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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

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                      |             Star Fox 64 3D            |
                      |           An FAQ/Walkthrough          |
                      |             By KeyBlade999            |
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                      |         Current Version: v1.07        |
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    While I do write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot of time and
    effort to put them together. If you're feeling generous and want to show your
    appreciation, I am gladly accepting donations. I don't know exactly what the
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    0. Contents ************************SF0**************************************
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              |   -1. Donations                       |    **SF-1**    |
              |    0. Contents                        |    **SF0**     |
              |    1. Intro                           |    **SF1**     |
              |    2. Version History                 |    **SF2**     |
              |    3. Legalities                      |    **SF3**     |
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              |    4. Corneria                        |    **SF4**     |
              |    5. Meteo                           |    **SF5**     |
              |    6. Sector Y                        |    **SF6**     |
              |    7. Katina                          |    **SF7**     |
              |    8. Fichina                         |    **SF8**     |
              |    9. Aquas                           |    **SF9**     |
              |    10. Solar                          |    **SF10**    |
              |    11. Sector X                       |    **SF11**    |
              |    12. Zoness                         |    **SF12**    |
              |    13. Titania                        |    **SF13**    |
              |    14. Sector Z                       |    **SF14**    |
              |    15. Macbeth                        |    **SF15**    |
              |    16. Area 6                         |    **SF16**    |
              |    17. Bolse                          |    **SF17**    |
              |    18. Venom 1                        |    **SF18**    |
              |    19. Venom 2                        |    **SF19**    |
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              |    20. Medal Requirements Listings    |    **SF20**    |
              |    21. Various Unlockables            |    **SF21**    |
    1. Intro ************************SF1*****************************************
    Welcome to my first attempt at a true full FAQ for the excellent Nintendo 3DS
    system. This one shall cover Star Fox 64 3D, the remake of the legendary
    Star Fox 64. I myself have never been a real fan of the series, usually
    sticking to Pokemon or Kingdom Hearts, but this game, my first for the 3DS,
    really got me hooked.
    Anyhow, I hope you enjoy!
    2. Version History ************************SF2*******************************
    v0.01 - So far, so good. Going a bit better than I predicted. I had little time
            left tonight from finishing my Pokemon R/S FAQ, so I simply laid out
            the general format. Finished the medal section, and the main path for
            the Corneria walkthrough.  12:11 AM 10/19/2011
    v0.50 - Whoa. I'm exactly halfway done. I finished the Corneria, Meteo, Sector
            Y, Katina, Fichina, Aquas, Solar, and Sector X sections of the main
            walkthrough.  11:48 PM 10/19/2011
    v1.00 - Finished Zoness, Titania, Sector Z, Macbeth, Area 6, Bolse, and both
            Venom sections of the main walkthrough. Also added the unlockables. As
            such, I am done with this FAQ for the most part. Expect some later
              ~~ Start-End Time: 3 days.
              ~~ File Size     : 58.8 KB.
              ~~ Time of Update: 9:52 PM 10/20/2011.
    v1.01 - Added a few tips and did some general editing.  10:53 PM 11/5/2011
    v1.05 - Change in the Medals section.  3:55 PM 11/24/2011
    v1.06 - Some grammatical editing.  10:59 PM 12/7/2011
    v1.07 - Changed my preferred tunnels path in Venom 2.  9:09 PM 1/8/2012
    3. Legalities ************************SF3************************************
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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    © 2011-2012 Daniel Chaviers (aka KeyBlade999).
    If you would wish to contact me concerning this or my other FAQs, use this
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    4. Corneria ************************SF4**************************************
    Arrived from:
    - This is the first level, so...
    - ***/*****
    Starting Orientation: Scrolling.
    As you start, start to charge your laser, so as to lock-on to some of the
    enemies soon to drop in front of you. There are about three or four.
    Two will drop in from behind you soon after that. Defeat them.
    Next, you'll have two enemies on your right and three on left. Charge laser one
    group, then proceed to blast the others. One of those in the left group will
    yield a laser power-up.
    Soon thereafter, Slippy will get an enemy behind him. Charge your laser and
    lock onto this enemy to prevent Slippy from being ejected from the mission.
    You then will begin to approach a rivet in the planet's surface. Brake as you
    do so and a few enemies will fly overhead. Defeat them and another three will
    slowly take their place.
    Next, after defeating them, hold a charge shot. As you approach the end of the
    rivet, four enemies will come out from behind the ridge. Release the shot and
    you should destroy all four, netting you bonus points. One of them should drop
    a silver ring, as well.
    When you are approaching the building the enemies were near, drop altitude and
    head to the right. Get along the road and grab the golden ring. You'll also
    find a door to the left. Hold L and bank left while shooting the door - you
    might break it down in time to grab a bomb without being damaged. If you don't
    open it, the damage is rather minor, anyhow.
    Continue to stay for a few more seconds and hang right. Destroy the three
    ground-based enemies on the right to get another silver ring. Not much
    further along is another silver ring in mid-air.
    When you have a "highway" with an unobstructed view of it to your left, begin
    to drop your altitude and boost, hugging the side of the highway. You'll soon
    find a laser upgrade. You'll need to be quick - an enemy is pushing a building
    in front of it. Continue to stay low after grabbing it to find a gold ring not
    too far away.
    After that, raise up some and defeat the three ground-based enemies on the
    highway. As you do so, brake and ascend or descend; a few enemies are behind
    you. Defeat them and move on.
    Begin to charge a laser and focus on the door in front of you. When the ship
    locks on, release it to destroy a few enemies. Blasting open the door will net
    you another gold ring.
    Shortly ahead, a few buildings will fall. After grabbing the gold ring, ascend
    a fair deal. A shield star is further ahead. Not much further along, Falco will
    get in trouble. Boost when you hear his cry for help and start to shoot the
    three ships behind him.
    Soon, you'll come to a T-shaped building. Go barely around it to the left to
    get a bomb. A laser upgrade is on the right. I recommend the laser upgrade if
    you lack Hyper Lasers; otherwise, go for the bomb.
