories, Items and Weapons, which are split into more categories still. Highlighting an item will tell you what it does, how to use it, how heavy it is, and basically everything you need to know. You can also see the total weight of items you have equipped (which is important).

    Options: Pretty self-explanatory. You can change various settings here.

    Data: Here you can view data on your current mission - stuff like how long it's taken so far and how many Alerts you've raised. If you're going for specific rankings, this is definitely something to stay on top of, as you can also view hints on how to get various rankings here, and view rankings you've already gotten. It's important to note that failing a whole bunch is also part of getting these rankings. Unlike the original, you can get more than one at a time!

    How to Sneak Around

    You are on a sneaking mission, after all. The following tips will help you sneak through the jungle with ease.

    Always Shake Down a Soldier...

    Soldiers carry a lot of stuff in their pockets. When you've downed one, you can pick them up and move them with the Action Button, but when you drop them afterwards they'll spill an item. Do this until they stop spilling stuff - you want to get all the equipment you have, and they can have anything on them.

    ... But it's Better to Hold Them Up

    Holding up a dude means sneaking up behind them, getting very close (almost as close to CQC them), and then aiming a weapon at them. They'll drop their weapon and hold still. Maneuver in front and aim your gun at their face... or their crotch. This'll scare them into shimmying out an item (if they're not scared, shoot one of their limbs with a bullet, not a tranquilizer, and they'll change their tune), and you can do this up until they stop spilling items (usually four, which is usually two more than you get from simply carry-dropping them). This is obviously trickier (and they can fight back), but you can also hold them up by grabbing them with CQC, then throwing them to the ground and aiming a weapon there. Not only can they not fight back, they won't ever get up unless they're discovered by someone else, making this a prime way to conserve ammo and much better than simply putting them to sleep (unless they're discovered, which you should prevent).

    Always Headshots

    You aren't allowed to carry too much ammo on you so it's important you make the most of what you have. Headshots with the Mk22 will instantly down a dude, and headshots with anything else are lethal. If you're having trouble with them, try changing camera angles, or use your Scope to zoom way into their head, then prep a weapon without moving the camera. (Turning off 3D while doing this will help.)

    Keep an Eye on Camo

    Your Camo Rating will tell you how visible you are to enemies. The lower it is, the farther away they can see you from, and the farther away they can be to raise an alert. Camo is more than just what you wear - crouching and lying flat provide much better camo, as does pressing against walls or trees, and just moving slowly will increase camo.

    Keep an Eye on Suppressors, Too!

    Your suppressors will wear out over time, and when completely worn out, will make a very loud "SPLANG!" noise (enemies won't hear this, but you will). When you hear that, don't take another shot until you've equipped another suppressor. If there's only one more dude to deal with then you needn't worry (as long as you make the shot!). Unequip suppressors in areas where there's no enemies, or where you've knocked them all out, before using your guns again - don't waste suppressors! (You should also unequip them during boss battles!)

    Reload Manually All the Time

    While Tactical Reload has its advantages in certain situations, whenever you can, reload manually with the Action Button. This will give you an empty magazine, which are prime distraction objects for sneaking up to guards for a hold-up!

    Severe Injuries

    Whenever Snake has a severe injury, you're going to want to treat it as soon as possible so he can recover his lost health. However, certain severe injuries have a bonus - they will increase the size of Snake's health meter ever so slightly, and this can add up a lot over time. If you don't have proper supplies, saving and quitting for long enough will heal most wounds. (It will also recover stamina!)

    Stamina and its Effect on Snakes

    Your stamina meter is in four sections, below Snake's health. When running low on stamina, a number of things happen. Your stomach growls, which can alert nearby enemies! Your aim becomes shaky and unreliable, you have less time to hang from ledges or swim underwater, your vision becomes worse... low enough stamina will cause Snake to pass out. Keep your stamina up by eating food often, and prevent useless stamina loss by unequipping items you don't use! The weight of everything you keep at the ready will drain stamina faster, so put everything you're not gonna use in your backpack! (... How does that work, anyway?)

