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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DBM11085

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/16/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. What's New
    2. Introduction
    3. Controls
      1. Field Controls
      2. Battle Controls
    4. Overview
      1. World Map/Stages
      2. Battle System
      3. Paperization
    5. Walkthrough
      1. Introduction
      2. Decalburg
      3. World 1-1: Warm Fuzzy Plains
      4. World 1-2: Bouquet Gardens
      5. World 1-3: Water's Edge Way
      6. World 1-4: Hither Thither Hill
      7. World 1-5: Whammino Mountain
      8. World 1-6: Goomba Fortress
      9. World 2-1: Drybake Desert
      10. World 2-2: Yoshi Sphinx
      11. World 2-3: Sandshifter Ruins
      12. Surfshine Harbor
      13. World 2-4: Damp Oasis
      14. World 2-5: Drybake Stadium
      15. World 3-1: Leaflitter Path
      16. World 3-2: The Bafflewood
      17. World 3-3: Wiggler's Tree House
      18. World 3-4: Strike Lake
      19. World 3-5: Loop Loop River
      20. World 3-6: Outlook Point
      21. World 3-7: Rustle Burrow
      22. World 3-8: Tree Branch Trail
      23. World 3-9: Gauntlet Pond
      24. World 3-10: Stump Glade
      25. World 3-2: The Bafflewood (Part 2)
      26. World 3-11: Holey Thicket
      27. World 3-12: Whitecap Beach
      28. Surfshine Harbor (Part 2)
      29. World 4-1: Snow Rise
      30. World 4-2: Ice Flow
      31. World 4-3: The Enigmansion
      32. World 4-4: Shaved-Ice Cave
      33. World 4-5: Whiteout Valley
      34. World 4-6: Bowser's Snow Fort
      35. World 5-1: Shy Guy Jungle
      36. World 5-2: Jungle Rapids
      37. World 5-3: Long Fall Falls
      38. World 5-4: Chomp Ruins
      39. World 5-5: Rugged Road
      40. World 5-6: Rumble Volcano
      41. World 6-1: Gate Cliff
      42. World 6-2: Bowser Jr's Flotilla
      43. World 6-3: Bowser's Sky Castle
    6. Enemies
    7. Stickers
    8. Things
    9. HP-Up Hearts
    10. Secret Doors
    11. Paperization Block Contents
      1. Jump Stickers
      2. Hammer Stickers
      3. Defensive/Support Stickers
      4. Attack Item Stickers
      5. Mushroom/Leaf Stickers
      6. Enemy Weapon Stickers
    12. Shops
      1. Decalburg
      2. Whammino Mountain (World 1-5)
      3. Outlook Point (World 3-6)
      4. Shaved-Ice Cave (World 4-4)
      5. Rumble Volcano (World 5-6)
    13. Secrets/Tips and Tricks
      1. Super Flags
      2. Luigi Sightings
      3. Sticker Museum
    14. Credits
    15. Copyright Notice

    What's New

    Version 1.2 (1/15/13): I went through my email backlog and made several corrections and additions; thanks to everyone who contacted me!

    Version 1.1 (11/21/12): All Stickers and Things are now listed. Will detail the non-Secret Door locations of each Thing with the next update.

    Version 1.05 (11/20/12): Slightly reorganized a few things, giving the lists of HP-Up Hearts and Secret Doors their own sections. Also started adding the list of Stickers, more coming soon of course.

    Version 1.0 (11/19/12): The main walkthrough is now complete. All Secret Door locations and other tidbits are included in the Secrets/Tips and Tricks section for now. The biggest information I am looking for right now is how to perform Timed Attacks with many of the Thing Stickers. Any help provided would be awesome. More to come!

    Version 0.4 (11/16/12): The first version, which covers through World 4-3.


    Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the latest installment of the legendary Paper Mario series, and the first on a portable system. Like its predecessors, it maintains the simplistic paper style of the landscape and characters. The major draw this time around is the collecting of magical Stickers, which are used in battle and throughout the environment to advance your quest (they are similar to the Badges from past games). The unique battle system and the usage of Stickers, as well as the various Scraps and Things you collect along the way, will take some getting used to, but I guarantee it is still a fun and addictive game, just as the other games were!

    Field Controls

    Circle Pad: Move Mario, navigate menu screens

    D-Pad: Move cursor on menu screens

    A: Jump

    B: Use Hammer

    Y: Paperize (if Kersti is with you)

    X: Open/close Album

    L: Talk to Kersti, switch pages on current menu screen

    R: Switch pages on current menu screen

    Touch Screen: Navigate menu screens, make selections

    Battle Controls

    Circle Pad/D-Pad: Move cursor on Sticker menu

    A: Select/confirm Sticker(s) selection, perform Timed Attacks/Blocks as necessary

    B: Cancel current Sticker(s) selection

    X: Use Battle Spinner, pay for spin bonuses

    L/R: Switch pages on current menu screen

    World Map/Stages

    As you know, Paper Mario: Sticker Star has a World Map not unlike the New Super Mario Bros. games. You can move anywhere there is a path; each colored circular space represents a stage. Initially, only the first stage in a given world will be accessible; you need to beat W1-1 to open the path to W1-2 on the map, and so on. The colored spaces have meanings as well though:

    • Red: Stage is not yet completed (or in the case of Surfshine Harbor, the boss is not yet defeated)
    • Blue: Stage is complete/all Comet Pieces were found
    • Yellow: Stage is complete, but only one of two Comet Pieces were found

    To enter a stage, move to it and press A. You will then enter the standard field view, which is how the stages play out. You can use your jumping ability and the Hammer, use Paperization, and so on. The different areas are connected by paths, which should be obvious. If you want to exit the stage, you can either walk back out via the entrance path, or you must collect that stage's Comet Piece. Comet Pieces represent the exit point; when you approach one, you will see a goal line as well. There are usually only one per stage, but some stages have two; one is easy to reach and the other is more hidden (secret exit).