    Once you get over the ridge, you'll be fired at rather heavily. Begin to do
    some barrel rolls while trying to diminish the enemy forces. Some robots are
    also throwing steel girders ahead. Destroy these robots, and you'll soon come
    to some water.
    When you hit the water, your actions will determine the outcome of this mission
    from here on out. Assuming you have Falco, you can go through each of the seven
    arches to access an alternate boss. Otherwise, destroy some of the robots on
    the water, and try to go through the last arch anyways - it has a gold ring.
    (Main path - You fail to go through all seven arches.)
    (Alternate Path - You go through all seven arches with Falco still in the
    |  MAIN PATH  |
    Further along, on land, you'll find about half a dozen enemies. Defeat them -
    one yielded a bomb in the making of this walkthrough. Grab the laser upgrade
    further ahead, with the gold ring to the top-right. Destroy a few enemies while
    you are at it.
    Soon, you will encounter a boss in all-range mode.
    BOSS: Granga
    A rather simple boss, albeit annoying. It has its weak point on its back.
    Simply shoot at it enough to get rid of it. You may want to try a few bombs, if
    you have a few spare. It is a good habit to always have two or three for the
    next mission, after all.
    Another idea is to shoot at the legs. If you use a bomb at the start of the
    fight, you'll take off a large chunk of health. Disable a leg by shooting at it
    and Granga will fall over. Its back will be wide open to attack - WIDE OPEN.
    Circle and charge-shoot it until it blows up.
    Another thing to note is those homing missiles - should one try to hit you,
    do a somersault (Up on the D-Pad, I believe).
    As you head onto land, a big ship will more noticably fly overhead, mainly
    because Falco directs you in the direction it is heading. You need to follow
    him through the waterfall.
    You'll follow a fairly simple path for a bit. As you do, try to take notice
    of a group of three on the right side. Finish off the group, preferably with a
    charge shot, to get a gold ring. Further along, a group of three will appear
    on the left side. Defeat them to find a laser upgrade.
    Further along, a big ship, the one from earlier, drops altitude. You need to
    drop low, almost into the water, preferably, to avoid damage. The boss fight
    then begins.
    BOSS: Attack Carrier
    This boss is EXTREMELY simple, especially since you remain in scrolling mode.
    The boss will attack by opening one of its three launchers. You are to attack
    the opened launcher to deal damage, and destroying all three allows the battle
    to proceed further. While you are at it, try destroying the ships and/or
    missiles that are released from the launchers.
    After destroying all three launchers, the boss's main ship will become
    vulnerable. Once it does, begin blasting it with laser shots - no bombs are
    needed OR recommended for this part. The boss will try fleeing. Boost and get
    closer, firing lasers the whole time. Once the boss turns around, it will fire
    some sort of fiery or laser beam. Ignore it and keep blasting until the boss
    crashes into the waters below.
    5. Meteo ************************SF5*****************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Corneria (no conditions)
    - **/*****
    Starting Orientation: Scrolling.
    This level starts out fairly simple. You merely want to blast the asteroids.
    This does yield points, as well. I don't really recommend bombs, nor should
    you shoot the impervious gray rocks. About fifteen seconds in, you'll find a
    gold ring.
    During this time, you may notice the circular rings of gray asteroids. Go
    through them to have a laser upgrade appear later on.
    Once Peppy mentions it being "Quiet. Too quiet.", or around the time all of the
    asteroids are gray, begin loading your charge shot. Not too much later, you'll
    lock on to something behind a rock. Launch the laser to destroy a group of
    enemies. More and more enemies will begin to fly out, too much for your laser.
    Although they won't do too much damage, use a bomb and activate it rather close
    to try destroying the enemies. The last one should yield a bomb.
    After that, start charging your laser again. From the cylindrical asteroid
    ahead will come two or three snake-like enemies. Defeat them and move on.
    At the end of the cylindrical rock is a configuration of a silver ring, gold
    ring, and a bomb. Descend and head straight for the bomb. SHORTLY AFTER getting
    the bomb, do a somersault to try to get the gold ring as well. Additionally,
    hang to the top-right and group through the ring of asteroids to get a laser
    upgrade soon thereafter.
    For a bit afterwards, you'll be dodging large, spherical, gray asteroids. Dodge
    them. You'll soon come to a group of them that will collide. Either boost past
    them or brake and wait for them. For the other collision group, I'd prefer to
    boost to try and get the bomb.
    Soon thereafter, you'll encounter a group of about five enemies. Defeat them
    with a bomb by aiming at one to destroy the whole group; the last member should
    yield a bomb. During this time, ROB will also send you a package. Assuming you
    attempt to get it, you'll notice that soon after coming into lock-on range for
    it, three enemies will get behind you. Descend/Ascend and brake to dodge them,
    destroy them, and grab ROB's supplies.
    As you exit the cloud of meteors, prepare a charge shot and focus on the
    top-right corner of the screen. Some enemies will soon appear and pelt Peppy
    (heh. Rabbit joke.) with lasers. Destroy them all.
    Soon thereafter (approximately ten seconds), several groups of five enemies
    will come towards you. Use charge shots to effectively destroy them. The last
    group, when destroyed, should yield a laser upgrade.
    Not too long after that, some missile-like enemies will come from behind. Brake
    and begin charging your laser to blast them. In the cylindrical asteroid, begin
    to barrel roll to dodge the many lasers that will fly at you, while charging
    another shot to destroy some more missile-like enemies that will appear as you
    Also as you exit, you'll find a group of enemies on the asteroids. Bomb an
    asteroid and continue. You'll soon find an insect-like enemy ahead. Begin to
    fire at it (not bombs - that is a waste) while trying to fly through the laser
    circles it releases so as to not get damaged. The enemy will yield a gold ring
    when destroyed.
    Further ahead, you'll find a shield star. At the same time, Slippy will be
    attacked by several enemies. Locking on, then bombing, is the most efficient
    method of ridding Slippy of them.
    Soon, you'll find these weird rings. There are seven of them; going through all
    seven will let you through an alternate path. I cannot describe this path,
    however. DetroitDJ of GameFAQs was the one who made this known to me. I would
    appreciate any other info.
