Where can I find all the songs?

  1. Just a list with the name and how to get.

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Accepted Answer

  1. It's almost impossible to miss any of the songs, but if you really want to know:


    Zelda's Lullaby: Automatically after meeting Zelda
    Epona's Song: From Malon at the Lon Lon Ranch
    Saria's Song: From Saria in the Sacred Forest Meadow (in Lost Woods)
    Sun's Song: In Royal Tomb in Graveyard
    Song of Time: Automatically after getting Ocarina of Time
    Song of Storms: In the Windmill in Kakariko as an Adult

    There are also 6 warp songs that you learn as an adult. You'll automatically gain one of those right before you enter each Temple later in the game, so I won't list those.

    And finally, there's the Scarecrow's Song, which is a secret song that's not listed anywhere. You get this by playing a song (that you get to compose yourself) to the Scarecrow at Lake Hylia as a child. Visit him again as an adult and play the same song, and you'll have the ability to play The Scarecrow's Song.

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