    Enemies are visible in the field and if they spot you, usually they will move towards you. Contact with an enemy results in a battle, as discussed below. If you manage to hit an enemy with a Jump/Hammer attack, you may cause additional damage to them before the battle even begins. Late in the game, you can defeat certain weak enemies in earlier worlds in this manner without even entering battle.

    When you complete the stage by collecting the Comet Piece, you will go to a final celebratory screen where Coins will fall. You have a few seconds to pick them up before the screen fades to black and you return to the World Map. The amount of Coins that fall are based on how many enemies you defeated in that stage, as well as how far into the game it is. Completing stages in World 5 for instance will yield many 10-Coin pieces at the end, as opposed to single Coins in earlier worlds. You can always replay a stage, and the Comet Piece will be there at the end again. You just get credit for collecting it once.

    General Info

    As you will soon notice, the battle system in this game is different than the usual RPG style. There are no statistics, no experience, and no leveling up at all. Everything you do is based on Stickers in your Album. In battle, Mario and the enemies take turns acting, with Mario always going first. You choose a Sticker, then watch its effects. To maximize the usage of Stickers, you will need to become familiar with Timed Attacks; more on that below.

    The one important thing to remember is that you can only target the enemy in front of the formation, if there are multiple enemies being faced. If you use the Battle Spinner and get to use multiple Stickers in the same turn, the first Sticker will hit the first enemy, second Sticker hitting the second one, and so on. After your turn ends, the enemies get a chance to attack. You will be able to perform Timed Blocks to minimize damage from enemy hits; more on that below.

    After all enemies are defeated, the battle ends. When you return to the field screen, you may receive Coins, Hearts, or possibly Stickers as part of the spoils.

    Timed Attacks/Blocks

    A hallmark of the Paper Mario series, Timed actions are back once again. The concept is very simple: press A at just the right time when performing an attack, and you may cause extra damage, get to hit again, and so on (depends on the specific Sticker in use). Those exact effects will be detailed in the Stickers section. Likewise, if you press A just before an enemy's attack hits you, you can perform a Timed Block to cut the damage taken by half.

    Due to limited space in the Album, Timed Attacks are essential to making the most out of your Stickers, and Timed Blocks will help keep you in battle longer.

    Battle Spinner

    In the game's second stage, you will gain access to the Battle Spinner in battle. Press the X button when your turn begins and three slot-style spinners will appear on the screen. Press A to stop each spinner, one at a time. You can press X again and pay 15 Coins to automatically stick the first two spinners together, ensuring the first two will have the same icon no matter what. You can also pay again to slow down the remaining one to get a better shot at matching all three. Subsequent turns see the price increase by increments of 15 Coins.

    The purpose of the Battle Spinner is to allow you to use more than one Sticker in a given turn. Matching two or three of the same icon will allow you to use that many Stickers in the same turn. For instance, if you match two of the same, you can use two Stickers in this turn, and then back to one in the following turn. However, if you match all three, a bonus effect based on the given icon will occur immediately. For this turn, you get to use three Stickers, two Stickers for the next, and back to one after that.

    The bonuses for matching all three icons are as follows:

    • Coin: Receive a bonus amount of Coins instantly
    • Mushroom: Instantly receive a 20 HP Mushroom, used automatically
    • Poison Mushroom: Poisons all enemies AND yourself
    • POW Block: Use a POW Block instantly, possibly causing Crumple status
    • Thunder: Hit all enemies, possibly causing Dizzy status


    Introduced in the first true stage of the game, Paperization is an important facet of gameplay that will be frequently used throughout your adventure. To use it (outside of battle only), press the Y button. The current scene will become frozen in time as it completely flattens out, which makes sense since the entire world is made of paper after all.

    Two things can happen as a result of Paperizing. First, if you do this in certain locations, you may see a small or large box-shaped outline appear. That is your cue to place a Sticker in that space. Smaller ones entail regular Stickers, whereas the larger blue outlines indicate a Thing Sticker belongs there. For the latter, the game will not let you place the wrong Sticker.

    The other important thing you can do when Paperized in the right location is that you can peel a certain element right out of the world itself. You may have seen those purple glowing spaces, usually in the shape of something that belongs there. If you peel something, known as a Scrap, from another location, you can Paperize at these glowing spots and place the correct Scrap there.

    After you place a Sticker or Scrap, the world will come back to life automatically. If a Scrap or Thing Sticker was placed, it may allow access to a new area; likewise if a regular Battle Sticker was placed, a new ? block will appear in its place (those are known as Paperization Blocks, which will be listed elsewhere).


    The story begins with a tale of the Sticker Comet, which appears at night during the annual Sticker Fest. As expected, Bowser appears and the Sticker Comet breaks into six pieces, each one falling into a different region. Mario will attempt to stop him, and then the scene ends.

    Starting Area

    You will be beckoned to wake up, so press A repeatedly until Mario unfolds completely. At this point, you will have control of Mario for the first time, but someone is calling to you nearby. Walk over to the blue sign slightly to the northwest and hold A to peel the crown-like Sticker off the sign. The crown will introduce herself as Kersti, who will provide hints and such throughout your quest. She explains that you need to find the six Royal Stickers in order for her to return to the Sticker Star, so that is your objective now!

    Now that you have Kersti, you will notice a bunch of Toads stuck on the walls and other objects around the area, thanks to strips of yellow warning tape. Peel off the north-center Toad and he will give you a Hammer (press B to use outside of battle). You can use the Hammer to break blocks and flip over certain fallen objects on the ground, or even check for Coins and other items hidden within; try it in this area by turning bushes and even a lamp post upright.

    There are some more Toads in the area you can peel off, so be sure to do that. It is important for the next section!