    During this, you'll come to several groups of many enemies while you dodge the
    missile enemies from earlier. Bombing is always okay, although charge shots are
    very much more preferable.
    Further along, you'll get into another asteroid cloud. Bomb a few times if you
    want and then keep a lookout. You'll be able to find several gold rings in this
    place, one because Falco rams an asteroid early on.
    Not much further is the boss.
    BOSS: Meteo Crusher
    This boss starts off fairly easy. As you get nearer to the boss, you'll be able
    to quite clearly see the rotating disc on its surface. As the green lasers of
    the boss charge, begin to work on those red spots revealed by the missing chunk
    of shield, the boss's weak point. There are four in all, and there is no real
    need to try dodging the lasers unless you want to conserve health.
    After destroying the four weak points, the disc will fly off, so head to a
    corner. After it does, another weak will be revealed after the boss fires a
    laser at you. Start charging your laser now, then begin to fire at the red
    spot once it is revealed. You probably will only get hit once with the laser if
    you stick in there; that is not a bunch of damage.
    Next, the ship will flip around and fire purple lasers at you. Once the two
    red spots become apparent, begin to blast them repeatedly. Move vertically to
    dodge the lasers as needed, but keep on blasting those weak points until the
    boss is over with.
    6. Sector Y ************************SF6**************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Corneria (fly through the seven arches over the water, then follow Falco to
                and through the waterfall)
    - ****/*****
    Starting Orientation: Scrolling.
    As you start, you'll be facing quite a few enemies, or so it seems thanks to
    their rapid speed. Most of these enemies are humanoid robots - locking on is
    really all you can do. A few of the pointy ships will also make their
    appearance. Try blasting them for extra points.
    Soon afterwards, you'll be facing two blue humanoid robots. Defeat both to
    receive a laser upgrade.
    A bit later, you'll be ambushed from above. Blast as many as possible. When the
    enemies begin to file out of the ship, use a few charge shots to do some
    damage. Next, fly up into the top-central part of the screen. Up here, you'll
    find some more enemies. Blast all of them for a gold ring.
    For a while, you'll be mainly flying and dodging missiles. Soon, five enemies
    will ambush you from behind. Descend, brake, destroy them, and continue
    forward, destroying the cannons atop the warships. Eventually, you'll find one
    in the top-left corner of the screen. Fly up there and you'll find a gold ring
    atop it, with a shield star in the near distance.
    Soon, you'll face two more green humanoid robots. Charge shot one of them to
    finish it, then laser blast the other one. Hug the top side of the screen and
    you should be taken along that path.
    You'll fight quite a few enemies (approximately fifteen) soon after getting
    up there. Bombs are somewhat suitable here. You'll fight another group of
    three later on. Still amongst the burnt warships, you'll soon find a large
    group of enemies on the right side. BOMBS AWAY! ... As the saying goes.
    Further along are some more warships with cannons. Blast them. As you go
    forward some more, towards the ship with the two Andross faces, another
    humanoid robot will appear. Charge your laser and blast him. Soon thereafter,
    you'll encounter several groups of three enemies. They're too far apart for a
    bomb to be effective, so charge for one and blast the rest.
    And then we're back to the cannons. As you hang right to avoid being hit by
    the warship, hang left after passing it to find a group of three enemies and a
    gold ring. You'll be fired at by a few more cannons, as well as about six ships
    that fly in.
    You'll continue to fly towards a trench on a warship. (Hm. I'm reminded of Star
    Wars.) Go underneath the "arch" and you'll be able to grab a gold ring. Soon
    afterwards, ROB will send you some supplies as you encounter ten STATIONARY
    ships. Take advantage of this, as well as the gold ring behind them somewhat.
    You'll then switch to all-range mode. Here, you will face two of those
    humanoid robots. After the battle begins, boost to distance yourself from the
    fray, then turn around and begin focusing on one of the robots. Once it is
    destroyed, take down the other one.
    Then comes a boss.
    BOSS: Shogun
    For a while, the boss will simply fly around, much like the previous two
    robots, but in a much faster manner. Try to hit it, but don't take too much of
    a risk.
    Eventually, the ship the boss originally was on will be in the middle of the
    area. The boss will land atop it at one point and begin to stay there and blast
    at you. Return the favor. Seeing as it isn't moving anymore, it should be a
    breeze from then on.
    7. Katina ************************SF7****************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Meteo (go through the seven warp rings)
    - Sector Y (nothing specific)
    - **/*****
    Starting Orientation: All-range.
    You'll immediately start in a literal SWARM of ships. You'll pretty much need
    to blow them up for a while. Ignore what Bill says about some being our ships;
    you can't tell anyhow.
    After about a minute, the boss begins.
    BOSS: Saucerer
    This boss will release some enemies at you. For a while, just continue about
    your business destroying ships until Bill tells you that the hatches are open
    on the ship.
    Immediately head around high and to the ship. Start firing at the hatches.
    They do close eventually. Once they do, just return to ship blasting until they
    open again. And so on.
    Once the hatches at destroyed, the ship's core will appear. You'll need to get
    rid of it in the next minute. My strategy is to go right at it, shooting lasers
    at it, until I pass it. I then U-turn and make another pass, and so on until
    the ship is destroyed and the mission ends.
    8. Fichina ************************SF8***************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Meteo (nothing specific)
    - ***/*****
    Starting Orientation: All-range.
    Early on, the mission consists of just shooting at the ships. However, not too
    far into the mission, Star Wolf will appear.
    BOSS: Star Wolf
    This, at best, is a 4-on-4 fight, depending on whether you have anyone out for
    the mission. Your goal right now is to simply defeat the four Wolfen. You do so
    by simply blasting them with lasers.
    Following a specific opponent helps to finish him off faster, as does charging
    your shots. However, by following, the opponent will probably somersault or
    U-turn. Assume it is always a somersault and, when the opponent does so, do so
    yourself, charging your laser through the loop.
