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    Yoshi Location Guide by yzman

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    Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D
    Yoshi Location Guide
    Author: Nick Scanlan
    GameFAQS User: Yzman
    Email: Yzman123@msn.com
    Copyright 2012 Nicholas Scanlan
    This guide was made strictly for GameFAQs and may be not be reproduced under 
    any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on 
    any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
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    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    I.   Introduction
    II.  Yoshi Location Walkthrough
    III. Frequently Asked Questions
    IV.  Conclusion
    Yoshi is the highly lovable green dinosaur found in many Mario games. What does
    Yoshi have to do with Metal Gear Solid you ask? Well he is hiding everywhere!
    In the original MGS3 for PS2 kerotan frogs were hidden throughout the different
    areas in the game. That feature is back for the 3DS remake however the frogs
    have been replaced with Yoshi. Now when I say replaced I do not mean to imply
    all of the frogs are in the same locations. All of the frogs are in fact in 
    different locations then the kerotan frogs previously were. That is the reason
    for this guide. All of these descriptions are my own. Most of these locations
    were found myself, however a few yoshi locations towards the end of the game
    were obtained from the GameFAQS message board users.
    Finding all of these Yoshis can be highly time consuming, even knowing exactly
    where they are. Do not attempt to find these if you are doing a timed run of
    the game ( such as a foxhound run). These should only be attempted when you
    have lots of time to kill in the game. With that warning aside, lets get to the
    II.  Yoshi Location Walkthrough
    1. Dremuchij South- As soon as the game starts, there should be cliffs to your 
    left and back. Yoshi is on the cliff however you will not be able to reach him
    without a gun. Go and retrieve your backpack and then head back here to shoot 
    the sucker.
    2. Dremuchij Swamp- Once you exit the swamp area, go north up the hill. When
    you are at the top, look to your right. Yoshi is sitting right there.
    3. Dremuchij North- Go to the North exit to the next area and then turn around.
    Now turn slightly right, you should see yoshi sitting on the top of of a tree
    4. Dolinovodno- As soon as you walk in, look at the top left of the bridge.
    Yoshi is on the top of the left post.
    5. Rassvet- Go to the large room in the middle of the compound. There will be
    an enemy there. Take him out and go to the back wall ( there is a life med here
    on normal difficulty.) Look to the right of the life med on the book shelf to
    find the hiding green dinosaur.
    6. Dremuchij East- As soon as you start off, look behind you and to the left.
    There is a bent branch. Yoshi is hiding in the leaves at the end of the branch.
    This yoshi can be hard to see but look at different angles or just shoot right
    into the leaves and you are bound to hit him.
    7. Dremuchij North- You know that crash wreckage that everyone wants to check
    out? Yeah well it landed right on yoshi. Yoshi is hiding underneath the wreck.
    8. Dremuchij Swamp- Didn't we already get a yoshi here you ask? You bet! But 
    that was so last mission! Go to the right and back a bit from the Dremuchij
    North entrance and you will find a little land piece with 2 alligators on it.
    Yoshi is hiding here behind the tree.
    9. Dremuchij South- Make sure to take a visit back to the game's starting place.
    Go back to the log you had to climb under and then climb under it. When you get
    out, look to your right to see another downed log you can jump over. Yoshi is
    on the cliff straight behind this log.
    10. Dolinovodno- After you cross the bridge again, look near the top of the
    cliffs to your right. Yoshi apparently likes rock climbing.
    11. Rassvet- In the building you will see a set of stairs. Climb the stairs to
    the top. There should be a set of canisters. Yoshi is between the canisters.
    12. Chyornyj Prud- Swim through the water until you get to the Northeast land,
    where you can exit near the trip wire. To the west of this land is a tree
    sticking out of the water. If you swim out and look at the west side of the
    tree, you will find yoshi hanging out underwater right near the tree.
    13. Bolshaya Past South- After climbing the tree over, you will come across
    a dog. Go to the left of the dog to encounter another electric fence. If you  
    look slightly to the right and up in a tree, yoshi is chilling between 2 
    branches. Shoot the sucker.
    14. Bolshaya Past Base- If you go inside the middle building there is a room
    with a desk and some beds. Yoshi is under the desk.
    15.Bolshaya Past Crevice- During the battle with Ocelot, yoshi is hiding behind
    the rock on the far right on Ocelot's side. Go to the far left of your side to
    be able to see it.