    • NW, hanging from awning (jump onto crates)
    • NE, behind blue sign against wall (use Hammer to knock over sign)
    • SW, above crates (peel tape from ground to unravel awning, then jump up)
    • S center, side of crate (peel two sets of tape from side and top of crate)

    There are also three Stickers you can obtain in this area. In the SW corner, peel the Eekhammer Sticker from the blue crate. This is your first regular Sticker, which we will get to use later. On the east side of the area, you can peel a Jump Sticker off the top of a Toad's head. There is also a Hammer Sticker on the broken stall to the east.

    Finally, go to the SE area to find the Toads gathered. A block is in the way, so use the Hammer to clear it, allowing you to proceed onward at last to the main area of town. With that said, go ahead into the town proper.

    Town Center

    First thing's first in this area. You can talk to the Toad hiding behind the bush, then knock the bush over with the Hammer to send the Toad running off. Then, hit the block to get a Coin. There are three houses in this area and plenty of Stickers to find!

    • Baahammer: Behind E house, break blocks with Hammer (get Shiny Jump on roof of house BEFORE breaking blocks here)
    • Hammer: Outside of E house
    • Hopslipper: Outside of W house
    • Jump: Hidden block behind W house, jump above square patch
    • Jump: Inside center house, back wall
    • Jump: Alley behind houses, jump to hit block
    • Shiny Jump: Atop E house, jump up blocks along right side (DO NOT break them right away) and hit block with Hammer
    • Worn-Out Hammer: Bush behind W house
    • Worn-Out Hammer: Bush behind E house
    • Worn-Out Jump: Alley behind houses, on wall behind center house

    And now to find and free the Toads:

    • W, use Hammer on bush Toad is hiding behind in grassy area
    • W, use Hammer on bush along path
    • E, jump under cardboard awning repeatedly
    • Under doormat in front of E house, use Hammer from the side to flip
    • Inside W house, open cabinet
    • Inside center house, use Hammer on trash can
    • Inside E house, talk to Toad in back wall
    • Alley behind houses, on wall behind E house

    Once you have found all of the Toads and hopefully all of the Stickers as well, head west to the next area.


    When you arrive here, you will find the area is rolled up tightly with the line of Toads struggling to push it. Talk to the green Toad; if you found all of the other Toads in the first two areas, they will be able to flatten out the Plaza area instantly. Otherwise, you need to backtrack.

    Now that you helped turn Decalburg back to normal, the game will be automatically saved for the first time. You will also find a Heart Block (fully recovers health) and Save Block to the east. Use them if needed, then it's time to check out the rest of the town. There is a Shop, where you can buy Stickers if needed; not now of course, you only have one Coin! There is also a Jump Sticker on the wall outside of the Shop, so be sure to grab that.

    There are three paths leading from the Plaza. East brings you back to the Town Center, west brings you to an area which is currently vacant (come back later), and south leads out of Decalburg. When you are ready, start heading toward the exit and you will be confronted by three Goombas, who you must battle in order to get through. This is a perfect opportunity to learn how the battle system works using the Stickers. Kersti will give you some extra Stickers to help you out too (four Hammer, four Jump, two Mushroom).

    That being said, use a few Jump/Hammer Stickers to get through the battle; if you remember how Timed Attacks/Blocks work from previous Mario RPG games, you will be in great shape here. Once you defeat the Goombas, they will run away. So, save up and head out of town to the world map for the first time.

    Since you are just starting off, there are four possible locations you can visit at this point. There is Surfshine Harbor to the north, World 1-1: Warm Fuzzy Plains to the south, World 2-1: Drybake Desert to the east, and finally World 3-1 to the west. Surfshine Harbor is a good place to find more Stickers, including a few of the more powerful shiny variety, if you have space. Check that out at this point if you want, but for the sake of the walkthrough, I am going ahead to the first true stage of the game.

    World 1-1: Warm Fuzzy Plains

    At last, the first regular area of this game! Go right and talk to the Toad, and hit the block to get a Shiny Hammer Sticker. There is a Worn-Out Jump Sticker on the back fence as well. Up ahead you will find the first Goomba of the stage, so defeat it with Sticker power. The blocks above it contain an Eekhammer Sticker if you want it. Also, the fence ahead has a Hammer Sticker semi-hidden from view on the left side.

    Continue along and you will spot a Jump Sticker on the sign. There is yellow tape covering up a false wall in the background by the Toad. Peel it away and you will uncover a hidden Coin room! Collect the six Coins inside, then defeat two more Goombas as you proceed onward. There is a Coin hidden behind one of the bushes as well, which you can shake out by using the Hammer. Beyond the last Toad, use the Hammer to knock over the bush, revealing a Heart which recovers five HP! Take it and continue to the second area.

    Here, go ahead and you will get run over by a panicked Toad. Jump to get up when prompted and the Toad will flee, leaving behind a giant Sticker. Take the Scissors Thing Sticker (if you must, dump a few Stickers to make room). After that, none other than Bowser Jr. will fly in, and he wants that rare Sticker! This means you must battle him, of course.

    Bowser Jr.

    HP: 20

    Bowser Jr. has 20 HP and fully recovers after every round, so using your regular Stickers will be futile. Simply use the Scissors Thing Sticker right from the start to quickly defeat him.

    Following the battle, Bowser Jr. will show you one last trick where he flattens the game world and takes away the wooden bridge, crumpling it up and tossing it on a high ledge nearby. You clearly can not jump up there on your own, so head back west to the first area. Run all the way along until you find a group of Toads wandering around. Talk to the one hiding in the bushes and he will rally his friends together, who will join you as a "stack" of Toads!

    With the group in tow, go back east to the second area again. This time, walk north to the high ledge where the crumpled up bridge is, and the stack of Toads will form steps leading up there. Run up them and collect the Wooden Bridge scrap. Drop back down and head over to the space where the bridge was, then Kersti will use her power to Paperize! Select the Wooden Bridge scrap and line its shadow up in the glowing space, then move Mario back and forth to flatten it out, replacing the bridge. From here on out, press Y to Paperize; this will definitely come in handy throughout the game.