    After a while, a counter will appear in the top-right, denoting the time left
    until the base explodes. Try to win before then. Remember, if you get into
    trouble, attack the little transmitter-things around the area to find some
    silver rings.
    9. Aquas ************************SF9*****************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Sector Y (get 100+ hits)
    - **/*****
    Starting Orientation: Scrolling.
    You'll begin in the Blue Marine. It is, to put it roughly, the aquatic version
    of the Arwing. You cannot charge lasers, but you have an infinite number of
    For the majority of the mission, pressing Y a lot will suffice for winning.
    Anyhow, you'll find some enemies coming up on your right. Seeing as you lock-on
    to them by putting in your cursor, do so and fire a torpedo. Begin to go
    through the arches, attacking the clams while you do. Around the last arch,
    the clam will give you a laser upgrade.
    Once the pollution ahead makes it rather dark, go ahead and destroy the clams
    nearby. One of them holds a silver ring. You'll also find some green rocks
    attacking you nearby. Hit them with torpedos, then lasers, to destroy them.
    One yields a silver ring as well.
    Further ahead, in the pillared area, you'll notice some "seashells" on the
    ground. Begin to destroy them. These will turn into drill-like enemies as you
    get near. Also in the pillared area, try locking on to the pillars and blasting
    them down - one near the end will yield a gold ring.
    For the next minute or two, you'll be fired at rather heavily by the enemies'
    squids. Keep on barrel rolling while launching bunches of torpedos - the
    enemies will often group together, making for easy bonus points. Additionally,
    a squid near the end of this sequence will yield a shield star upon its
    A bit further along, continue the torpedo-shooting strategy. Of note, near
    the sea trench, you'll be ambushed from behind by what I think is some kind of
    angler. Whatever it is, descend and brake, let it pass overhead, then blast it
    specifically. It will yield a gold ring upon defeat.
    Further ahead, some jellyfish are creating these electric triangles. You may
    as well ignore them. Instead, stay near the ground and blast the starfish. Past
    the first triangle, blast the clam to find a gold ring.
    At the end of the trench, you'll be battered with some rocks. Blast them for
    some hits.
    Further ahead, you'll find a clam; open it to find a silver ring. Also nearby
    is another angler.
    Nothing much else to mention except a few enemies for the rest of it.
    At the end is a giant clam, which is your boss.
    BOSS: Bacoon
    Mmmm.... Bacon.... Wait a minute.
    All joking aside, this boss can be kind of confusing the first time around. I
    believe the boss begins open. When it is, it will have these membrane-like
    supports holding the boss open. You will want to focus on one of these
    supports, ignoring the bombs passing by - they rarely hit at all. When
    attacking the support, it will gradually whiten. Once it become a very bright
    white, and/or Slippy says to fire a torpedo at the support, do so.
    The clam will close momentarily. Take this time to destroy some of the
    extensions on the top of the clam for bonus hits. Once the clam opens up again,
    destroy the other support as before.
    Once you do, the clam will literally lose its top half (but no health). At
    this point, you merely have to hover in a position where you can aim directly
    at the eye without needing the Circle Pad. Again, ignore the bombs - they will
    not usually hit you if you are stationary, which, I must admit, is odd.
    Nevertheless, give the boss some Lasik and we're done.
    For reference, during the last part, it is kind of awesome when the 3D is on,
    especially when a bomb passes by both your attacks and your ship.
    10. Solar ************************SF10***************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Katina (defeat the Mothership and save the base)
    - Fichina (defeat Star Wolf and disarm the bomb)
    - **/*****
    Starting Orientation: Scrolling.
    Immediately at the start, YOU WILL WANT TO ASCEND. Remember, this is the
    Lylat system's Sun. It is hot. Very hot. In fact, staying too low will damage
    the Arwing.
    After about twenty seconds, Peppy will tell you to shoot the rocks rising from
    the "ground". Good idea - many of them will contain some silver rings, which
    are very useful here. A flashing one after the initial wave will also yield a
    gold ring.
    Soon after the lava wave, you'll begin to fight some enemies I can only
    describe as lava bats. (I guess I've been playing too much Dark Cloud 2.) Soon
    after you begin to encounter them, keep watch for another flashing rock, which
    also yields a gold ring.
    Soon, the bats will begin to attack in groups of three or so at a time. ROB
    will soon send you a message. Ignore it for a quick second - a large group of
    bats is coming. Bomb them (you might even get a bomb out of it) and then take
    ROB's supply message.
    Falco will get into trouble around ten seconds later. Help him out by charging
    your laser to blast the bats. Also keep an eye out for ANOTHER flashing rock
    yielding a gold ring. Another such rock will appear in about twenty to thirty
    seconds, which is not long after Slippy's complaint about the heat. Between
    now and that time, be sure to hit some bats. I found two laser upgrades in this
    time period.
    Not long afterwards, a large group of bats will fly in from the left. A
    well-timed bomb will do wonders. An even large group will appear no more than
    ten seconds later.
    Soon after that, the boss begins.
    BOSS: Vulcain
    Here's some random trivia: Vulcan was the Roman fire deity. I think you can
    see quite a few references, huh?
    Anyhow, this boss is rather easy. You simply attack the two arms of the boss,
    then attack the head after the arms are destroyed.
    The boss will also try to attack by throwing rocks at you. Turn the situation
    around by blasting these rocks to get silver rings. Other than this, there is
    little to mention.
    11. Sector X ************************SF11************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Katina (nothing specific)
    - Fichina (nothing specific)
    - ***/*****
    Starting Orientation: Scrolling.
    This mission starts fairly easy. For a bit, you'll simply weave through the
    half-finished construction. Not long afterwards, a huge group of enemies will
    appear. Launch a bomb and see what you can do to them.
    There is another swarm soon afterwards. Among them, before Falco speaks, are
    some spiky-looking enemies that number from ten to fifteen, I think. Launch a
    homing bomb at them and you might finish off the group. Doing so yields a gold
    Another enemy group will arrive behind you. There's no need to brake - they'll
    go ahead of you, not mainly focusing on anyone in particular. Destroy some of
    them anyways. You'll then find some laser cannons and three more ships ahead
    of them.