    16. Chyornaya Perschera Cave Branch- From the main part of the cave that has 3
     branches take the branch on the farthest left. Keep following this. You will 
    have to go on a narrow ledge over water, and crawl through some small openings.
    Eventually you will be lead to an area that has the night vision goggles and 
    Yoshi. Yoshi is right behind the pit and night vision goggles.
    17. Chyornaya Perschera Cave- When battling with the Pain there are 2 different
    platforms you can be on. Swim near the one opposite of the one you start on.
    The Yoshi will be located between the 2 rocks. If you are swimming near them
    you can't miss him.
    18. Chyornaya Perschera Cave Entrance- Carefully go inside the little room
    towards the middle of the cave ( be careful, it has 2 claymores). Once inside,
    turn towards the entrance of it and look up. Yoshi is on top.
    and shoot it.
    19. Ponizovje South- Shortly after the right side of the fork in the river, look
    up and to the right. Yoshi is once again mountain climbing on the cliffs.
    20. Ponizovje West- Go near the dock on the left side underwater. There is a 
    grating under the water against the wall and yoshi is hiding behind it. He sure
    loves hiding underwater.
    21. Ponizovje Warehouse Exterior-  Easy one. Right above the entrance to the
    warehouse is a ledge. Yoshi is hanging out on the ledge. Finish him.
    22. Ponizovje Warehouse- Go down to the warehouse floor and then look at the
    staircase that you need to get to. If you look WAY up high and to the right,
    yoshi is hiding up there. Bring him down a notch or two.
    23. Graniny Gorki South- Yoshi is on one of the branches of the tree directly
    in front of the exit to the next area.
    24. Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Walls- As soon as you enter the area,
    go to the right. Yoshi will be up and to the right hiding between some trees.
    25. Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls- Go in the Southwest corner of the
    area, near the trucks. Yoshi can be found on one of the concrete pillars.
    26. Graniny Gorki Lab 1F- Go to the east side of the building, near the stairs.
    There are some lockers with a Yoshi hiding pretty badly right on top of them.
    27. Graniny Gorki Lab B1 East- Climb under the beds in any open cell to find
    a passage. Climb through the tunnel to the dead end and you will be staring
    yoshi right in the butt.
    28. Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West- In the room with a scientist and the 
    handkerchief yoshi is sitting on a stand to the left of the room. Can't miss 
    him. You may want to punch this one since the scientist won't like you 
    29. Svyatogoryj South- Right before the exit, there is a tree to your left and
    right. Look up in the tree to the right and you will find Yoshi hanging out.
    30. Svyatogoryj West - When you enter this area, take the left path at the fork.
    Yoshi will be on a cliff to the left. He is about your level so should be easy
    to find.
    31. Svyatogoryj East - Go inside the main building and into the big middle room.
    Yoshi is behind the radio on the cabinets located in front of the big hole in 
    the wall. He is incredibly hard to see here. You can try wildly shooting or 
    using a wide ranging attack. You may be able to see him from the other side of
    the hole, but I have not had much luck with that.
    32. Sokrovenne South- Go behind the ammo shed and look towards it. Yoshi is
    behind it against the wall.
    33. Sokrovenne North -  Go the middle of the bottom of the area, where the 
    cliffs buldge out and you can either go to the east or west. If you start going
    on the west path you will find yoshi against the wall on the ground.
    34. Sokrovenne West - Get in the water and keep following the river north,
    climbing the waterfalls as you get to them. When you get to the last waterfall,
    you will find yoshi inside of it taking a bath. 
    35. Krasnogorje Tunnel - This one is strange in that its not even in the area
    per say. AS SOON AS you enter the area, turn around. Equip a gun with a bit of
    a scope and look towards the area you entered from. You will see yoshi resting
    against a tree. Sneaky green dino.
    36. Krasnogorje Mountain Base - As you get to the exit, look on the rocks to
    your left. Yoshi is rock climbing once again.
    37. Krasnogorje Mountain Side- Keep climbing up the mountain. You will reach
    a part where a branch brakes off to the left with an enemy on your left. 
    Instead, continue straight and you will reach a cliff. Look down and you will 
    see yoshi and an item. Try to hit yoshi from atop the cliff otherwise if you go
    down you will need to reclimb up some of the mountain you have already done.
