• Figurine Passwords

    Codes must be entered case-sensitve in the Figure Collection Menu

    jeNbhRXbFRBronze Lv6 Adon
    tvfsYAPbDoGold Lv6 Ibuki
    wRqsWklbxTGolden Abel Figurine
    DmdkeRvbxcGolden Blanka Figurine
    zAAkcHVbHkGolden Chun-Li Figurine
    kGzstOybxsGolden Gen figurine
    qeJkznDbKEGolden Guile Figurine
    PkwkDjqbjaGolden Lv. 7 Seth
    CgIsQNWbHu (I = uppercase i)Golden M.Bison Figurine
    nnhksyvbZyGolden Rufus Figurine
    KjckTnSbwKGolden Ryu Figurine
    hinsVnebTuGolden Zangief Figurine
    QWzkDXWbeHLevel 7 Silver Sagat
    hjekwnEbxGObtain a Platinum Level 7 Chun-Li Figurine
    xopknDzbqSPlatinum C. Viper
    dfukkvGbdtPlatinum Cammy Figurine
    DaRkBPubLfPlatinum Dee Jay
    mhikghwbsfPlatinum El Fuerte Figurine
    MzisXzabBFPlatinum Fei Long Figurine
    AjtsAbWbBDPlatinum Guy
    DPrkMnybCdPlatinum Level 7 Ryu
    ATjbYbObruPlatinum Lv6 Cody
    EebkxqWbYJPlatinum M.Bison
    RYSsPxSbThSilver Akuma Figurine
    PqUswOobWGSilver Balrog Figurine
    tLWkWvrblzSilver Chun-Li Figurine
    naMkEQgbQGSilver Cody Figurine
    rDRkkSIbqS (l = uppercase i)Silver Dan Figurine
    uUDsTlmbUNSilver E. Honda Figurine
    awvbqIDbWd (upper case i)Silver Gouken Figurine
    ilMsRBabpBSilver Ibuki Figurine
    OfQkARpbJRSilver Juri Figurine
    NyosHgybuWSilver Ken Figurine
    ZRhsNTMbIA (upper case i)Silver Lv. 6 Dudley
    rLPbyLgbUySilver Lv. 6 Hakan
    tWEsvzubizSilver LV. 7 T. Hawk Figurine
    GHakWCTbslSilver Makoto Figurine
    GKkkXXtbSeSilver Rose Figurine
    uzTsXzIbKn (I = uppercase i)Silver Sakura Figurine
    uQHkWgYbJCSpecial Akuma Figurine
    evSkTnQbwQSpecial Cammy
    vvlbccVbMkSpecial Juri Figurine
    BuykPjdbFbSpecial Lv. 6 Chun-Li
    imMbAAcbPHSpecial Lv. 6 Ryu
    JKbsOVHbVCUnlock Silver Lv. 5 Dhalsim


  • Character Icons and Titles

    To unlock character specific icons and titles you must clear Arcade mode under certain circumstances and complete each unique character's set of trials.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Blue Character TitleClear Arcade with the character on any difficulty.
    Character Icon #1Complete any trial with the character.
    Character Icon #2Complete 8 different trials with the character.
    Character Icon #3Complete 16 different trials with the character.
    Character Icon #4Complete all trials with the character.
    Gold Character Title #1Complete 12 different trials with the character.
    Gold Character Title #2Complete 14 different trials with the character.
    Gold Character Title #3Complete 18 different trials with the character.
    Gold Character Title #4Complete 20 different trials with the character.
    Gold Character Title #5Complete 22 different trials with the character.
    Red Character TitleClear Arcade with the character on the hardest difficulty.
    Silver Character Title #1Complete 2 different trials with the character.
    Silver Character Title #2Complete 3 different trials with the character.
    Silver Character Title #3Complete 4 different trials with the character.
    Silver Character Title #4Complete 6 different trials with the character.
    Silver Character Title #5Complete 10 different trials with the character.

    Contributed By: MBBDarigon.