    Next up, you'll be weaving through a messed-up spacial construction site.
    Begin charging your laser, because you'll be locking on to something early on.
    Once Falco speaks of the weapon being gone, hug the top of the screen to find a
    gold ring. You'll also fight another insect-like enemy, similar to the one from
    Meteo. Fly through the circles and defeat the enemy to get another gold ring.
    You'll soon approach a metal wall. Be careful, because something will be
    launched through it that can damage you. Peppy will get in trouble another ten
    or so seconds later. Save him.
    Soon, you'll come to a fork. I prefer to hang right**. As you do, you'll find
    some cannons to destroy. After the eighth or so cannon, you'll fight some
    enemy ships, then some more cannons will appear. You'll continue to fight some
    enemy/cannon swarms. Eventually, Peppy will decide to go ahead. Destroy all of
    the enemies following him to earn a gold ring.
    **If you hang left, you'll soon notice some damagable doors among the enemies,
      ones [the enemies] that are worth little mention. If you destroy all four
      doors (warp gates), you'll go to an area where you simply dodge some rotating
      rods while shooting at enemies for about a minute. Nothing much to mention
    Soon, you'll have to hang to the left. Defeat the enemy nearby, then take down
    the insect enemy, also nearby, who again yields a gold ring. Not much further
    ahead is the boss.
    BOSS: Spyborg
    When the boss's eyes light up, that means that its head is finally vulnerable.
    Begin to fire at it. As you do, its right hand will raise up, then try to slam
    you. Dodge it and continue firing. It will continue to try slamming you down
    in addition to trying to hit you with eye lasers. Continually watch out for the
    slamming - it will bring down your wings, and therefore negate any laser
    Continue firing at the boss's eyes when possible. Soon enough, you'll also
    notice it launch its fists at you (similar to Barret's Rocket Punch weapon in
    Final Fantasy VII).
    Once you get rid of about half of the boss's health, it will fake "death", then
    continue to fight. Be careful now - Slippy will soon try to fight the boss in
    more close combat. If you don't finish the boss fast, Slippy will be knocked
    out of the fight, also setting you for another location. As before, the boss's
    weak point is its head. Finish it to end the mission.
    12. Zoness ************************SF12**************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Aquas (nothing specific)
    - ***/*****
    Starting Orientation: Scrolling.
    You'll start in the toxic planet Zoness. Here, much like Solar, you cannot hit
    the water below. You CAN fly low, however. Very soon after starting the
    mission, you'll be swarmed with enemies. Bombs may be useful....
    In fact, abuse those bombs. Why? There will be plenty coming in this mission,
    come the boss, so no need to save for the next level.
    Further ahead, after Falco responds to Slippy's comment of the planet, you'll
    find a crane with a crate up ahead. Blast open the crate for a gold ring. Not
    much further ahead, you'll find a spider-like enemy on the water; a charge shot
    will do it in.
    You'll fight another five bat-like enemies, then you'll encounter the
    searchlights. It is by no means required to complete the mission. However,
    being caught (the lights turn red) has its consequences. Besides, even if you
    do destroy the lights, you can still go to the other planet if you wish. So,
    may as well, right?
    You'll come to a bunch of towers. You'll encounter a searchlight and a spider
    enemy after the first row, and a single spider and a few more lights after
    You'll be swarmed with some enemies again. Deal with them, and be sure to help
    out Slippy. You'll also get an enemy on your own tail - ascend and brake, then
    finish it. You'll soon find a searchlight up ahead, also at which point Katt,
    which I think is an old friend, will come to aid. Take the right half of the
    rock formation up ahead and destroy the searchlights along it.
    Now is where many where end up caught. I'll probably end up listing more
    enemies than you'd see otherwise from here on out.
    Anyhow, there will be a few searchlights after exiting the rock configuration.
    You'll soon come to what looks like an aquatic dragon leaping out of the water
    below. Dodge it - you can't hurt it.
    About five seconds later, you'll be ambushed by a few more enemies, as well as
    the dragon-like enemy. You'll want to be low for this portion. Why? Well, a
    searchlight is up ahead, and the dragon will likely block your shot.
    After about the third leap of the dragon, or whichever one occurs after the
    robot shows its face, you'll soon come to some more lights, as well as noticing
    Katt in trouble. (She gets a special tune, too.) Help her and continue.
    You'll then continue to get bashed by enemies as you go, as well as the
    occasional searchlight. You'll come to a lift gate up ahead. This first one can
    be simply lifted by shooting the rudder on either side. As for the next one,
    you'll need to hit one or the other; left if you're already spotted, right
    otherwise. (Of course, shooting a bomb at the right gate will suffice in
    destroying the searchlight.)
    Gate number three has a silver ring behind it. You'll soon get a call from ROB,
    and you'll find a crate ahead. Blast said crate open to find a gold ring.
    You soon will arrive at some enemy tankers. They each crates on them, too. Try
    bombing them to deal with the crates and some nearby enemies. The second tanker
    has a bomb in one crate; the third, a silver ring; the fifth, a gold ring.
    When Slippy begins to head underneath the towers, follow him a bit, then head
    for the crates on the right side. One of them has a bomb inside. You'll be
    well busy for a while now; you'll be swarmed by some more enemies. Continue to
    hang to the right - one of the crates near the end of this platform has a
    silver ring.
    For about a minute afterwards, it is simply trying to hit enemies. You'll soon
    find a platform with three crates on your left. One of these crates hold a gold
    ring within it. Falco will get in trouble about twenty seconds later. Help him
    out, though take notice of the crane-crate combo; the crate has a gold ring
    Further ahead: more enemies, a few searchlights. Nothing much to mention for
    the rest. You will come to some barrels in the water - blast them to find a
    silver ring in one of the last ones.
    Soon thereafter, the boss begins.
    BOSS: Sarumarine
    The battle begins with the boss doing a one-eighty, then firing a spiked ball
    at you. Dodge it. The boss will then fire some projectiles at you. Hit the
    aerial ones to find bombs. Stock yourself to nine of them, then start hitting
    the cannons with bombs.
