Does anyone know what time the dlc costumes come out?

  1. For U S help me out here thank.

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    kevin19k - 6 years ago

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  1. From Giant Bomb thread:

    Thought I would share this since the costumes are a one day thing. Just got this SpotPass message and I thought I would share the schedule for the costumes. Please note that this is for the NA version of the game. I'm not sure about other territories.

    5/24 (Tue.) - Kasumi
    5/25 (Wed.) - Ayane
    5/26 (Thu.) - Kokoro
    5/27 (Fri.) - Lei Fang
    5/28 (Sat.) - Tina
    5/29 (Sun.) - La Mariposa
    5/30 (Mon. - Hitomi

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  1. For anyone interested, the European costume release dates are/have been:

    20/5 (Fri.) - Kasumi
    21/5 (Sat.) - Ayane
    22/5 (Sun.) - Kokoro
    23/5 (Mon.) - Lei Fang
    24/5 (Tue.) - Tina
    25/5 (Wed.) - La Mariposa
    26/5 (Thu.). - Hitomi

    It then goes on to say that new costumes are scheduled each day, so I assume that week 1 is for female characters, week 2 for male characters, and then maybe random after that.
    But I guess we'll see.

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  2. I think by time he meant what time does the DLC change each day?

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  3. I don't know if it changes for time zone so just to be safe I'll state that I'm in eastern time zone. Anyways, for me the DLC seems to be uploaded at about 3pm. When I play at 2 pm, nothing downloads. But then when I get back home at about quarter after 3, then it will download. Hopefully this helps.

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  4. At least on the West coast, the DLC streaming begins around 10am all the way till 9am the next day(right before they send out the next DLC costume the next hour to continue the cycle.) Also note that the data streaming ranges during all times of the day. Some might get it exactly at 10am or you might not get it till 4pm. I've had both occasions happen myself...

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