    38. Krasnogorje Mountaintop- Go to the armory ( first building you see). When
    at the entrance to it, turn around. Yoshi is on the cliff right across from 
    39. Krasnogorje Mountaintop: Behind Ruins - Admire the great view. Oh and bust
    out your sniper rifle, look at that tower right in front of you, go down to the
    bottom rung of it and shoot the little jerk yoshi hiding there.
    40. Krasnogorje Mountaintop Ruins- As soon as you enter from behind the ruins,
    look at the boarded up window to your left. Yoshi is hiding behind the boards.
    41. Groznyj Grad Underground Tunnel - Go down the stairs, through the hallway
    and then go to the left a bit. Look up and you will see 2 pipes. Equip your
    sniper and look between the pipes. That is where yoshi is hiding.
    42. Groznyj Grad Southwest - Look at the different buildings for number 67. If
    you look at the small divide in the middle of it you will find yoshi near the
    43. Groznyj Grad Northwest - Go under the bridge connecting the two buildings,
    turn around and then look up at the bridge and to the left. Yoshi is hiding 
    44. Groznyj Grad Northeast -  Go all the way to the far NE of the area and you
    will see a building. Near the building is an uncovered grating. Crawl through
    the grating and you will eventually come across yoshi at the first fork.
    45. Groznyj Grad Southeast- Take the grating from GG NE ( see 44) and crawl 
    into GG SE. If you keep following the tunnel you will come across yoshi hiding
    behind a grating on the left yet again.
    46. Groznyj Grad Torture Room - In Groznyj Grad SE is the room where you will
    later be tortured. I would reccomend visiting this now as opposed to when you
    are forced to be there. Go into the office and yoshi is hiding right under the
    47. Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing - Go into the room next to the locker
    room where you store Raikov's body. Its the room at the top of the stairs. 
    Yoshi is on top of the bookcase.
    48. Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: West Wing Corridor- As you enter this area look
    out of the window to your left but only slightly. Yoshi is to the NW on top of
    a spotlight. He can be hard to see. To get this yoshi I would recommend using
    a sniper and the stealth camo or first take out the guards ( using the mask you
    can do nearly anything to them) and then snipe it like normal.
    49. Tikhogornyj- After you climb over the river on the log and start to head
    north again, keep going straight and you will reach a log blocking the river.
    Yoshi is on the ground behind this log.
    50. Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall- In the room with the ladder, look up and to
    the left to see Yoshi chilling on the pipes.
    51. Shagohod Hanger-  BEFORE planting all of the C3, make your way up to the
    platform that goes around the shagohod. You must be very sneaky to do this. At
    the top yoshi will be hiding behind a yellow guard rail. Take him out. You will
    not be able to revisit this area after you blow it up, so make sure to get him
    52. Groznyj Grad B1 - During the Volgin fight, look a level above you. Yoshi
    is in the top left corner. Try to shoot this yoshi during the first few seconds
    of the Volgin fight so you don't have to worry about him attacking you. Another
    way to do it is to put on the Mask, this will distract Volgin and he will not
    try to attack you for a bit.
    53. Groznyj Grad- At the start of the chase, equip a sniper rifle. THIS IS THE
    HARDEST YOSHI IN THE GAME TO EVEN FIND. Yoshi is on top of a red tower. Even 
    with the sniper rifle, he is STILL hard to see. EVA will stop occasionally 
    giving you a slight chance to shoot at it. How I did it was as soon as I found
    it I rapidly shot towards it with the SVD. You may see it move but its hard to
    hear if you actually hit it. I recommend saving on each part of these runway
    chases to ensure you get all of the yoshis. Use the fruit camo to determine if
    you actually hit this thing. ( see the FAQ if you are unfamiliar with the fruit
    54. Groznyj Grad Runway South - This yoshi is on a forklift to your left that
    comes up rather quickly when EVA first stops. In order to give you a bit
    more time to take it out, wait for a group of soldiers to come up and then 
    leave at least 2 of them. EVA will then pause at this area longer, giving you a 
    chance to shoot yoshi. You can attempt this yoshi when EVA stops the first or 
    second time, but I recommend doing the second time, you will be a lot closer to
    55. Groznyj Grad Runway- Another hard one. During this chase you will make a 
    left and start heading towards a plane. Face forward and there will be signs on
    your right. There should be a little road that breaks off to the right, yoshi 
    is on the sign right after this road. You can either try to blow the thing up 
    with an RPG or the sniper rifle. Make sure you saved before hand because this 
    is another hard one to get.