    After the first or second hit, the boss will fire its spiked ball from
    underwater. If it mentions "Adjust X degrees right.", go right to avoid it; do
    a similar thing for "left".
    At this point, try to focus on hitting the exhaust pipes (the curved ones near
    the "head"). Once you destroy both, focus on the cannons. Once one cannon goes
    down, the boss will turn around to retrieve it with the crane. Destroy the
    crane with bombs to stop the retrieval. If the boss succeeds, try it again.
    After destroying the crane, one cannon should be left. Stock yourself up to
    nine bombs again, then fire one at it. This should destroy the cannon. The main
    ship will then become vulnerable to lasers. Start blasting it until it goes up
    in flames.
    13. Titania ************************SF13*************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Sector X (nothing specific)
    - ***/*****
    Starting Orientation: Scrolling.
    Boy, I just "love" the Landmaster. :/
    Anyhow, it will be fairly linear at the start. Go forward some and you will
    find a bomb near a pillar. Boost towards this bomb - the nearby pillar will
    soon fall on it. Not long afterwards, a HUGE enemy will land in front of you.
    Bomb it to defeat it.
    You'll find another bomb or two ahead of there. Next up, more of those large
    enemies. As before, bomb them to finish them. You'll find some more amidst the
    skeletons. You'll probably want to begin to fire at them with lasers, to either
    conserve bombs or just do it because you don't have ANY bombs.
    Further ahead is a silver ring in mid-air. Hover to get to it.
    Nothing especially notable will occur for a bit; just enemy fighting. I'll
    start when you find the gold ring on the bridge. If I remember correctly, you
    could also find one in the trench to the right, almost in line with it. Once
    you grab the first ring, hold R and go right to get it.
    It'll be fairly simple for another bit. You'll soon be fired at by some lasers
    that follow you (reminds me of the LoZ: Wind Waker's Beamos). Boost past them.
    As you do, destroy the spiky balls to receive some silver rings. You'll find
    another silver ring between the bridges up ahead, in mid-air, so you'll need to
    Again, just enemy shooting for a bit. You'll find a shield star up ahead. Not
    much further ahead, lock-on to the aerial enemies and laser them down. You'll
    also find a bomb ahead. Boost to it; as before, a pillar nearby will fall on it
    if you don't hurry. A bit ahead of that is a gold ring.
    Further ahead, still in the pillar-y area is another bomb in the open. As you
    approach, ROB will send some supplies. Further ahead, Falco will get in some
    trouble - good luck with this one. Once you hit the trench, keep an eye on the
    top-right corner. A gold ring will appear up there soon enough; you'll have to
    hover to it.
    It'll be a bit more enemy shooting and rock dodging. As you exit the trench,
    you'll get a distress call from Slippy. You'll also find two gold rings ahead.
    You'll need to boost, though, to dodge the pillar about to fall on them. Also
    try destroying some of the spiky balls to receive silver rings.
    BOSS: Prehistoric Beast
    For this, you'll want to destroy the boss's arms. This is best done by using a
    few bombs. It is a fairly simple process - dodge and shoot, dodge and shoot.
    Slippy will get free eventually, and then analyze the boss's health.
    After this, the boss will begin to fire a laser. This is best dodged by using
    L or R, then, at the edge of the screen, hold the other button to dodge. After
    the laser, keep blasting the red jewel in the boss's chest until it drops
    14. Sector Z ************************SF14************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Zoness (destroy all of the spotlights without being spotted)
    - Sector X (go through the warp gates)
    - ****/*****
    Starting Orientation: All-range.
    This mission will start fairly simple: enemy destroying for a minute or so.
    During this, you may want to grab the gold ring atop the Great Fox.
    TIP - To obtain some easy hits prior to and in-between the missile attacks, you
          can shoot the boxes that float around and throughout the area for two
          hits each. Thanks to ryunow7 for suggesting this tip!
    After about a minute, the real battle occurs.
    BOSS: Copperheads
    A missile will be heading straight for the Great Fox. You'll need to attack
    and destroy it. Once you do, hang around a while, destroying some other ships.
    Help out whoever may need it.
    You'll need to complete a similar process with the other two groups of
    missiles, which are two and three missiles, repsectively. Could get a bit
    This mission ends when the Great Fox is hit, or all six missiles are blasted
    into oblivion.
    15. Macbeth ************************SF15*************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Zoness (nothing specific)
    - Solar (nothing specific)
    - Sector X (if Slippy survives the boss)
    - ***/*****
    Starting Orientation: Scrolling.
    When the mission first starts, amuse yourself by shooting at the train on the
    left. Also look for the watchtowers on the left; shoot some of them down. A
    few yield bombs.
    Nothing major will happen otherwise for a bit. Soon, the focus will switch to
    the skies. During this point, it would a good idea to stick OFF of the track -
    its bumpiness damages the Landmaster. Further along, the train will unless
    some rocks, which you'll need to dodge in addition to the enemies currently in
    front of you.
    Further along, you'll be shot at with a row of four rocks. Bomb them into
    smithereens to obtain a gold ring in mid-air; hover to grab it. You then have
    to choose - go along the track, or into the trench.
    Regardless of the path chosen, there is little to mention on there. The path
    will soon come to a tunnel. Take this opprotunity to shoot at the train. Just
    keep a watch for the bars extending from the walls.
    As you exit the tunnel, grab the shield star on the right. Continue to stay
    next to the track, grabbing a few silver rings as you go. Continue to stay here
    and you'll notice a gold ring behind three doors ahead. Boost through there.
    Now, here comes the main part of this mission. Not along after grabbing the
    gold ring mentioned previously, you'll be told to hit the switches. YOU WILL
    look out around. Ignore the train and just keep on hitting the switches. They
    will be numbered. They can be on various sides of the track, but, all in all,
    the locations are quite obvious if you pay attention to what you are doing. You
    can hit them with bombs or lasers.
    Switch #1 and #2 - Stay a bit away from the right side of the track to find
    Switch #3        - From #2, you'll see #4 ahead. QUICKLY shift to the left side
                       of the track to find #3.