    With the bridge back in place, simply go across and enter the next area. Keep going forward until you reach a seemingly innocent tree stump near a Heart Block. To unlock its secret, Paperize and place a Jump Sticker in the outline, which will cause a block to appear in its place after you are done. Hit the block and you will get a Shiny Jump Sticker (this may work with Hammer Stickers as well). Hit the Heart Block to recover if needed, then continue onward.

    In this area, you can find Goombas wandering around, including one hiding behind a bush. Hit the block repeatedly to get three Baahammer Stickers, then peel off Worn-Out Hammer and Jump Stickers nearby. To the north, peel away the yellow tape and enter the hidden room, where you will find Scissors. They will be stored in a new category called Things, so keep that in mind for later.

    Proceed to the southeast and you will find two Worn-Out Hammer Stickers and a Hammer Sticker along the walls. Defeat the Goombas and hit the block three times to get three Slaphammer Stickers. Jump up the ledges and peel off the Hammer Sticker on the sign, then hit the block in the air for an Eekhammer Sticker. From here, continue to the area ahead.

    Here, hit the bushes with your Hammer to find a hidden Heart. Peel the Worn-Out Jump Sticker if you want it, and continue ahead to spot the first Comet Piece above (this acts as the goal/end of the stage). Move forward and you will be confronted by three Paper-Cone Goombas from behind. These enemies are tougher than the standard Goombas, so you may want to use a Baahammer Sticker (timed hit of course) to put them all to sleep from the start. This might be a good time to use a good timed hit from a Shiny Hammer if you have one.

    Once you defeat the trio of troublemakers, they will run off as usual. Jump up the final two ledges and grab the Comet Piece to complete the stage! After you reach the goal, you will have a couple of seconds to grab the extra falling Coins, so pay attention and remember this as you move on.

    World 1-2: Bouquet Gardens

    You will meet the Koopa Troopa as soon you start this stage. They operate as you would expect: jump on it once to make it hide in its shell, and jump on it again to kick the shell away. This can be very beneficial in battle since kicking the shell away will hurt the enemies behind it! Defeat the Koopa Troopas and grab the Worn-Out Hammer and Worn-Out Jump Stickers if you want them, but do not hit the blocks above just yet. Go right and you will see a Hopslipper Sticker just out of reach; use the Hammer to reveal a block below it, then peel the Sticker.

    Defeat the Goomba nearby and hop to the top platform, and go left to see an even higher block hovering above the first set below. Jump across them and hit the highest block to get a Fire Flower Sticker. Drop down and hit the ? block to get an Eekhammer Sticker. Now, there are two paths leading into the eastern area. For now, take the lower path since you will not be able to proceed along the upper one.

    In the next area, peel the Worn-Out Jump Sticker and use the Hammer to knock over the smaller bushes as you make your way across. Be careful as there are enemies hiding within a few of them! At the far end, peel the Worn-Out Hammer Sticker if needed, then go behind the eastern bush and jump to get a Hopslipper Sticker from the block. If you knocked over all of the bushes, you will see the yellow Bowser Sticker covering a section of the ground. Peel it off to reveal some stairs. Grab the Jump Sticker here, then hit the block above with your Hammer to get a Slaphammer Sticker. Peel the Iron Jump Sticker off the bushes in the back, then take the upper path into the west area.

    You will come across a giant fan up ahead. Approach it from the side and press A to shut off the fan, taking it away for yourself. With the Fan taken care of, backtrack to the first area again and take the upper path to the northeast area this time. There are several rows of bushes in the back. Jump behind the last row and go left to stumble upon a hidden area. Collect the Hopslipper Sticker and a bunch of Coins, then hit the block to get a Shiny Fire Flower Sticker (do not use this one yet). Exit and continue right to find a Toad crying about his flowers. For now, all you can do is continue northward.

    In this section, hit the northwest block to get a Shiny Jump Sticker, then use the Heart Block. To the right, you will see two Goombas harassing a Toad. Approach and you will have the choice of paying 20 Coins or fighting them. Naturally, choose to fight and you will face the 2-Fold Goomba. Defeat them easily with a Hopslipper or so, and rescue that Toad! As thanks, he will drag out a Cat-o-Luck from the bushes behind him, so check it out and take it. Fight the remaining enemies to the southeast and follow the path southward, then to the east on the next screen.

    Go right and peel off the two Jump and Worn-Out Hammer Stickers, then peel the yellow Bowser Stickers to reveal a hidden room. Grab 16 Coins, as well as the Shiny Hopslipper and Slaphammer Stickers on the wall. When you reach the far side of the area, five Goombas will ambush you from above. Since this will be tougher than before, Kersti will introduce the Battle Spinner (pay three Coins and spin the wheel; match three pictures to get a bonus and use additional Stickers in the coming rounds of that battle). Manage to defeat the Goombas and you can proceed.

    From here, jump up the ledges and hit the block to get a Slaphammer. Head left to find the Ice Flower and Fire Flower Stickers among the bushes. Before we go any further, backtrack to the area where the Toad was sobbing by his garden. Paperize at that point and place the Fire Flower, Ice Flower, and Shiny Fire Flower Stickers in the three spaces. The garden will grow and yield two of each Sticker you used, which is a great reward. The Toad will also give you a HP-Up Heart, which increases your total HP to 25!

    With that awesome bonus, go back to where you just were, and proceed to the east. In the final area of the stage, peel the Worn-Out Hammer from the wall, and hit the block three times for three Slaphammer Stickers if you need more. Peel the Jump Sticker next to the silhouette of a door in the wall (we will revisit this later), then grab the Ice Flower Sticker at the other side and hit the block to receive another Shiny Fire Flower. Defeat the enemies and jump up the last couple of ledges to reach the Comet Piece, completing the stage!

