Review by Dark_Zoroark

Reviewed: 11/27/12

Is Nintendo Downgrading its quality?

With the announcement of a new Paper Mario game at E3 2010, everyone was rejoicing and full of expectations. We received several screenshots from what seemed a good game, but at the end it turned out to be a huge let down. First of all, the game is nothing as was presented before. Second, the playability is that of New Super Mario Bros (No more than 2 playable characters, generic world, stupid gimmicks). Sticker Star is nothing but the Spin off of the Greatest Spin off known as Paper Mario.


The basic gameplay element are the sticker, nothing special about it, just pull some of the out and prepare to use them in combat. Beware, Sticker are consumable and not infinite. You'll have to collect every single one of them again, and besides that you have to use a stupid battle spinner to use more than 2 attacks.

The exploration of this game is absolutely vague, with an empty world and stupid repetitive puzzles. The only interaction you will get is to talk to every single toad, not even Bowser has personality in this game. The worlds are listed in the same order of NSMB, with the exact same level themes and layout.


Althought I am giving a very harsh review, I have to say that graphics in this game are beyond fabulous. Everything looks neat, if not better with 3D on. The graphics are something that all Paper Mario games delivered well, at least that one thing they did right (I guess).


The music is beyond fantastic, the tracks are very jazzy but is nothing to worry about. Some of them are very remarkable in the Mario series, and others are pretty familiar. The Official Soundtrack of this game is something that you will want to get and hear.


You see, this is the worst part of this game. This game (unlike past Paper Mario titles) has no significant or dark plot. The basis of the narrative are the capture of Princess Peach , you have to rescue her because Bowser took her again, and besides battle some bosses with no actual personality. I could barely remember two of them being interactive. Another and if not the worst thing is Kersti. That Navi wannabe is beyond obsolete in this game. It is pointless to have a partner who never helps you (Besides the end) and is always complaining. So the plot for this game is something that left more to be desired.

The Veredict

For those of you who are casual gamers and only like fun, this game is acceptable for you. For those plot and hardcore players like me, this game is a total joke. Not only they destroyed what Paper Mario was for us, but they also keep mocking in our faces the stupid elements of the repetitive NSMB. This game leaves a lot to be desired.

Gameplay 3/5
Graphics 5/5
Music 5/5
Plot 2/5

Final Outcome 5/10

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (US, 11/11/12)

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