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  1. Does anyone know where the three pieces of the Tablet in 2-5 and Thing required to remove the sandstorm in 2-4?

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    AgentEmerald - 5 years ago

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  1. To get one Tablet Piece, go to World 2-1. There is a hill there that is spewing with sand and Pokeys before the big pyramid area. Go to the top of the hill and jump down south to a hidden area. Down here, jump between the two striped cacti and sink into the sand to find a hidden area. Easily reachable in the top-left corner is a chest with one Tablet Piece.

    The next Tablet Piece is in World 2-2. Go along to the Comet Piece, then continue west into the head of the Sphinx. Go to the west end of this room and ascend the stairs. As you enter the next room, go due east to find a hidden area. In that area, hammer the wall on the left, which will fall and make a ramp. Use the ramp and hammer the wall on the left until a panel falls out. Go outside and down the Sphinx's nose. You'll battle Kamek, then you'll see the chest. It has a Tablet Piece.

    The final Tablet Piece is in World 2-4. You'll need the Faucet and Vacuum Stickers - they are found in World 1-3 and the Surfshine Harbor, initially, respectively, but you'll need to use the Sling-a-Thing in Decalburg to make the sticker.. Go along the wind until you see the whirlwind distinctly. Paperize and install the Vacuum Sticker to stop the whirlwind. Go north to the next area when the whirlwind subsides, then paperize and put in the Faucet Sticker. Afterwards, enter the house and examine the cabinet on the right. You'll find a chest, inside which you'll find the third Tablet Piece.

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  1. The 3 pieces are in 2-1, 2-2, and 2-4. You will need the vacuum from the harbor to remove the sandstorm.

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  2. You will also need the Faucet from world 1-3? (I think that is the level) in the same level you use the vacuum on to replace the water the vacuum sucked up.

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  3. The pieces are in 2-1, 2-2, and 2-4. You will need the vacuum to remove the whirlwind. Once you get in, use the faucet to restore the oasis.

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  4. First use a vacuum where the twister is. (You can find it in the harbor) After that, use a faucet sticker to fill the pond. Then go into the house. Look in the cabinet, and you'll find one. Then leave the oasis and read the sign you couldn't read before. It will say to sink in sand between to STRIPED cacti in world 2-1. Do just that, and complete the puzzle in that room it takes you to, and get another piece. Then go to world 2-2 where the yoshi sphinx is. Go up to the comet piece, but don't get it. Instead, keep going left. Solve a few puzzles, and you'll end up on yoshi's tongue. On the tip, there should be a chest there. You'll fight kamek, but it's an easy fight. Get the last piece of the tablet in that chest. :D

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