    World 1-3: Water's Edge Way

    In this area, begin by taking the lower path to the southeast. Beat the Koopa Troopa and hit the ? block at the opposite side to get a Fire Flower Sticker. Then, peel the Bowser Sticker off the ground to reveal a bridge leading to the center island. This island is empty for now, so head back to the start and jump up the ledges. Hit the next ? block to get a Jump Sticker, and peel off another hidden Jump Sticker along the west wall. Defeat the Goombas and grab the Worn-Out Hammer and Hammer Stickers to the right, then on the top ledge, hit the ? block to get a Shell Sticker.

    From here, continue east across the upper bridge leading to the next scene. There, use the Heart and Save Blocks since they are here. As you approach the next bridge, a Toad will run into you once again. He will give you a rare item, which turns out to be your third Album Page; this will allow you to hold another page worth of Stickers! Continue crossing the bridge and you will be met by Kamek, who was in pursuit of the Toad. Since you are here, he will engage you in battle along with two Goombas.


    HP: 20

    The battle starts with the Battle Spinner, so if you can get multiple Stickers from the start, that would be very helpful. Finish them off quickly with regular Sticker attacks, as this is an extremely easy battle. Just remember to use Jump attacks against the flying Kamek. The Goombas can be dispatched as you normally would as well.

    Once you win, Kamek will Paperize the area and send the Comet Piece to another area later in the stage. Since the level is not over anymore, you need to continue. Before leaving this scene, go to the northeast corner and defeat the surprise Goomba that jumps out. Then, hit the two blocks and the one hidden block between them to get a POW Block, Iron Jump, and three Hurlhammer Stickers. With these new goodies, go to the southeast area.

    Here, peel the Hammer Sticker to the left, then hit the ? block below to get a Hopslipper Sticker. Defeat the Koopa Troopas below and head left to spot the waterfall. You can get a Jump Sticker by hitting the ? block, then run behind the waterfall to get several Coins.

    Secret Exit

    If you drop off the north side of the bridge directly in front of this waterfall, you will land in a hidden room. Take the Comet Piece there to take the secret exit.

    This opens up the path leading to World 1-5: Whammino Mountain.

    At the other side, you will be able to either go south or west. For now, go south and defeat a couple more Koopa Troopas. Hit the southeast ? block to get a Heart, and peel the Worn-Out Hammer Sticker on the wall if needed. This lower area is a dead end for now, so go back up the ledges and peel the Shiny Jump Sticker on the back wall before proceeding to the west.

    Upon entering this area, go forward and you will see a hole in the ground that water is pouring into from above. Hit the ? block to get a Line Jump Sticker, and peel the Worn-Out Hammer and Shiny Hammer Stickers as well. Up ahead, you will spot that Comet Piece once again atop a water plume, presumably from the falling water just before it. Anyway, defeat the enemies and peel another Hammer and Worn-Out Jump Sticker from the back wall behind the top ledge. Finally, hit the blocks to get Shell and Jump Stickers.

    Now that you've collected everything over here, head right along the upper path and peel the Bowser Stickers off the wall to reveal a hidden room. Go inside and you will find an interesting sight behind the wall. Jump up the ledges and onto the water faucet, then jump on the faucet three times to turn it completely off. This will cause the giant mechanical Bowser to stop pouring water, causing the Comet Piece to drop into the hole below outside. You will also receive the Faucet for your own inventory!

    With that, exit this room. Before you proceed to the goal, continue eastward to the area you couldn't reach before in the previous area. Hit the ? block to get a Fire Flower Sticker, then defeat the Goomba ahead. Head to the east end of the platform and peel off another Fire Flower Sticker. In front of that wall, use the Hammer to flip over the flowers on the ground, then jump in the middle of the circle to find a hidden Shiny Shell Sticker.

    Now we are finally done here, so go back west to the previous area. Head across the narrow path and down the ledges, and drop into the hole where the Comet Piece was. It is waiting for you below, but that's not all! Take the Comet Piece scrap, and exit the cave to the east. You now need to backtrack all the way to where you fought Kamek earlier in the stage. Once you get there, go to the glowing spot and Paperize. Place the Comet Piece scrap in the space and flatten it, then collect it to complete the stage at last.

    World 1-4: Hither Thither Hill

    Begin by hitting the blocks to get Line Action and Shell Stickers, and hit the tree with your Hammer repeatedly to receive some extra Coins. Beat the Koopa Troopa and peel the Worn-Out Hammer and Jump Stickers in the bushes. To the north, you will see a giant windmill and a tree stump next to it. If you have the Fan Sticker (get the Fan and turn it into a Sticker via the new shop in Decalburg), you can Paperize here and unlock the windmill. Inside, you will find four blocks with numbers on each. You do not have the password yet, so we will come back here.

    For now, take the eastern path into the next area. Defeat the enemies wandering around and hit the tree a few times to get some Coins. Peel the Jump Sticker from the northwest wall, then peel the Hammer and Worn-Out Jump Stickers from the southeast area. Since you can't do much else from here, return to the previous area. Now, to the south you will find two pipes. Go down the southeast one first. In the side-scrolling underground segment, hit the first block to get a POW Block Sticker. Defeat the Buzzy Beetles and hit the Heart Block along the way, and continue to the exit ahead. You will end up in a hidden alcove containing Coins and a Shiny Line Jump Sticker.

    Go back through the pipe to the windmill area again, and enter the western pipe this time. Go through the passage and defeat some more Buzzy Beetles, and hit the ? block halfway through to get a Jump Sticker. At the end, go through the pipe to emerge above ground. In this fenced in area, peel the Burnhammer, Hammer, Line Jump, and Slaphammer Stickers off the walls. You will also find a Toad crying in the area, so talk to him.

    The Toad wants you to escort him back to Decalburg, and thus joins you. Go back down the pipe (do not jump over the fence) and defeat the Buzzy Beetles along the way (you must clear a safe path or the Toad will run away). Emerge at the other end and continue out of the level, then head back to Decalburg. Once you arrive, the Toad will tell you to go to the middle house in the Town Center, so head over there. Inside, talk to the Toad to receive a Mushroom Sticker, as well as a hint. The Goombas kept on saying "Forwon toothree", which is certainly a code that we need.