    56. Groznyj Grad Runway (part 2)- Another hard one. I am beginning to sense a
    pattern. Face the shagohod and the bikes that are chasing you. There will be
    signs to your left this time. Yoshi is on one of these signs. Try your best to
    snipe him. This one is quite difficult. It comes up rather quickly. Make sure
    you saved before hand because you will probably miss this one quite a few 
    57. Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge- Finally a slightly easier one. The hardest ones
    are over. Yoshi is on the opposite side of the bridge, on top of one of the
    supports. Try to hit him early on because you are timed on this part. If you
    still can't find him he is to the right and up of the right side explosive, on
    normal difficulty.
    58. Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge Shagohod Battle- This one isn't too bad. Yoshi is
    on the building that has the red antenna. Yoshi is towards the bottom of the
    antenna, near the legs of it. This one may be easier to get during the second 
    part of the battle when you are off the bike however you can get it during 
    either one.
    59. Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge North- When EVA yells, "It's an ambush!" You will
    enter a circular area. To the left is a truck. Yoshi is on the top of the 
    truck. This one goes by fairly fast and you don't get a good straight view of 
    it for long so I would recommend trying to hit it with an automatic weapon. 
    RPG could also work if you can aim it fast enough.
    60. Lazorevo South - Despite being chased, face forward at the beginning. This
    yoshi will come up rather quickly slightly to the left. He is in front of a 
    rock. Use the RPG or an automatic weapon to hit him easily.
    61. Lazorevo North- After you cross over some water, there is a rock on the 
    left that comes up very quickly. Yoshi is right in front of it.
    62. Zaozyorje West- After the cutscene where the troops start to follow & track
    you, you will be able to take 2 paths. Take the narrow path and eventually you
    will come across a log you have to cross over a gorge. Look down into the gorge
    to the left and you will find yoshi doing what he does best, mountain climbing.
    63. Zaozyorje East- Near the exit of this area there is a tree to the right. 
    Yoshi is hiding on the branch of this tree high up. Take out all of the men in
    this area before you attempt going after this yoshi. To get a better view of 
    him you probably want to be away from the exit, around the middle of the area.
    64. During the battle with the boss, go to the right side of the area, a bit
    south of the middle of the wall. Look South at the tops of the trees. Yoshi is
    on one of those trees.
    Congrats! Hopefully you have found all of the yoshis. You can confirm that you
    got them all if you are awarded the Yoshi rank at the end of the game.  If you
    are still having trouble with something, see the FAQ section.
    III.   Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Getting all of these Yoshis seems tedious and pointless! What is the point?
    Getting all of the yoshis will get you the stealth camo. There are also other
    ways of getting the stealth camo, so if you already have it, yoshis are 
    basically only for completion's sake ( and the ranking).
    2. Is there anyway of telling what Yoshis I have gotten?
    Unfortunately there is not an easy way of telling which yoshis you have gotten
    or a count of how many you have gotten. The easiest way to know you have them 
    all is if you get the ranking at the end. There is a way to determine if you 
    have the yoshi of a particular area though if you are in that area, see below.
    3. What is the fruit camo and how do I use it?
    The fruit camo is a camo you can find in Chynoryj Prud and replaces the Ga-Ko
    camo in this game. While this camo is nearly useless as a camo, it is helpful 
    for finding yoshis. Here is what to do. Equip the camo in an area that you 
    believe you have gotten the yoshi. Press start to go to the survival viewer and 
    then exit it. When you exit the survival viewer, if there is still a yoshi you 
    haven't gotten you will hear a yoshi sound, similar to the one you hear when 
    you shoot one. If you hear nothing, that means there is no yoshis left in that 
    area. If you do hear a sound and are having trouble finding the Yoshi, the 
    sound actually will pinpoint you to the general direction of the Yoshi. The 
    louder the noise,the closer he is. Not that you will have to use that, you have
    this FAQ after all.
    IV. Conclusion
    I hope this guide has proved useful. If you find any errors in my guide or just
    wish to comment, please feel free to email me at yzman123@msn.com. I will also
    clarify anything that is not clear.

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