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"Paper Mario: Sticker Star- A Star of a Game"

Paper Mario is an RPG series of one of the most famous video game characters ever, Mario, in Paper Form. The series is loved by many fans for it's fun story and fantastic game play. Since I haven't played a Paper Mario game since "The Thousand Year Door" years ago, I was extremely excited to play this game. And I was right to be excited. There hasn't been an RPG Paper Mario game since 2004, which was 8 years ago! Well, I finally got the game, and, boy, is it fun. Let me tell you why.

Game Play

In this game, there are 6 Worlds. In each world, there are a certain number of levels that you can select on the world map to play, and the world map is kind of like the map in the New Super Mario Bros. series. The levels sometimes have puzzles that you have to solve with certain stickers.

But how do you get stickers, you ask? Well, scattered around in the levels, there are stickers that are on the wall and on the ground that you peel off and put into your sticker album. Stickers are the most important part of the game. You use stickers in battle and to solve puzzles out of battle. Also note that you can buy stickers at Sticker Shops in certain towns.

Now I am going to talk about the battle system. To enter a battle, you have to either A) Run into an enemy. B) Jump on an enemy. C) Hit an enemy with your hammer. Or D) Have an enemy attack you. Battle is when you use your stickers most. Stickers are like your attacks. If you select, for example, a Jump sticker, you jump on an enemy. What I like about this battle system is that you have to think about what stickers to use at the right time. Like if you're fighting against a spiny foe, you don't want to use a jump sticker because you will get hurt. Or if you are fighting a flying foe, a hammer sticker won't do anything because the flying enemy is out of reach. It's just fun. What I don't like about the battle system is that each sticker that you use disappears after you use it.

The last thing I'm going to mention in this game play segment are Things. Things are also important in this game. What Things are are 3-Dimensional objects that you find in hidden locations throughout the game, such as scissors and a fan, that you can turn into super powerful and shiny stickers. When Things are turned into stickers, they can be used in battle as extremely powerful attacks, or they can be used to solve puzzles. These puzzles are the worst part of the game. They give you almost no clue as to how to solve them, and you have to find different Things from completely different worlds to solve a puzzle in one of the beginning worlds. An example is you have to find a thing in World 2, a Thing in World 3, and a Thing in World 1 to solve a puzzle in an area that you unlock at the beginning of the game... it's just annoying.

But overall, the game play is great. It's also not too easy or too hard, it's just right. So, I give Game Play an 8/10.


The story is simple, but fun. It goes like this:

The Mushroom Kingdom is having a celebration known as The Sticker Fest, where they celebrate Stickers. And suddenly, a Sticker Comet appears in the sky. If you wish upon the Sticker Comet, your wish comes true... And that's when Bowser has to go and ruin everything. He touches the Sticker Comet, and it explodes. The 6 Royal Stickers scatter around the land into 6 dangerous worlds. And they all get stuck to Bowser and his minions. (Bowser! What is wrong with you?) Now, Mario, along with his partner, Kersti, a magic fairy sticker, has to gather these 6 Royal Stickers and save the world...

That's basically it. It's nice and good. I give it a solid 8/10


This is an excellent factor of the game. The graphics are bright, cheery, colorful, and unique, like it should be. A lot of games these days have dull and boring graphics that aren't unique at all. Not this game. Everything in this game looks like it is made out of cardboard and paper, it looks so cool and nice. It looks a lot better than the past Paper Mario games, too, but it has the same art style.

The 3D makes the graphics have more depth, as well, like it should. One good 3D effect is in battle, when you use this one hammer sticker and whack the foe into the screen, it looks like it's coming right at you!

So, I give the Graphics a 10/10


The sound in this game is spot-on. You can hear Mario's footsteps against the ground while he walks, you can hear the 'BOING!' whenever he jumps... it's all there.

But the Music is just... FANTASTIC. Really. All the tunes are so catchy and memorable, you might even find yourself humming or whistling to the songs. It is very jazz-y. You will also here a number of remixes of old Mario tunes, such as the "Underground Theme" in Super Mario Bros..

Just marvelous. 10/10

Play Time/Replayability

This game is definitely not short, that's for sure. You will not find yourself, or anyone, for that matter, beating this game in a simple weekend. And there's also secret exits and side quests and such, which adds to the Play Time. So that is good.

As for the replayability... I'd say it's a medium. You might play it every once and a while after you beat it, but really once it's over, it's over. If you really enjoyed it, you'll be able to play through the story again on another file.

So, a long game with a medium replayability. That's an 8.5/10

Let's recap:

Game Play: 8/10

Story: 8/10


Sound/Music: 10/10

Play Time/Replayability: 8.5/10

That adds up to 8.9/10, rounded to 9/10.

Final Recommendation
So, as of now, this game is recommended being bought digitally off of the eShop, since you get that free Donkey Kong game. But if you like game cartridges, I say buy this game new, it's worth it. If you find this game used years later for $25 or less, buy it. So, what I am saying is, do yourself a favor and buy this game, retail or digital, used or new. If you are skeptical, then rent it, of course. This is a great game, truly a gaming star. A gaming sticker star.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/05/12

Game Release: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (US, 11/11/12)

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