    Return to the windmill and go inside once more. The code to enter by hitting each individual box is 4123. Once you enter the code, a pipe will appear, so enter it. Grab the Coins and hop across the ledges, hitting the block along the way to get some Hearts. At the end, collect the Green Warp Pipe scrap.

    With your new scrap, return to the opening area of the level and enter the southeast pipe again. Follow the path to the right where you will find the glowing spot where the pipe is missing. Paperize and place the Green Warp Pipe there to activate the new pipe. Go down it and head right, where you will encounter a Big Buzzy Beetle.

    Big Buzzy Beetle

    HP: 40

    The trick to defeating this giant armored beetle is being able to use multiple Stickers in the same turn, so you must use the Battle Spinner. If you can not match at least two of the same icon, you will want to pay the 15 Coins (30 Coins if you do it a second time) to automatically match two of them. Once you have multiple Stickers to use, start by using either a POW Block or Jump Sticker, followed by a strong attack, such as a Shiny Hammer or Hopslipper.

    Once you defeat the Big Buzzy Beetle, you will be rewarded with a HP-Up Heart, bringing your max HP to 30! Now that you are done here, go through the red pipe to reach the surface. Up here again, jump from the lower blocks to reach the ? block containing a Flashy Jump Sticker. Break the remaining blocks with your Hammer to find a Leaf Sticker, then peel off the Slaphammer from the north wall. After that, simply go to the northeast and down the steps to reach the Comet Piece. Grab it to reach the goal.

    World 1-5: Whammino Mountain

    Here, you will see Spiny for the first time. Remember not to use Jump attacks against them or you will take damage! Hit the blocks to get POW Block and Iron Jump Stickers, and peel the Worn-Out Hammer and Hammer Stickers from the back walls on the way up. In the southeast area is a pipe, but it is covered by a cork. For now, continue to the northeast area.

    In the second area, you will see a tall tree with no leaves on the west side. Approach it and hit it with your Hammer three times to knock it over, forming a bridge. It leads to an empty platform for now however, so continue to the east. Get a Shell Sticker from the ? block and peel another Worn-Out Hammer around the corner.

    For the next part, you have to get past an endless wave of Spinies as they are dropped by a Lakitu above. Luckily, you will see a Starman up ahead, so grab it to become invincible! Peel the Hammer Sticker nearby and continue up the ledges, plowing through the enemies with ease. Towards the top of the path, peel an Iron Jump Sticker and hit the Heart Block before continuing to the next segment.

    In this cloudy area, peel the Worn-Out Jump and Worn-Out Hammer Stickers that you see, and walk past the glowing section where the gate is missing. Hammer the tree so it falls over, and walk across to the ledge where a Shiny Hurlhammer Sticker is waiting on the cloud. From here, go east yet again. Grab the Worn-Out Jump Sticker, and you will find that the path splits. Taking the lower path leads to a dead end with a Spiny, so head northward. Beat the Goomba and peel the Hammer Sticker, and hit the ? block to receive a Hurlhammer one as well.

    Next, continue east and south past a Koopa Troopa, grabbing the Iron Jump Sticker in the ? block along the way. Defeat the Spiny to the south, and you will reach the southeast area. Hit the next ? block to get a Hurlhammer Sticker, and be sure to Hammer the bushes to find a Heart. Knock the tree over with your Hammer and it will trigger a massive chain reaction in the background. A few things will happen, the most important of which being that the missing gate piece is now accessible.

    Since the boulder in the northeast section is gone, backtrack to the north and east along the path below the Coins. At the end, Hammer/Jump behind the first block to reveal two additional blocks forming steps. Use those to reach the Coins and Shiny Leaf Sticker on the platform above. Now, head back to where the tree you knocked down was, and peel the Bowser Sticker from the ground at the west edge. This will reveal a bridge which acts as the only way forward since that chain reaction destroyed part of the previous path.

    You now have access to a pipe however, so enter it. Go through the empty passage to the other end and you will emerge in the starting area, popping the cork out of that pipe you saw earlier, making for a very nice shortcut. Since you are back at the entrance, hop up the ledges and go north to the next area. Continue northward and across the tree bridge to collect the White Gate scrap.

    Now to return the gate to its rightful place. You need to make your way across the Spiny-filled terrain to the top plateau; try to avoid battles and keep running so the Lakitu has to keep moving away instead of dropping more enemies on you. Hit the Heart Block at the top and proceed onward. In the next scene, get to the glowing space and Paperize to place the White Gate back where it belongs.

    Now that the gate is open, you can continue onward. Take the side path to the left and peel the Bowser Sticker off the cloud, freeing the Toad being held captive there. It turns out that the Toad runs the Whammino Mountain Sticker Shop, located just up ahead. Follow him a short distance to reach the shop, where you can buy/sell Stickers if needed. Once you are done at the shop, go east to the next screen. All that's left to do is for you to jump into the Comet Piece and exit the stage!

    NOTE: Before you begin here, it is highly recommended that you have a Fan Sticker and possibly the Scissors Sticker (buy the Fan/Scissors at the secret Thing Shop in Decalburg, then sling them at the wall to form the Sticker). It is extremely helpful in the boss battle ahead.

    When you arrive at the fortress, you will face a duo of Goombas. Defeat them and then enter the fortress proper. In the first room, you will find a yellow block that rotates the center platform when hit. West leads back out, and the other options are north and east. First, go north. You can peel a Bowser Sticker from the floor to partially roll a cover over the spike pit. There are also Heart/Save Blocks here for your use. Go back to the previous room and rotate the platform to head east.

    Out here, you will be spotted by a Goomba atop the distant tower. It will trigger the cannons full of Bob-ombs, which will then litter the area you are attempting to cross. Hit the blocks to get Baahammer and Shell Stickers, and start running across the area. As you make your way across the bridge, there are Fire Flower and Ice Flower Stickers you can peel along the north wall. If you must engage the Bob-ombs in battle, they are relatively easy but will explode after your first round, so you need to use timed blocks to avoid taking too much damage. At the far end, go into the next room.

