Review by bigheadkid45

"THis game is fun and hard. very challenging as well"

Mario Kart 7 is an amazing game. I have heard too many people bashing the game because there's no VS mode. Get over it. Liking the fact some of the tracks are not snake friendly either which is a big plus IMO.

Difficulty level was upped on 100cc but that's what makes it more fun and challenging. I'm currently staying in each cc until I have a 3star in each cup. The pain of having ten coins and keeping first place is insane. The new tracks are great and the fact that there is now TWO not one but TWO rainbow roads is driving me insane to no amounts in both a good AND bad way. Because we all know your not pro unless you can 1st place rainbow road without falling off once.

Item wise its nothing new other than the tail, the flower, and the lucky 7. Your most likely to be using the tail especially since we all know we're going to be in first place the majority of the time (except in 150cc) . It's not that useful of an item unless you like to just watch it swing around with no shells coming at you, no enemy karts next to you, or banana peels in front of you to sweep away. the flower is roughly 3-5 seconds worth of you spamming the fireballs either in front or back of you. It works the same as a peel meaning it causes karts to slip and spin. range is actually pretty good on this but still nowhere near red shell good. the lucky 7 item is good but if the other karts touch you than they pick up the effects of whichever item they touched. plus you use the item that's directly in front of you which is rather hard since they are circling around you and your busy watching the road. Coins are actually the only annoying thing I find about the gameplay. I enjoy customizing the karts, wheels and glider a lot. Now if only we can CHOOSE which category to unlock each time we get 50 coins.

The online play from what I've seen is pretty darn good (have yet to go on because I'm still getting my butt kicked in 100cc). I like how we can challenge other people's ghosts through streetpass and we no longer need to link up to actually get that data. The community looks to be amazing so far as well.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/06/11

Game Release: Mario Kart 7 (US, 12/04/11)

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