Additional Programming - Monster GamesCaryn Krakauer
Animation & Graphic Support - NintendoKosei Kitamura
Animation & Graphic Support - NintendoHitoshi Kobayashi
Animation & Graphic Support - NintendoShunsuke Makita
Animation & Graphic Support - NintendoTsuyoshi Watanabe
Animation Design - Monster GamesTodd LeGare
Asset Design - Monster GamesHugh Ackerman
Asset Design - Monster GamesVenkata Kishore Goli
Asset Design - Monster GamesChad Jasper
Asset Design - Monster GamesBrian McCabe
Environment Design - Monster GamesJosh Defries
Environment Design - Monster GamesEli Libson
Executive ProducerSatoru Iwata
Game Design - Monster GamesWalter "CJ" Boswell
Game Design - Monster GamesOwen Justice
Game Design - Monster GamesIsaac Turner
Game Design Chief - Monster GamesJohn Schneider
Game Play Programming - Monster GamesScott Haag
Game Play Programming - Monster GamesSam Johnston
Game Play Programming - Monster GamesEvan Rattner
Game Play Programming - Monster GamesMike Roska
General Support - NintendoKiyo Ando
General Support - NintendoNorihide Sasaki
Logo Design - NintendoKae Konishi
Logo Design - NintendoRyuichi Suzuki
Music - NintendoAsuka Ito
ProducerShinya Takahashi
ProducerKensuke Tanabe
ProducerKeisuke Terasaki
Programming Lead - Monster GamesDave Broske
Programming Lead - Monster GamesDave Pollatsek
Sound Effects & Engineering - NintendoHiromitsu Fujikawa
Sound Supervisor - NintendoKenji Yamamoto
Sound Technical Support - NintendoYuichi Ozaki
Supervisor - NintendoKodai Matsumoto
Supervisor - NintendoHiro Yamada
Team Lead - Monster GamesRichard Garcia
Technical Contact - NintendoToshihiko Okamoto
Technical Support - NintendoShingo Okamoto
Technical Support - NintendoTomohiro Umeda
User Interface Design - Monster GamesMitch Ernst
Vehicle Design - Monster GamesEvan Brown
Vehicle Design - Monster GamesTroy Harder
Vehicle Design - Monster GamesMike Rieder


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