    How Saving Works

    Saving in a new area will record your data as it was when you first entered. This means everything you do after initially entering - even if it was before saving your game - isn't recorded until you enter a new area and save. Don't assume saving means all your progress is recorded - it's not.

    Silent Kills

    Normally killing an enemy results in a death on your file. But there's many ways to kill an opponent without getting that mark on your file! Dropping enemies down chasms, into mud so they drown, onto electric fences... you can "indirectly" kill an enemy and get away with no deaths on your file and one less guard to worry about!


    Many objects use batteries - they recharge over time when you have them unequipped. You can find more batteries in the game, and you can recharge batteries faster by rolling around. You can also recharge batteries by eating Russian Glowcaps - it's because they glow, see.

    The Story So Far

    In a military plane high in the sky... the FOX Unit prepares its first, real mission. A one-man insertion into the heart of the Soviet Union, to stealthily recover the Soviet scientist Sokolov. They prepare to make the world's first HALO jump, and the man we later know as Naked Snake is enjoying a final cigar.

    Sokolov's been working on a crazy top-secret weapon. His initial escape was right before the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Soviets, wanting their weapon, pulled out of Cuba on the condition that Sokolov be returned to them. This weapon is that big.

    Sokolov, however, wants out, and a mole has reported he's currently in an abandoned research facility. The recovery operation is prepared, and FOX's inagural mission, the Virtuous Mission, sees Snake plummeting towards the ground today.

    Landing in the heart of the Soviet jungle, Snake prepares for his first foray into jungle survival...

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    Selecting "I like MGS2!" will have Snake wear a Raiden mask throughout the cutscene. As the other characters refer to him as Jack, people who played MGS2 would probably have blown a gasket at this if they hadn't played before.

    Dremuchij South

    So... This is the mighty Soviet jungle... hmm... It's alright. I guess. Maybe. Didn't know Russia had jungles.

    Snake's in a bit of a jam, though - he lost his pack in a tree, you see, and he has to go get it. Take this time to get used to your controls - if you're used to playing Snake Eater on a console there's gonna be a learning curve. Go through the motions of crouch-walking and get your bearings on the mini-map displayed on the Touch Screen. How handy is that thing? Super-handy considering you have no "default" cam. I'll be putting screenshots of the maps with important details highlighted, like this one:

    (360) Dremuchij South. We all gotta start somewhere.

    Stuff like enemies will not be shown because, well, the amount depends on which difficulty you're playing. I'm playin' this on Normal, so keep that in mind. Also, not EVERY item will be listed, just one you'd want to get, y'know.

    So you might as well follow the right path up to the Life Medicine. Since rations in this game are a food item, Life Med takes their place as "recovery item." Using them restores health and having them equipped when killed will keep you alive longer.

    Grab the Life Med and then jump down to that tree. Go to the base, where it looks like you can climb on the ivy, and whoaly wow you can! Press dat Action Button when the icon shows up to climb up, then balance on the branch with the Gyro. When you reach the bag, press the Action Button to hang off the branch, grab the pack, and then cutscene time go now!

    Cutscene Adventures: Meet the Team

    Now that Snake's got his gear, Major Tom tells him how to use it. He then introduces Snake to Para-Medic, who will act as Snake's mission data recorder.

    Then he tells Snake that legendary soldier, The Boss, is on the support team.

    Snake and Boss have a history - The Boss was once Snake's mentor, and they developed CQC together. The Boss tells Snake that there's so much more to a soldier than giving your life for the top brass, and tells him that politics and enemies change with the times. Snake's response is to ask her to call him "Snake" for the mission.

    Tom reveals that The Boss was the leader of the COBRA Unit, a skilled group of soldiers who lead the Allies to victory in World War II. And with that, Snake begins his mission...