    Switch #4        - (above)
    Switch #5        - Once the enemy speaks, QUICKLY head to the left side of the
    Switch #6        - After #5, get on the right side of the track. See the door
                       ahead? Shoot it.
    Switch #7        - Left side of the track, in plain sight.
    Switch #8        - I always mysteriously manage to hit this one.
    At the track switch, blast the green-dotted switch to finish the mission. If
    you fail to hit the switches or the track-switcher, you'll need to attack the
    enemy above you to finish. Keep dodging and shooting for this one.
    16. Area 6 ************************SF16**************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Sector Z (destroy all six missiles)
    - Macbeth (win by switching the train's course via the switches)
    - ****/*****
    Starting Orientation: Scrolling.
    Needless to say, you're in the middle of the Venom air defense zone. You'll
    be bombarded from the start with about half a dozen enemies, which come from
    the bottom-left corner of the screen. Blast them.
    Around the time of the second space disc, you'll be tailed by a few enemies.
    If you have a bomb, get near the disc, launch and quick-detonate to finish
    them off; otherwise, change your altitude while braking.
    Not much further ahead, Falco will be chased by some big enemies. Blast them
    and move on to the columnal formation of ships ahead. Blast them.
    From here, it'll be a fair while until I can mention something special, I
    guess. You'll begin to get into a swarm of space discs. Keep your eye on the
    left; one space disc has a gold ring very near it.
    Not along after that, ROB will tell you that the Great Fox shall cover your
    tail (metaphorically). You'll also come to some green ships. Begin to fiercely
    fire upon them.
    About thirty seconds later, you'll find Peppy being chased by some missiles.
    Help him out. Also be sure to answer the message from Andross - you'll then
    know a gold ring is nearby. Some more dodging and shooting and bad guy banter
    later, you'll find an insect-like enemy. Blast it down to get a gold ring.
    Several more such enemies will follow, but yield nothing. Keep your eye out
    on the right side, as well; you'll find a shield star not long after finding
    the first "insect".
    After "breaking through the first line", keep an eye on the space disc ahead.
    Destroy enemies as you want, but note this: that space disc has a gold ring
    There will some more dodging, shooting, etc. It's really starting to get kinda
    tough to document, because there's no real landmarks.
    Anyhow, you'll soon come to a fleet of warships. Start blasting and you'll then
    be into the second line. Great Fox will cover you during this time if you
    answer to ROB's message.
    Not long after, you'll exit the fleet to find some more ships ahead. ROB will
    also send some supplies. You'll then come to some more warships. Begin blasting
    them to learn this is their last line of defense.
    Not long after, it will be boss time.
    BOSS: Gorgon
    This boss will suddenly appear in front of you, then open up wide. Take notice
    of those red balls floating around. Start shooting at them, though I doubt you
    will get all three.
    Once the Gorgon closes, you need to shoot at the three arms it has. Begin with
    the claw at the end and work your way down. Try to continue with the next arm,
    though you probably won't be able to.
    The boss will then shoot some missiles after disappearing, then it will
    reappear after all missiles are dealt with. Continue this with the other two
    arms. Once the third arm is dealt with, the boss will shoot a few salvos of
    The boss then will open up again. Shoot the three energy balls, then try to
    shoot the center.
    Repeat the process detailed in the second through fourth paragraphs. The boss
    will shoot more missiles after each arm. Do it AGAIN, and the boss will shoot
    out ships, with a laser sent out before when the "salvo" normally would occur.
    From then on, repeat the process until the boss explodes.
    17. Bolse ************************SF17***************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Macbeth (nothing specific)
    - Sector Z (nothing specific)
    - Titania (nothing specific)
    - ***/*****
    Starting Orientation: All-range.
    You'll begin moving in a circular pattern. You'll notice you are passing by
    six pink gem-topped towers. Destroy the gems atop these towers. Assuming you
    get into low health through this mission, take out the transmitter-thingies
    near these towers for silver rings.
    Some enemies will erupt from the core of the area. Begin blasting at them.
    Not long afterwards, Star Wolf comes in, but only if you didn't battle them at
    Fichina. (Thanks to ryunow7 for this information!)
    BOSS: Star Wolf
    This, at best, is a 4-on-4 fight, depending on whether you have anyone out for
    the mission. Your goal right now is to simply defeat the four Wolfen. You do so
    by simply blasting them with lasers.
    Following a specific opponent helps to finish him off faster, as does charging
    your shots. However, by following, the opponent will probably somersault or
    U-turn. Assume it is always a somersault and, when the opponent does so, do so
    yourself, charging your laser through the loop.
    Now, here's the rub: you don't actually have to do anything about Star Wolf.
    For this mission, they are no more than a nuisance. Bomb the satellite core
    when it appears, then laser away any remaining weak points to end it.
    18. Venom 1 ************************SF18*************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Bolse (nothing specific)
    - ****/*****
    Starting Orientation: Scrolling.
    At the start, you'll find a HUGE swarm of enemies ahead. A bomb works well
    here - I often get 25+ hits. Anyhow, work your way through the initial storm.
    You'll then come to a trench with rock pillars in it. Stay low to the ground.
    You'll find a gold ring. After grabbing it, do a somersault to grab the laser
    upgrade above it.
    Go on and fight some more enemies for about 45 seconds. At the fork, head left
    with Falco. Destroy all of the enemies you can here - the laser one should give
    you a laser upgrade. Stick on the left side at the second fork and hang out
    near the top. Charge a shot for some enemies that will come by shortly, a group
    that yields another laser upgrade when defeated.
    Further along, continue blasting enemies. I think one either dropped a bomb and
    a gold ring near the right side, or some were and were not there. Either way,
    be sure to grab them if they appear.
    Next fork: hang left. You'll find the ground literally pierced with pillars.
    Hang around on the right side and you'll soon find a gold ring. Continue along,
    dodging the pillars heading for you. You'll regroup and find some rotating
    pillars. You'll get a message from Andross around the same time you grab the
    shield star.
