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    Hybrid Flower Guide by Dork_Vader

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    New Leaf Hybrid Genetics
    The main difficulty with getting the more rare hybrids seems to arise
    from not keeping careful track of the specific parent combinations 
    required when making the "special" versions of normal colors.
    Calling the red roses needed for blue roses "hybrid red" or 
    "special red" or "red+" or "red*" can lead to confusion when you 
    don't understand that there are several possible ways to breed a 
    red with different color parents, but only one of those combinations 
    will produce the red necessary for breeding blue roses.
    Hence I prefer to use this terminology: 
    [**]Color where the ** are the first letters of the parent colors. 
    [XX]Color means the parents can be of any color including store bought seeds.
    Blue roses:
    [XX]White + [XX]White = [WW]Purple
    [XX]Red + [XX]Yellow = [RY]Orange
    [RY]Orange + [WW]Purple = [OP]Red
    [OP]Red + [OP]Red = [RR]Blue
    Notes: [OP]Red + [OP]Red can produce [RR]Red offspring, which can NOT make 
    [RR]Blue [RY]Orange and [WW]Purple can be bred with others of the same color.
    The resulting [OO]Orange and [PP]Purple offspring are slightly better at 
    producing [OP]Red offspring. 
    The reason for this is the reduced range of outcomes:
    [OP]Orange, [OP]Yellow, [OP]White, [OP]Purple, [OP]Red 
    [OP]Orange, [OP]Purple, [OP]Red
    Purple pansies:
    [XX]White + [XX]White = [WW]Blue
    [XX]Red + [XX]Yellow = [RY]Orange
    [XX]Red + [WW]Blue = [RB]Red
    [RY]Orange + [WW]Blue = [OB]Orange
    Unusually, pansies have several possible pairings which result in purple:
    [RB]Red + [RB]Red = [RR]Purple
    [OB]Orange + [OB]Orange = [OO]Purple
    [RB]Red + [WW]Blue = [RB]Purple
    [OB]Orange + [WW]Blue = [OB]Purple
    Notes: The red offspring of [RB]Red pairs or orange offspring of [OB]Orange 
    pairs will not be useful for breeding purple, however second generation blue, 
    written as [BB]Blue, will work fine.
    Placement to maximize daily hybrid chances is the final key to covering your 
    town in pretty hybrids.
    Make sure there are no possible breeding pairs in the non-beach sections of 
    town, as your animals will water flowers randomly while using beautiful 
    ordinance, which should definitely be on if you're trying to breed hybrids. 
    I presume that other ordinances limit you to 2 hybrids per day as a "default" 
    Either move all non-interesting flowers to a secluded part of your beach, 
    or cover any adjacent squares with non-compatible flowers, patterns, trees, 
    fruit, or anything else which will keep you from getting three brand new 
    useless pink roses thanks to your villagers being "helpful" and watering 
    a patch of reds.
    Now find a section of the beach with no animal houses nearby and no ramp 
    nearby, ideally one that you have never seen an animal roaming around on.
    If you haven't been buying fertilizer daily after getting your final store 
    upgrade, begin doing so, as the golden shovel (obtained after buying 
    50 fertilizer bags) seems to add another possible hybrid per day when it is 
    used to bury fertilizer, while fertilizer by itself also seems to add one 
    possible hybrid slot per day, giving the best possible outcomes as below:
    3 per day with beautiful ordinance
    4 per day with fertilizer and beautiful ordinance
    5 per day with fertilizer buried with golden shovel and beautiful ordinance
    I have yet to see more than 5 hybrids in one day, and I don't think it is 
    guaranteed to get 5, it simply adds a good chance to get another hybrid 
    slot when you use the golden shovel to bury fertilizer.
    Now, opinions will vary on the "best" layout, but if you are trying to 
    maximize the odds of a specific group breeding specific offspring, I have 
    yet to find a better arrangement than this:
    # is an empty square
    O is a parent flower
    f is fertilizer
    # O # O #
    O # O # O
    # O f O #
    O # O # O
    # O # O #
    This layout has the fertilizer adjacent to four flowers, and each of those 
    four are adjacent to four flowers. There are more than 5 possible breeding 
    pairs, allowing for up to 5 new hybrids, while allowing enough open space 
    for the offspring to spawn.

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