    After the cutscene you can now access the other parts of the Survival Viewer (except for Cure - so you can't sustain serious injuries yet). You also have some items and weapons equipped now. Go through your inventory and for items, only have the Scope and Motion Detector ready - everything else is dead weight. (You can't unequip the Revival Pill, so sort it into a corner or something.) Weapons, ready your knife and Mk22, and put away that Directional Mic.

    As for camo, equip what gives you bigger numbers. I don't think you really need my sage advice on this one. Get used to aiming your weapon, equipping them, and so on right now. Try out all of the aiming styles to find the one you like the most. I'm a situational guy so I tend to swap between TPS and FPS frequently.

    Now that you have a weapon it's time to start hunting for food. Take off the Mk22's suppressor for now - no need to worry about it. Look around for some snakes. You can either tranq them and take 'em alive (which has its uses - live food doesn't rot and can be used to distract guards...) or murder the hell out of them. You can kick them dead with a three-hit combo and pick them up. Picking up one of every animal and plant in the game is a requirement for a ranking, so we might as well. Near the exit to this area is a Giant Anaconda (Snake G). There's some Reticulated Pythons (Snake H) near the Mk22 ammo and the fallen log you have to crawl under to get back to the insertion point. Head there now.

    Remember how when you got the Life Med you saw some birds fly off? Sneak back up there, slowly, and try to tranq one of the birds. Grab the asleep Magpie (Bird D). If you scare them off, just loop around and they'll return. Head back to the insertion point.

    Look around the base of some trees near the path to the Life Med for some lumpy mushrooms. Shoot or kick them to add the Siberian Ink Cap (Mushroom C) to your food list. Flatter mushrooms are on the log between you and the Mk22 Ammo. Grab these Russian Oyster Mushrooms (Mushroom A) as well.

    One final delicacy. Look up in the branches near the backpack tree for some hanging fruit. Shoot down these Russian False Mangos (Fruit B) for not only food, but D Med! D Med is great for if Snake gets food poisoning. Grab this as well.

    Now, you might be wondering - why's Yoshi listed on the map? Well, in the original MGS3 there were 64 Kerotans hidden around the game's areas, one in each. For the 3DS version they've all been changed to Yoshis, and not only that, but many of their locations have been changed too. Check these screenshots out -

    (360) On the 360, Kerotan was originally near where you got the Life Med...

    (3DS) But now, Yoshi's hiding over here!

    Shooting every Yoshi in the game is one of two ways to get a special hidden item - but, it's the only way to get a certain ranking, as well. You might as well shoot 'em all! You can undertake this task over multiple plays, however, so don't freak if you miss one. You'll know you've scored a hit when you hear the distinctive Yoshi sound. Anyway, look over in that direction (use the screenshot to help) and shoot that Yoshi!

    Also, here's a checklist for your food collection.

    Got It!Food ObtainedShorthand
    Russian Oyster MushroomMushroom A
    Siberian Ink CapMushroom C
    Russian False MangoFruit B
    MagpieBird D
    Giant AnacondaSnake G
    Reticulated PythonSnake H

    Now that you've taken care of business here you can head north into Dremuchij Swampland.

    Dremuchij Swampland

    (360) Kinda muddy all up in here...

    No need to worry about soldiers in here, but there's some mean crocodiles. Look around in the grass for a Tree Frog (Frog B).

    When you reach the mudpit you'll notice some crocodiles nearby. If you get too close to their tail or mouth they'll attack, and you can't tranquilize them. You can stab 'em if you get in the right position, but there's also an easier way. Grab the Bug Juice near the closest croc and then keep walking towards the next one. Near that one's tail is a box of Grenades (be careful the croc doesn't hit you).


    If a crocodile knocks you down while you're in the mud, you'll die. Don't let yourself sink too far into the mud, either.

    When you see a crocodile open its mouth and yawn, there's your chance! Equip your grenades and toss one into the crocodile's mouth. It'll explode into three servings of Indian Gavial (Gavial)! Nice!

