How do I get a villager to move out?

  1. This animal moved DIRECTLY infront of my house, blocking it's view. :(

    Is there a way to get an animal to move out from your town?


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    csbry - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. PART2 of 2
    (the limit is 4,000 chars apparently...)

    Things that WON'T work:

    --Complaining in the Town Hall...
    The reason why that was even PUT in the Town Hall, is to NOT make a villager mad, it's to simply rid the individual of imperfections(other than their faces) that they may have picked up....and sometimes it's little distasteful (butsometimesfunny) flares,bells, and whistles that someone from another town may have enacted.
    so, in other words, it's a way to make the town free of bad things that lil' kids might see while online OR if you just flat out hate the way that heart patterned shirt fits on Wart Jr. ...

    Examples of of each complaint there:

    ---'His/Her language is rude.'
    Changes Puddles catchphrase that you or your bros put as ('NARF NARF!' or 'FALLLCOOON PAWWWNCH!') back to her default phrase to "splish".

    ---'His/Her clothes are wrong.'
    "OMG MONTY WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!" *snaps photo*....

    Well it's turns out, you designed a pink lace shirt with a bow in the middle that looks like it has a low neckline in human skin color...or somebody else did...and put it in the Able Sisters for all to wear...OR SIMPLY 'cause he got a knit sweater from Kody and it just looks STUPID. This complaint will make Monty get rid of the shirt and find his original/default 'Blue Pinstripe Shirt' at the bottom of his dirty, dust bunny infested, mothball haven closet.

    ---'He/She has a naughty letter.'
    "Oh Pinky, of course! I'd love to see your letter that so-and-so gave to yo-"

    *Pinky takes out letter*

    *censsored* Pinky,
    *bleepitybloopcensores*an Apple just simply isn't a
    *cennnssored-cen-cen* big enough payment for that
    *bleepin* Potty I gave *censsserdddd* you! *BLEEPITY
    BLEEP BLEEEPPPPPP* I can get a PERFECT Apple right
    next to my house in case you didn't notice!
    Love (name). P.S. *BLANK* you! and have a nice day! :)

    " yeah...niice friend ya got there, Pinky."

    This complaint will tell make Pinky stop showing that letter to everyone(and hopefully, out from underneath her pillow).

    and if you don't like them...
    ---DO NOT visit a friends town (or vice versa) once he/she is ready to move...they'll go into that town! (...I mean if that's your create havoc in that town.....jk!)


    Trees and Flowers ALONE won't prevent villagers from moving in RIGHT on top of them!!! You might have noticed that when picking the location of YOUR house, you were given (mostly) free will, and were able to mercilessly smash those flowers and wreck those trees just for the space for your house?

    ("My hybrids and newly planted perfect cherry trees were toast! Gee, thanks, Tank." :((( )

    the solution you ask?
    Town Projects!!!
    Put them in places you don't want them pesky villagers to go!
    Like a...fountain! Or...maybe Lightposts! Or the Reset Center!
    (<<<I really don't think they'll wanna go on top of /THAT/!)

    Overall, I really hope this helps and informs you on how to prevent a terrible crisis (No, seriously, I feel your pain...) such as this...from happening again!

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Other Answers

  1. Hit them with nets, turn down their requests, and report them to Isabelle, that should work.

    User Info: OniIchimaru

    OniIchimaru - 4 years ago 2 0
  2. Then plant trees below your house so no one else can move back in.

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  3. PART 1 of 2

    DIRECTLY?!?! (You mean like 1-2 spaces away from the doorway? :0 Goodness!)

    Even if not, the 'new villager system' (where they just move in where ever they like, instead of 'set' locations) is VERY QUESTIONABLE. (/nintendooo/)

    AS for solving the problem, you may:
    --Hit them with tools (They are most responsive to NETS...B) )

    --Actually ACCEPT their requests... (ONLY CERTAIN ONES! Like delivering packages), ...but mess it up!
    If Tiffany asks you to give a present to Truffles, and you don't like her, be mean! OPEN IT UP and keep it for yourself! If it's a nastiful shirt , wear it! (okwelldon'tWEARthenastifulshirtbutyougetit) +Don't forget to TELL her that you didn't deliver the present (and that she has a terrible taste in style!).
    (CAUTION: This may ruin your friendship with the recipient of the gift though, I'm not 100% sure, but still I'm pretty sure it won't do MUCH.))

    --Something that isn't as effective, but less time consuming as above, just flat REJECT the request. ("I mean really Tiff?! Truffles is RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! It's not like she's in space!!!')

    --If they ask to come over, if they want to walk with you to a location, if they want to come to your house, say NO!

    --Push them! GET OUTTA MY WAY!

    --Send them mean letters! (But watch out with the content, villagers ACTUALLY show off their letters quite FREQUENTLY. The villager could also move to another town of ANYONES and show it off!)

    AS A BONUS (TO THE ABOVE): you could send GARBAGE or a PITFALL SEED to them........(and if you're lucky, they might not understand the concepts of items and send something back, like, fruit, back! I'm serious, it's happened to me before!)

    --Reject their requests for playing Hide-And-Go-Seek.
    "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

    --If you can't STAND them, you can also just flat out ignore them...they feel bad after a bit, and sometimes want to move.

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