    You will find another rotating platform in this room, with one open path to the north and an odd-looking wall to the east. If you get to the south ledge, you can get a Spike Helmet Sticker from the ? block. On the east ledge, use the Hammer to break the weak wall, revealing a hidden Coin-filled room. Hit the ? block in there to find a Shiny Jump Sticker. Then, rotate your way to the north and exit the room.

    Start walking onto the bridge ahead and the wind will start blowing from another tower, preventing you from crossing. It also sends Paragoombas flying across to battle if you remain on the upper ledge. For now, drop to the lower area and peel two Jump Stickers and a Hopslipper Sticker on the wall. Hit the blocks to get a Line Jump and Spike Helmet Sticker, and you are done collecting in this area.

    You now need to find a way to stop the wind from blowing. This is actually much simpler than you think. Stand below the bridge and Paperize, then place two Stickers on the wind ducts (try to use Worn-Out Stickers if possible so as not to waste good ones). With both ducts covered, jump up the steps and run across the bridge now. Get across the path while avoiding the spikes, and hit the ? block at the end to get a Poison Mushroom, then enter the room at the far end.

    In here, you will find another rotating platform and a ? block in the northeast corner. Run across to the north wall and use the Hammer to reveal a path of hidden blocks to the right. Use them to reach the ? block containing a Shiny POW Block Sticker. Hit the yellow block to rotate, and head out to the west area. For this section, you will have to get past a series of fences but since you can not jump over them, you must wait for the falling Bob-ombs to clear them for you. As you proceed, hit the blocks to find Fire Flower and Hurlhammer Stickers, and be sure to peel the Ice Flower and Fire Flower Stickers as well. Once you reach the end, go into the next room.

    This time around, the block is turned sideways so you will need to Paperize to take the Block Switch scrap. Paperize again to replace the switch, then hit it to rotate the platform vertically so you can exit to the south. Out there, first hit the block to find a Spike Helmet Sticker. Then, peel the Bowser Sticker on the ground to unravel the rest of the red flooring, completely covering the spike pit and acting as a shortcut to the entrance area. Use the Heart/Save Blocks if needed, otherwise head across the bridge and defeat the Goombas standing guard. As you cross the bridge, look to the background to spot none other than Luigi in the distance. If you Paperize, you can grab him and pull him out of the scene. Luigi will then run away, doing nothing else for now.

    Anyway, after that, enter the tower ahead. Start going up the steps around the perimeter of the room, defeating the Goombas along the way. The ? blocks contain two Jump Stickers, as well as Slaphammer, Burnhammer, Hopslipper, and Hammer Stickers. Between the final two blocks is a gap where a block should be if you have been following the pattern. Jump around to find a hidden block containing a Poison Mushroom Sticker, then exit at the top of the stairs.

    Now you are atop the cannon tower from earlier, but without the Goomba and Bob-ombs. Hit the block to the right to get a Heart to fully recover your health, and be sure to grab the Trumpet thing as well. Before you go up the western steps, make sure you are ready for a battle, and that you have special Thing Stickers (specifically the Fan and possibly Scissors, as noted at the start of this level). When you are ready, go up the steps and you will meet the boss: Megasparkle Goomba.

    Megasparkle Goomba

    HP: 90

    If you are not well prepared, this first boss battle can actually be quite difficult. There are a couple of good approaches to the fight, but the safest one involves using Thing Stickers. Anyway, the Goombas are all standing in a group for the first round only, and they are weaker like this, so use the Battle Spinner to get multiple Stickers and use a series of strong attacks right away. Hopslipper Stickers are particularly useful for this fight due to their multi-hit attacks.

    Following the first round, they all combine into a giant Goomba. Your attacks will not hurt it as much, but it will hurt you quite a bit if you are not able to use timed blocks. You may need to use a Mushroom Sticker if you are not careful. Continue attacking and the giant Goomba will change into its cone form, which means Jump attacks are a no-go.

    Keep attacking until the boss turns around revealing the smaller Goomba panels, some of them not lined up. This is your chance to use your Thing Stickers; Kersti will even prompt you to do so. If you have it, use the Fan Thing Sticker to blow apart the individual Goombas, leaving only the boss itself. Since the boss alone is very weak, you will want to use the Battle Spinner and match at least two icons, then use two strong multi-hit attack Stickers to quickly whittle down its HP. Once you drain its health, the boss Goomba will get up with 1 HP remaining for one last round. Use any weak attack to defeat it.

    Following the battle, the first Royal Sticker is yours, so take it! You will also receive your fourth Album Page as an additional bonus! You will then exit the stage, completing World 1.

    World 2-1: Drybake Desert

    Starting off, peel the Jump Sticker and hit the ? block to find a Hopslipper one. Defeat the Goomba and continue ahead to a large door, being sure to grab the Worn-Out Hammer on the east wall. When you approach the giant door, Paperize and you will see six spaces to place Stickers. Place the following Stickers in the appropriate spaces: Jump, Hammer, Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Spike Helmet, and Fire or Ice Flower. The door will then open, so head inside.

    Here, hit the block to get a Spike Helmet Sticker and peel a Slaphammer from the wall. There is a high ? block but you can not reach it just yet. Defeat the Swoops and Buzzy Beetles, and grab a Worn-Out Hammer on the wall ahead, then continue ahead to find a hole in the ground. Peel the Jump Sticker next to it and jump in. Run up the hill while grabbing Coins and the Shiny Jump Sticker on the wall, then jump at the end to flip the floor panel above, giving you access to the high block. Hit it three times to get Worn-Out Jump, Jump, and Hopslipper Stickers.