    Now equip the Bug Juice and use a little. Look at the little island in the mudpit. In the tree, there's a beehive. Shoot it down to get a Baltic Hornet Nest (Nest) and some Ointment. Head over to the patch of dry ground to the left from there to get a Mk22 Suppressor (SP/Mk22). Now head over to where the Yoshi is. There's a new fruit on the ground here, Golova (Fruit C). There's also a few in the trees. Golovas are excellent stamina revitalisers. Now pop Yoshi once in the face and head on North.

    (3DS) If you ever question why Yoshi deserves this, remember the last time he got you with a Blue Shell in Mario Kart.
    Got It!Food ObtainedShorthand
    Tree FrogFrog B
    Baltic Hornet NestNest
    Indian GavialGavial
    GolovaFruit C

    Dremuchij North

    (360) The first area with sentries posted.

    Get yourself ready because it's time to deal with some real soldiers. It's go time. Make sure you put the Mk22's suppressor back on! The cutscene will simply alert you to them and tell you how to sneak around and stuff.

    Once you're back in control, immediately crouch down, and get over to the fallen log on your left. You can crawl through to grab some more Bug Juice. Once you're through the log, get into some tall grass and max out your camo. Keep an eye on the guard approaching you. When he turns away from you, get up, sneak over, and hold him up. Get him to drop all his items, then CQC Hold and Toss him, and hold him up again to prevent him from getting up.

    Now, look to the right of where you entered and you'll see a little path. Walk down it and you'll find the SVD, a sniper rifle. It shoots lethal rounds, so if you're going for a no-kill run, don't use it.

    On the main path, there's a tree with Golovas and some grass under it. In that grass are some Sunda Whistling-Thrushes (Bird E). They're kind of hard to spot, so you might want to come back later with an item we'll find in this area...

    Walk around to the right (watch the guard at the left) and climb over the fallen log to find some Stun Grenades. You won't find much use for these yet so don't equip them. Peek out around the tree and keep your eye open for a guard near another fallen log. You want in that fallen log over there. You can knock out the guard from here. If you're too cool for that and manage to hold him up, you'll get a Book out of the deal. (You can also knock him out, carry him away, then kick him until he wakes up and hide, then hold him up while he yawns.) There's also a hollowed out stump with some Mk22 Ammo in it.

    Once you reach that fallen log, crawl through it to get the Thermal Goggles. This gadget truly comes in handy so have at the ready right away. Watch out for another guard up the hill near the exit. It's best to knock him out if you don't want to loop around the Golova tree again.

    Keep an eye on the guard on the left side of the center plateau. Knock him out (or hold him up - that's a rather tricky proposition considering how close the other guard is unless he's knocked out, but the end reward is a book) and have a look inside the hollow stump for some Grenades. A tree next to that has some hanging fruits. Shoot down them Yabloko Molokos (Fruit A) down and grab one. Last but not least, look on top of another broken stump for Yoshi. Pop him in the face and head on out.

    (3DS) Snake did want to eat a Yoshi in Brawl, right?
    Got It!Food ObtainedShorthand
    Sunda Whistling-ThrushBird E
    Yabloko MolokoFruit A


    (360) Be careful not to fall...

    Were you paying attention during the cutscene? Did you use the first-person camera during it? Did you see Snake's childish grin of simple mischief?

    Take aim at the nest and shoot it down. Suddenly the guards have something else to worry about. Also, give Yoshi a lovetap, since he's clearly visible on top of that bridge post there.

    (3DS) Yoshi relives memories of Butter Bridge... being dropped so Mario can get a boost...

    They will return eventually but fortunately there's no new fauna here - there is a new gun though if you want it. Run across the bridge (careful with the gyro controls, just hit the Action Button to climb back up if you fall) then get a look at the alcove below the other end of the bridge. Get on the left side of the bridge (with the camera placed in such a way as to see the alcove and the end of the bridge) and drop over the edge on purpose.

