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"Fresh, New, and Quirky Addition to the Series"

Well we've all waited some time for this game, haven't we? NIntendo has given us the 5th Paper Mario game in the series, all new new to the 3DS. Will this game soar like a paper airplane, or get wet and fall apart?

Story Outline
It is the day of the Sticker Fest, the one day of the year when the Sticker Comet comes down and can grant wishes. When the comet comes down upon the inhabitants of Decalburg, Bowser makes a grab for the comet and sends the broken pieces of it, called the Royal Stickers, across the Mushroom Kingdom. One of these Royal Stickers and sticks to Bowser's head, causing him to be all shiny and powerful. Mario jumps at Bowser, which causes a huge eruption of destruction, and makes Mario get knocked- out. He wakes up to see the fest in ruins. Stage, stands, and Toads litter the ground in what used to be a happy festival. He then gets the aid of Kersti, a powerful sticker who came from the Sticker Comet. Together, the two set out retrieve the Royal Stickers and stop Bowser.

You (Mario) and Kersti must travel all throughout the Mushroom Kingdom to get the Royal Stickers. You'll travel through plains, deserts, forests, mountains, and jungles to get them all back. Throughout the game, you'll stumble upon stickers lying around everywhere. These stickers are your attacks, each used once for a move in battle (get to that later). Occasionally you'll find these things... literally Things. These are 3D objects that can be turned into stickers at a shop in Decalburg (get to that later). You'll come across some reaccuring faces such as Bowser Jr. and Red Toad. You must use your Paperize, jumping, and puzzle-solving skills to best Bowser and his baddies.

Stickers and Things 9/10
As I mentioned earlier, stickers are one of the many things you'll find lying around on your journey. These can be peeled, put in your Sticker Album, and used in battle. Use it once, then it's gone. Stickers can also be bought and sold in shops across the Kingdom. Also, you'll pick up Things. These are 3D objects that you can chuck into a wall at a shop in Decalburg and turn into powerful stickers, which are helpful in boss battles. This is a very unique and interesting mechanic to Paper Mario. Even though you don't have EXP, ATTACK, DEFENSE, ETC levels like a classic RPG, the stickers still are quite the challenge to have and collect. As you may have guessed, the more powerful a sticker, the more room it takes up. This gives you the element of choice when you have to make room for a new sticker, trash some others, or whatever. The Things are cool to see in battle, usually giving a sort of humor in it. Though at times, you need one to move on, but you'll have to rescan previous levels if you don't have it. At times, you'll need to use Kersti's Paperize ability t help you on your way. With this ability, you can peel and stick parts of the world to adjust it to a state in which you can continue onward. This is really neat, but really weird to get at first. After awhile, you'll be able to spot out-of-place objects in an instant.

Combat 10/10
The stickers are a one-use only deal. This means in battle you have to really think about what move you want to do. In battle, you are given a one move slot to choose what to do. With stronger enemies, you'll want to use ore than one attack in a turn. You can gamble your coins in the Battle Spinner so match up pictures to get more moves. Match two, get an extra move slot that turn. Match three, you can use three moves that turn, two the next, and back to normal the next. Also, depending on what picture you match, you can use that as if it were a sticker attack in battle. This works very well, and I have seen no problems with this format. Though not classic RPG, its new, fun, and a cool thing to try.

Graphics 8/10
As always, Nintendo has shown how nice the 3DS can look when you use its abilities. This game looks stunning, and still manages to maintain that classic "paper" looking world. It looks just like someone made the world out of felt, cardboard, and paper. The 3D looks great, too. But at times it can look weird when you health or something overlaps an effect meant to be over it.

The Verdict
This game is a wonderful addition to the Nintendo 3DS library. With stunning worlds and great 3D effects, it looks gorgeous on the 3DS, though 3D can be weird at times. Combat is new, intuitive, and quirky; a nice veer off of the Paper Mario and RPG path,and still holds its classic and funny dialouge and animations. Stickers and Things are very new and fun, but tedious at times. All in all, Paper Mario: Sticker Star is a fresh new game to fans of the series. Whether new fans, or fanboys since the N64 title, this game is fun for all. This has to be one of those games that every 3DS owner needs to own in their library.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/27/12

Game Release: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (US, 11/11/12)

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