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Reviewed: 01/07/13

Paper Mario Sticker Star: A very sticking game.

This game, out of any Paper Mario game, had the best graphics (partly due to the graphics of the 3DS). This game was very colorful with amazing graphics for a Paper Mario game. Paper Mario Sticker Star used the concept of everything being paper really well. The 3D mode adds on to that as well. I could clearly see what was going on, and the artwork of this game was very pleasing and somewhat "cute". This Paper Mario title was very bright with a happy atmosphere, and the visuals totally show that.

The sound was pretty good. The game had awesome soundtracks during boss battles and the main theme is very good as well. However, the regular levels did not have any music that stood out. In fact, pretty much the whole 1 world had 1 music. There wasn't a variety of kinds of music, but each one of them was okay. All boss battle themes being awesome was enough to get me to think that this game had great soundtracks. Even though there aren't a whole lot of soundtracks outside of bosses, each really represent the environment and the atmosphere extremely well. The sound and music in this game is pretty good in this aspect.

The plot of this game is a bit different from other Paper Mario games, but the main villain is Bowser once again. Unlike most people who say Bowser messing things up is really getting old, that really can't be helped. They haven't made Bowser the main antagonist in a Paper Mario game for many years. There are 2 total goals for Mario in this game. The first is too get all of the Royal Stickers in order to restore the Sticker Comet and bring back the Sticker Fest, and the second, of course, saving Princess Peach. While this is not the best plot, it certain isn't bad since saving Peach is only a part of it.

While the Intelligent Systems trashed out the whole concept of Star Points, Star Power, Flower Points, and Badges / Badge Points, they replaced them with a new system called stickers. While I didn't like the system of stickers at first, I started to see the beauty of it as I went on. I am glad they tried something very new. I am not the ind of person who thinks if a game is different from its prequels, then the game sucks.

In this game, you get powered up not with Star Points (Paper Mario 1 and 2), not exp (Super Paper Mario), but 3 other things: HP up Hearts, new pages in the album, and stronger types of stickers (you get more powerful stickers as you go on) you get. The reason I love this system is that Mario's attack and defense doesn't change at all throughout the game. It's the kind of sticker that grants power, which means I don't have to go around trying to get 1 Star Point per battle to level up. Jump and Hammer stickers will always have the same power, but these stickers can be upgraded to more powerful stickers like "shiny", "flashy", and more. Almost all stickers have action commands that are fairly simple. They certainly played safe with the gameplay, and I am surprised that this new system worked out great. The one and only little flaw in this system is that you don't have any overworld upgrades and Party Members, which they could have had in this title.

This game, in my opinion, had the best Boss Battles. I liked all bosses in this game, and the Final Boss is very fun. One of few flaws in this game is with the Thing Stickers. They are basically stickers made out of real things in real life such as fan, radiator, scissors, air conditioner, etc. The boss battles are extremely difficult without these thing stickers. Don't get me wrong, the idea of things is very creative and clever that adds more fun and makes the game more enjoyable. The mechanics of this game is great as well as there are no bulky action commands. Lastly, puzzles can be very hard sometimes, and requires the player to get hints from Kersti quite often, and sometimes, you have to say, "How the heck was I supposed know how to do this part?!"

This game is probably the shortest Paper Mario game, which is disappointing because I love this game a lot. Still, this game is the best Paper Mario game yet and the best Mario RPG game yet in my opinion (I have played Super Mario RPG: The Legend of Seven Stars, Paper Mario, Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door, and Super Paper Mario) by a little. Trust me, I am not the kind of person who calls a game great for nothing. I enjoyed this game a lot, and there is no doubt that this game is fantastic and has the right to be called a Paper Mario game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (US, 11/11/12)

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