Reset Surveillance Center?

  1. Hello, I built the reset Surveillance center and it's just a manhole in the ground. I have tried finding a way to open it and I can't. How do I go inside? Did I waste 348,000 bells?

    User Info: Threebdog

    Threebdog - 4 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. The Reset Surveillance Center is only open after specific conditions.
    Basically, to have it open it needs to rain one day and not rain the next day for it to open at 8:00 pm.

    Scenario: Monday it is raining in my town. Tuesday (if it doesn't rain) the manhole will be open around 8pm. Just walk up to it like any other building and you will jump inside. Once you leave the center it will close again.

    User Info: lj_sephiroth

    lj_sephiroth (Expert) - 4 years ago 2 0


  1. You can only enter the Reset Center after 8:00pm... And it is *not* open every night. Just keep checking each night and eventually it'll be open to you.

    User Info: AngryInconnu

    AngryInconnu - 4 years ago 1 1

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