    Continue into the temple. Grab the laser upgrade near the bottom as the battle
    BOSS: Golemech
    A very simple battle. Simply dodge the pillars ejecting from the wall. While
    doing so, shoot the boss's legs, arms, and torso. Once does parts have been
    eliminated, deal with the boss's head, then shoot the torso to begin to finish
    it off.
    After that boss (no, we're not done), Fox, and Fox alone, will continue into
    the depths of the planet, towards Andross.
    In this part of the battle, you may have low health. Kill yourself if you have
    the lives to spare and fully heal yourself (but lose laser upgrades). As you
    go through the corridor, keep charging and launching lasers. After the second
    door opens, you will find a gold ring; after the fourth, a gold ring and a
    laser upgrade; after the sixth, a bomb, gold ring, and laser upgrade. Sweet.
    The boss begins after that.
    FINAL BOSS: Andross
    For this part, you'll want to focus on shooting Andross's eyes. In doing so,
    you will cause him to open up a hand, making it vulnerable to attack. Continue
    to simply do this until both hands are gone.
    After that, simply shoot at the eyes some more and Andross will transform into
    a more grated version of himself, to put it roughly.
    Assuming you have the Hyper Lasers and a bomb, as Andross transforms, attack
    the yellow orbs that are his eyes. As you do so, get ready to launch the bomb
    at any second. If you time it right, you'll finish this before Andross even has
    a chance to charge you. If he manages to, continue to blast his eyes.
    19. Venom 2 ************************SF19*************************************
    Arrive from:
    - Area 6 (nothing specific)
    - *****/*****
    Starting Orientation: All-range.
    BOSS: Star Wolf
    This, at best, is a 4-on-4 fight, depending on whether you have anyone out for
    the mission. Your goal right now is to simply defeat the four Wolfen. You do so
    by simply blasting them with lasers.
    Following a specific opponent helps to finish him off faster, as does charging
    your shots. However, by following, the opponent will probably somersault or
    U-turn. Assume it is always a somersault and, when the opponent does so, do so
    yourself, charging your laser through the loop.
    Anyhow, you'll simply have to be careful here. Whenever a ship crashes, it may
    release a silver ring. Don't grab it until later, when you need it.
    After the battle, watch the scene. You'll soon regain control...
    In this part of the stage, you may have low health. Kill yourself if you have
    the lives to spare and fully heal yourself (but lose laser upgrades). As you
    go through the corridor, try going down different paths. I would prefer going
    down the left, right, left, left, right, and right branches. It yields a Bomb,
    two laser upgrades, and three Gold Rings!
    Anyhow, soon you'll come to Andross.
    FINAL BOSS: Andross
    For this part, you'll want to focus on shooting Andross's eyes. In doing so,
    you will cause him to open up a hand, making it vulnerable to attack. Continue
    to simply do this until both hands are gone.
    After that, simply shoot at the eyes some more and Andross will transform into
    a brain with eyes. You'll fight this in all-range mode.
    Begin by boosting away from Andross. Once you are a full boost (or so) away,
    turn around and charge your laser. Once you lock on, fire a bomb at the eyes.
    If you're lucky, you'll get rid of both in one blast. After this, you need to
    find the front part of the brain and shoot the lump underneath. I got a boost
    and one-half away, turned around, and found it easily.
    The next part is rather easy to get - you're following ... the mystery pilot.
    Literally follow ... the mystery pilot ... or you'll actually end up doing this
    whole mission over again (everything after the Star Wolf fight).
    20. Medal Requirements Listings ************************SF20*****************
    |  Area Name  |  Bronze Medal  |  Silver Medal  |  Gold Medal  |   Main Game  |
    |             |     Score      |     Score      |    Score     |  Medal Score |
    |  Corneria   |  100 hits      |  150 hits      |  190 hits    |  150 hits    |
    |  Meteo      |  180 hits      |  200 hits      |  300 hits    |  200 hits    |
    |  Sector Y   |  100 hits      |  150 hits      |  180 hits    |  150 hits    |
    |  Katina     |  90 hits       |  150 hits      |  190 hits    |  150 hits    |
    |  Fichina    |  40 hits       |  50 hits       |  60 hits     |  50 hits     |
    |  Aquas      |  100 hits      |  150 hits      |  160 hits    |  150 hits    |
    |  Solar      |  50 hits       |  100 hits      |  110 hits    |  100 hits    |
    |  Sector X   |  100 hits      |  150 hits      |  230 hits    |  150 hits    |
    |  Zoness     |  150 hits      |  250 hits      |  290 hits    |  250 hits    |
    |  Titania    |  80 hits       |  150 hits      |  180 hits    |  150 hits    |
    |  Sector Z   |  60 hits       |  100 hits      |  110 hits    |  100 hits    |
    |  Macbeth    |  100 hits      |  150 hits      |  180 hits    |  150 hits    |
    |  Area 6     |  180 hits      |  300 hits      |  400 hits    |  300 hits    |
    |  Bolse      |  120 hits      |  150 hits      |  190 hits    |  150 hits    |
    |  Venom 1    |  120 hits      |  150 hits      |  180 hits    |  150 hits ** |
    |  Venom 2    |  120 hits      |  200 hits      |  220 hits    |  200 hits    |
    ** According to multiple users on GameFAQs Star Fox 64 3D Message Boards, this
       is actually 300 hits, although it is supposed to function as 150 (the Main
       Game Medals are supposed to equal the Score Attack Silver Medals).
       These two links helped confirm this information. Thanks goes to APlusle, a
       GameFAQs user, for sending me this info!
    21. Various Unlockables ************************SF21*************************
    - Alternate Title Screen: Get all Nintendo 64, Nintendo 3DS, and Expert Main
                              Game medals.
    - Expert Mode: Get all 15 Main Game medals in Nintendo 64 or Nintendo 3DS mode.
    - Sound Test: Finish the game one time.
    +++                                                                        +++
    +++                    This is the end of KeyBlade999's                    +++
    +++                    Star Fox 64 3D FAQ/Walkthrough.                     +++
    +++                                                                        +++
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