  • Medal List

    When you perform a specific in game task, you will earn one of these medals.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Absolute PerfectionLauren's waiting, so how about you finish your fights quickly and get 30 Perfects. Sound good?
    All ClearTo get strong takes lots of fighting! Clear Arcade Mode on Medium or higher with all characters!
    Barrel of LaughsNo need for barrels without oil! Score 110,000 points or more in the Barrel Buster bonus stage.
    Battle MasterOnly winners can attain such beauty. Win 30 matches against another player and I may share my secrets.
    Bring It On!No comrade, this will not do! We must become stronger, for our fans! Fight 100 matches against another player!
    Clear HeadedHey! Got time to kill? Try to clear Arcade Mode on Medium or higher! That's all you gotta do!
    Dan the ManIf you think you're all that, then collecting 100 Figures should be a stroll in the park, right?!
    Endless LobbyistIt's only natural for warriors to seek fights! Confront somebody you've never met before!
    Endless TenThrow away your fears and focus on the fight! Win 10 3D matches in a row against another player.
    EntitledA Title does not tell all of a man, sir, but if I were to see one Title, I'd want them all…
    Extra! Extra!Battle requires courage! Train by using your EX Gauge to successfully land 100 EX Moves!
    Fashion PlateLinin' up all of my Figures, now that's a great feline'! Don't stop till you get the whole crew together!
    First TimerI'll never forget my first time for Ryu's sake! Win one match against another player! Gotta aim for the top!
    FivepeatThis is your real power, child? Show me it's not luck by winning 5 matches in a row against another player!
    From C to Shining CYou think you're good, don't you? Prove it by ranking up all characters to C Rank against another player!
    Go FigureClimbers climbs mountains because they're there! And collectors collect Figures because they're there! But can you collect all 300 of 'em!?
    Good StartAll of nature must withstand a trial. You must clear 10 trials in Trial Mode to succeed.
    Hard TimesTo escape death is to beat the strongest of the strong. Finish Arcade Mode on Hardest, kid!
    Herculean EffortCan you finish Arcade Mode on Medium or higher without using a continue? Show me you can!
    IconoclastOh my gosh, those Icons are so adorable! Don-chan and I gotta catch 'em all!
    In Search of AnswersWatching 2 CPU opponents go at it can be fun! And you can even learn a thing or two!
    It BeginsThe fight starts here! Set your Title and Icon, and begin fighting!
    It Takes FocusYour mission, should you wish to join Delta Red, is to connect with 100 Focus Attacks!
    Keep On Truckin'If you want to see the fight from a different perspective, playing a 3D Versus Match against another player is for you!
    Legendary FighterI shall make you the right hand of Shadaloo if you can win 100 matches!
    Long Time No SeeDo you wish for defeat? If so, complete Arcade Mode on Hardest difficulty and beat Gouken!
    Medal CollectorAttain all Medals! The path of the warrior demands this from those who walk on it!
    Moving On UpYa need to do anything to reach the top of the food chain! let's see you rank up against another player!
    Now You C Me...I wrestle only the strong! You shall rank up to C Rank against another player if you wanna face me, comrade!
    Oh! My Car!Hee hee, destruction is so much fun! Score 80,000 points or more in the Car Buster bonus stage!
    Quarter UpFight 30 opponents via Arcade Fight Request. It's be easy with the right bait, hee hee.
    Rival SchooledSee your future by clearing every Rival Battle on Medium or higher with every character.
    Road to VictoryYou wanna get that fight money? You're gonna have to win 10 matches against another player, sucka!
    Special MovementDo a Special Move 100 times! If you're a true student of the Rindo-kan dojo, it's your duty!
    Speed FreakFinish each round in Arcade Mode on Medium or higher in 20 seconds or less. Too easy.
    SunspotterAmigo, perform 365 Super or Ultra Combo finishes against your opponents! The dawn is coming!
    Super, Man!To battle is to win a fight with overwhelming strength! Show me you can do 100 Super Combos.
    Superior SuperTrust your instincts and winning will come easy. Let's begin with 50 Super Combo finishes!
    Team MateWin a StreetPass Battle, and you will learn that teamwork can help you become stronger!
    Team PlayerA 1-on-1 fight is fun, but it's more fun on a team! Try fighting in a StreetPass Battle!
    TeamworkerA pro can win with any team. Win 10 StreetPass Battles!
    TenpeatDon't hold back your true potential! Win 10 matches in a row against another player!
    This Is Madness!Fighting is fun, huh? Well then, let's aim for 300 matches against another player, OK buddy?
    Three for the RoadIn the pursuit of strength one must have a goal! Win 3 3D matches in a row against another player.
    ThreepeatYou think being this good is easy? Let's see you win 3 matches in a row against another player!
    Trial AthleteI shall assimilate all and be all-powerful! Clear all Trial Mode challenges, and so can you!
    Trial of TrialsThere is no shortcut in the art of Yoga. Aim to clear any character's Trial Mode trials!
    Ultimate UltraCandy always says you gotta win with style, so go out there and perform 50 Ultra Combo finishes!
    Ultra, Man!If yer gonna fight, give it your all, pal. Performing 100 Ultra Combos oughta do it, eh?
    Worldly WarriorLet's do this, amigo! Fight 50 matches against another player, because that's the only way to become strong!

    Contributed By: Shellshock.


  • Fight Akuma

    In order to make the master of the satsu no hado appear, you must beat arcade mode without continuing and recieve at least one perfect. After you defeat Seth, Akuma will appear to challenge you. Defeat him and you will recieve the "Akuma Killer" title.

    Contributed By: Master_Grinch.

  • Fight Gouken in Arcade mode

    Gouken will appear after the battle with Seth. -Do not lose a single round -Perform 5 Super or Ultra Combo Finishes. -Score 2 Perfect Rounds. -Connect 10 "First Hits.

    Contributed By: orestes1981.

  • Fight Your 2nd Rival (Arcade Mode)

    During Arcade Mode, when "Fight Your Rival" flashes on to the screen, hold the R button. When the match starts, you'll fight your character's 2nd Rival. (Example, instead of fighting Sagat in Ryu's Arcade Mode, you'll fight Ken)

    Contributed By: SonictheEchidna and Mahlaz4r.

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