    Next, go east to the next area. Outside, use the Heart/Save Blocks before proceeding. You will find a new albeit lazy enemy: Sombrero Guy. It runs from battle if alone after the first round, and boosts attack power of the enemies if with a group. Hit the cactus with the Hammer three times to get Coins, and peel the Worn-Out Hammer from a nearby rock. Hit the ? block in the sand ahead to find a Hammer, then jump onto the lone block to the south. Jump above it to reveal a hidden block containing a Shiny Jump Sticker. Continue up the hill, grabbing another Jump and Worn-Out Jump Sticker from the wall as you reach the top of the hill.

    Once at the top, walk directly southward to reach a somewhat hidden ledge with a ? block holding a Hurlhammer Sticker. Jump back to the top of the hill, and you can use Paperize to place a Sticker in the air. This will cause a ? block to appear which can hold a different, possibly upgraded Sticker (it is random what you will get out of it). As you go down the other side of the hill, hit the ? block to get a Hopslipper Sticker and peel another one off the nearby wall. You will see a swarm of Paragoombas on the above ledge harassing a Toad, but before that, peel the Eekhammer Sticker from the southeast rock.

    Now, jump to the upper ledge and confront the Paragoombas. They will attempt to extort 25 Coins from you in order to avoid a battle. Of course I took the battle, so defeat the 5-Fold Paragoomba and the Sombrero Guy who jumps in (the Battle Spinner plus powerful Jump attacks will serve you well). After you win, the now free Toad will reward you with a Shiny Mushroom Sticker. Continue into the next area from here. You will find some quicksand which you need to get across, but hit the cactus on the left side a few times to recover 10 HP. Defeat the Pokeys if you get stuck in the sand (jump repeatedly to quickly make it across these patches), and continue up the hill.

    Ahead, grab the Jump Sticker on the wall, as well as the Iron Jump one in the ? block, then follow the path behind the quicksand leading to the west. At the end of that path, grab the Hammer and Worn-Out Jump Stickers before peeling the Bowser Sticker in front of the door. With that room open, go inside to collect some Coins. From here, follow the path all the way east behind the larger quicksand pits, grabbing the Eekhammer and Worn-Out Hammer Stickers you see hanging around.

    When you reach the path to the next area, do not take it just yet. Instead, go directly south and jump onto the ledges within the quicksand. On the ledge with the blue flower, jump above it to retrieve a Shiny Jump Sticker. In the center of the quicksand, jump repeatedly to hit the ? block three times to get Hammer, Shiny Hammer, and Flashy Hammer Stickers. Before you go, hop into the low alcove at the north end of the sand and peel a hidden Flashy Slaphammer Sticker from the obscured north wall behind the pillar. After that, get back to the upper ledge and continue to the east area.

    Here, go south briefly to find a Worn-Out Hammer Sticker, then go north to find a couple of blocks. Jump between them to find a hidden Shiny Jump Sticker, then follow the dry path eastward to the cactus. Hammer it thrice to recover another 10 HP. For the next part, you need to quickly hop your way up the fast-moving sand hill while avoiding the Pokeys sliding down it. At the top, go north and peel the Slaphammer and Worn-Out Jump Stickers from the north wall. Walk behind the wall via an opening in the middle to reach a hidden room. There, grab a bunch of Coins and hit the block to get a giant Big 1-Up Sticker.

    Exit the hidden area and continue down the sandy hill at the other side. Take the Soda sitting on the first ledge, and continue ahead to two blocks. You can Paperize here and place a Sticker to reveal a hidden ? block which will yield a different Sticker of equivalent rarity. To the south, you will also find a Slaphammer Sticker behind a rock.

    From here, go back up the sandy hill along the south edge to find a small ledge on the other side. Jump over and peel the Jump Sticker, then drop below the platform and break those blocks to get a Shiny Hopslipper. Take the Hurlhammer Sticker from the ? block to the right, then head left to find two cacti. Hammer them to get Coins, and jump up the sandy hill to reach the ? block containing a Slaphammer Sticker.

    Secret Area

    Go to where the two cacti ledges are, and slide down the sandy hill between them. Move downward to fall into a secret room below. When you land, peel a Worn-Out Hammer Sticker, then jump across the eastern sand and hit the ? blocks to find Shiny Jump and Slaphammer Stickers while avoiding the Pokey. Head west to find a Hammer Sticker on the wall, then jump up the ledges to reach a high-flying ? block. Paperize and place a Sticker to reveal a hidden ? block above, and jump in the air to the right to reveal more hidden blocks.

    Go east and take the Jump Sticker from the wall and hop up the ledges to the north. Ignore the eastern geyser for now (this is how you exit); instead peel the Hammer Sticker off the west wall and continue along the upper path. At the other end, jump across to the ? blocks in the air to the south, and use the Hammer to open them. You will get a total of six Stickers (three Worn-Out Jump, two Jump, and a Hopslipper).

    At the very top of the room, you will find a chest. Open it to receive a Tablet Piece scrap. This will be useful at a later point in the game. Use the geyser to the east to exit the room.

    Make your way back up to the main sandy hill above, and continue to the final area to the east. Here, you will find a giant pyramid with plenty of things to do. First, Paperize and there will be a space to put a Sticker high above, causing a ? block to appear in its place. After that, go northwest along the ground level and Hammer the ground block to get an Iron Jump Sticker. Jump from that block to the first level of the pyramid to reach the Slaphammer Sticker block in the corner, then go back southeast along that first level. Jump onto the slope portion of the pyramid to reach the western ledge, then jump across to retrieve the HP-Up Heart. This will bump you up by five HP!

    Drop down and move to the front side of the pyramid, and over to the eastern side. There, you will find another slope leading to a ledge with a ? block above it. Jump onto the slope and reach the block, opening it to get a Slaphammer Sticker. Continue along the front and sides of the pyramid, collecting additional Worn-Out Jump, Worn-out Hammer, Hammer, and Jump Stickers scattered all around. If you walk along the back side of the pyramid, you will find two rows of Coins for the taking as well. Towards the top, the ? block will contain a Hopslipper. Make your way to the top of the pyramid, which is where the Comet Piece/Goal is located, finishing up this lengthy stage at last!