    This will be a little tricky - press the Stance button to drop, and quickly hammer the Action Button to grab onto the ledge of the alcove. You'll then be able to maneuver into the alcove from there and pick up the XM16E1. There's also some Mk22 Bullets and Pentazemin. Pentazemin makes your aim steadier, but you don't have to worry about that unless you're sniping people.

    Now, take a look at the narrow path leading around the cliff face. Press up against the wall and shimmy over to the other side. Run up the path and head on out to Rassvet.


    (360) Don't worry about item collection until later...

    You don't need to worry at all about shooting Yoshi or collecting items right now, because you'll be given free reign of the place after a certain cutscene. So for now, focus on getting to Sokolov. You won't be able to enter his room when you're in Alert or Evasion phases, so don't get caught! Then again, you should already know this, right?

    Knock out the far guard first, then the closer one. Work your way around by the south wall carefully, you don't want to be seen. You want to get up on top of the roof as there's a ladder there and it'll give you an excellent vantage point from where you can see all the guards, but they can't see you.

    When you're on the roof you are literally on top of Sokolov. Walk left after the ladder (slowly, as you don't want to make noise and be found at the last second!), and then simply drop right in front of Sokolov's door to start the next cutscenes.

    There's also some of those Whistling-Thrushes up on the roof, in case you didn't get one in Dremuchij North. These are obviously easier to see.

    Cutscene Adventures: The Ocelot Gang

    Snake finds Sokolov burnin' some papers and interrupts the little bonfire. Sokolov is relieved to be able to finally leave, revealing that actually, those soldiers were sent by Khrushchev to protect Sokolov from a man known as Colonel Volgin, a radical separatist. Did we accidentally mess up? Apparently there's a power struggle in the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis and Kennedy's assassination, and Volgin's rallying to overthrow Khrushchev.

    Snake contacts Major Tom to let him know how he's getting on, and discovers that all contact with The Boss has been cut off. But right now, Snake needs to get Sokolov out of the Soviet Union.

    As Snake and Sokolov leave, they're surrounded by soldiers. Snake recieves some help from a familiar face, however - it's Ocelot! Looking much younger and moustache-less.

    Ocelot singlehandedly takes down all of the soldiers with a Makarov, even ricosheting a bullet to catch the one who foolishly thought he was safe. With that taken care of, Ocelot calls in his troops with a very ridiculous call and it looks like curtains for Snake and Sokolov... when Ocelot makes the wrong move. He mocks Snake's weapon and stance, not knowing that behind the unintimidating veil lies...

    CQC. Just as Ocelot prepares to finish Snake, he tries a fancy new gunfighting technique and jams his own gun.

    Using his CQC skills of pure concentrated badass, Snake takes down every single one of the Ocelot soldiers before taking out Ocelot himself. Snake decides to give him some sage advice, even telling him he's a revolver kind of guy, clearly. Hmm...

    After another call-back to the first game, Snake prepares to follow after Sokolov, who had run off in the confusion.

    After all the cutscene awesomeness is over you're standing in the middle of an Ocelot unit smorgasbord where none of them will wake up. Ever. Seriously, you can spend as long as you want in the area.


    Do not, do not, do not not not not not kill Ocelot. If you've played Metal Gear Solid, then you know why he has to live - he's a major player in MGS, and especially so in MGS2.

    Killing him will cause a time paradox - literally, the game will end and similarly to Snake's deaths, "Ocelot is dead" will gradually change to "Time Paradox." However, you'll also hear the voice of Colonel Campbell berating you for changing the future.

    If you want to cause a Time Paradox, because it's honestly really funny especially if you know how annoying Ocelot is in the other games, Save your game first. It'll put you right after the cutscene when you reload the file.

    Shoot the Yoshi on the shelves adjacent Sokolov's room, and collect any items you want (though I wouldn't waste too much time on that - you'll lose them just as quickly).

    (3DS) So you thought you could hide, did you?

