Negatives to time traveling?

  1. In the old games, time traveling would mess up events so that characters like Gracie or Gulliver wouldn't show up for awhile. Is that the same in the new game?

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    TheFades - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Villagers moving away,flowers wilting and dying, cockroaches in your house( if you time travel to far) village being overrun with weeds those are the downsides to time travel, although the weeds,flowers dying and the cockroaches problem can be solved by enacted the beautiful town ordinance I believe

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Other Answers

  1. also according to Joan, turnips spoil if any sort of time travelling goes on

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  2. This is from the Time Travelling Guide from IGN:

    Villagers may move away faster if they are neglected for periods of time. They may even move out before you have a chance to talk them out of it!
    When Time traveling for long periods, villagers may even forget you! They may like you less as a result
    Weeds will increase throughout the town at an alarming rate! Flowers may also die, and any planted trees will also disappear.
    Your mailbox may become stuffed, and any other mail will not be able to be received.
    Any turnips bought will immediately go bad, negating the benefits of the Stalk Market.
    The players house will become infested with cockroaches. And nobody likes cockroaches.
    Your character will emerge from his/her house with a serious bedhead - which may be a good thing if that's your style.
    Rapid time traveling may take away from appeal of the game relating to real life.

    The link to the Time Travelling Guide is

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