How do I get past Level 4-3?

  1. I'm in the Mansion needed to collect the Boo's. I believe I screwed up and not used the door in the proper room first to get to the green house before using it on the second floor. I'm missing 1 Boo and its in the green house. Is there anyway to reset the Mansion to start over or am I permanently stuck and have to star the game over?

    User Info: GooberOT

    GooberOT - 4 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    I really want to help you, but I can't understand what you mean. What do you mean by the green house? You mean the house inthe 2nd floor with a green door? Or the door before that? Pease ry to be more specific. If you are missing 1 Boo, then it can't be in a room i he 2nd floor. If you are missing 1 Boo, and you are sure of it, then you must have gotten the stacked Boo. Did yu get the Boo inside the clock in the ame roomas the tacked Boo? You also could have missed a Boo in the first floor.

    User Info: PaperMariofan9

    PaperMariofan9 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. So there are these 2 rooms behind the greenhouse correct? well the room on the right has a door that takes you outside and you see the boo making faces at you correct? well, say you try pulling off that whole wall with the door on the right side room, and the wall on the left side room and switched them.

    User Info: MarioLuigiRules

    MarioLuigiRules - 4 years ago 0 0

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