    Shake down Ocelot and you'll get... a mousetrap. Save this for now. Find a place where you can crawl under the warehouse and get in there. Catch yourself a Rat. Once you've done this, drop the mousetrap you got from Ocelot in the middle of Sokolov's room and immediately leave for Dolinovodno.

    Cutscene Adventures: Betrayal

    Snake catches up to Sokolov only to notice, holy crap, that's a giant tank! It's the Shagohod, the secret project Sokolov's been forced to work on. It's a nuclear equipped tank that could mean the beginning of a new World War.

    As Snake ushers Sokolov across the bridge, a mysterious figure appears in the mist... it's The Boss, carrying two very large containers. She's defecting to the Soviet Union and demands Sokolov.

    Snake can't really do much about it though, as a swarm of bees carries a man down to pick Sokolov up and drop him in a helicopter. Before Snake really has a chance to say "How the hell does that even work?" The Boss calls out to the mystery men in the helicopter - it's the COBRA Unit, together again. As the rain kicks in, a ghostly figure appears next to The Boss... one that The Boss recognizes, but cannot actually see...

    And another man walks in out of the mists, sparking electricity, chanting the charm, "Kuwabaara." It's Colonel Volgin... and he's taking the containers The Boss dropped, which apparently contain recoil-less nuclear shells called Davy Crockets. The Boss wants Snake to have nothing to do with this, as he hasn't yet "found an emotion to carry into battle." She disassembles Snake's weapon and knocks him down in what seems like an instant. Though he fights back, he is quickly and brutally defeated by The Boss, having his arm broken for his trouble.

    As Volgin prepares to kill Snake, The Boss stops him. She reaches down for Snake... then pulls him into an elbow. Snake manages to grab her bandanna before being thrown off the bridge and into the rapids below.

    The Boss stays behind... telling him to go home... and sure enough, we see Snake, alive but certainly not well, washing up down-river. He gets a call from his support team, and Para-Medic runs him through the surgery procedures...

    After the brief tutorial on the Cure menu, open it up and get ready for some surgery! It's pretty simple stuff. Cuts need styptic, disinfectant, sutures, and a bandage, while broken bones need only a splint and bandage. It doesn't matter what order you use them in, but it is possible to waste supplies by using ones you don't really need.


    From this point on, Snake can sustain serious injuries and illnesses. Cuts and broken bones are only the start. Bullet wounds, burns, colds, indigestion, leeches, and poison - the jungle's dangerous and if you're not careful you end up taking on permanent damage. When a section of your health meter turns red, that means you've sustained a serious injury and your health will not recover in the red zone.

    You can resolve this issue by either saving and quitting for an extended period of time, or entering the Cure menu and treating the wound. Different wounds require different treatments. You get hints in the descriptions of the wounds. When the wound is cured, the permanent damage goes away.

    There is one benefit to sustaining serious injuries - ones that cause permanent damage and don't happen because of story reasons will slightly increase Snake's health meter. The more injuries you sustain the longer your health meter becomes as Snake becomes more resistant to damage.

    Cutscene Adventures: Warming Up a Cold War

    Snake's brutal beatdown leaving him broken, he notices the helicopters carrying the Shagohod away. In the helicopters, Ocelot contemplates his own beatdown before noticing a woman on board. Apparently Sokolov's lover, Volgin has the foresight to notice her lipstick is actually a Kiss of Death. He decides to keep her around... for now.

    However, Volgin's new Davy Crockets apparently need a test drive. As Ocelot objects, he fires a single rocket at Sokolov's research facility. As Snake waits for recovery, he witnesses the nuclear explosion firsthand.

    And with that... There's no way the Americans will be able to avoid having some talks with the Soviet Union...

    Might as well Save after that. And thus the famous intro begins... but it's not interactive anymore. Awwww. At least it's in-sync unlike the HD version...

    I'm still... in a dream... Snake Eater...

    End of the Virtuous Mission

    To be continued...