The random shiny spots Navi points to?

  1. I could never figure out what Navi was pointing to when she went over and turned green over random parts of the floor and sparkles came swirling out of it. Hitting them with the Megaton Hammer does nothing, and the Lens of Truth doesn't do anything to them either. One of them can be found in front of the shortcut from the Lost Woods to Zora's Domain and another can be found at the bottom floor in the well. What are they, and what do they do? P.S. I'm not sure if swirling sparkles come out of them in the N64 version.

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    These ain't scarecrow spots, folks
    1) Shinyness
    2) The song doesn't work.

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    Navi doesn't want to give me any tips about the location either.

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    Do people honestly not read what I've typed? Some of these answers really piss me off.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Try playing a song by those spots. Sometimes something will show up (a glowing orb thing that will heal you if you touch it) if you try the Sun's Song of even the Song of Storms in areas like those. However, I haven't managed to get that to work at all of those spots, so I might be missing something.

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Other Answers

  1. While I do not have the remake yet, what I do know is that in the original, the spots where Navi went green you had to play the Scarecrow's Song. This is a custom song you create for the scarecrow near the water temple. When played, he would appear and one could hookshot over to him, making previously unreachable areas within your grasp. Maybe it is the same in the remake.

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  2. This occour in more places and this means that Navi wants to give jou a tip about that location.
    If you L-target it you can touch the Navi symbol on the touch screen and she will give the tip to you.

    If Navi can't give the player a tip when she is green, then you can play the Scarecrow Song to make Pierre appear!

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  3. Try all of the non-teleporting songs, not just the Sun's Song or the Song of Storms. I do know that the one on the bottom level of the well will respond to the Sun's Song, but I'm not sure about the others.

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  4. I am pretty sure it requires the lens of truth (mask sidequest and such) so navi does that and u use the lens of truth for w/e item or secret thing is there it might just be nothing or it has relevence with the bugs/magic beans idk tho been a long time and im playing through it again so yea also the item you get from the spider cursed people shows stuff for the lens of truth

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  5. Yeah there are two good answers here already and I've ticked those! If you get a green fairy, then you will get a magic refill too but you can't capture them in a bottle like the pink ones.

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  6. If it's a skeleton beneath the Kakariko Well, she'll say something about "the ancestors are telling you to seek the eye of truth." The ghoul paintings in that same dungeon also give clues as to the traps, with literal advice like "watch out below" and "watch out above". Navi also turns green not far into the Shadow Temple where a Giant Fairy appears in the floor if the Song of Storms is played, or outside the Desert Colossus where the Song of Storms fills a stone basin to reveal a fairy fountain.

    Notable Pierre points: Dodongo's Cavern as an adult; the upper part of the rolling boulder room in the Fire Temple; the fire arrow platform and Fishing Hole entrance in Lake Hylia; the Gerudo Training Ground; one of the courtyards in the Forest Temple; a platform with recovery hearts near where you bomb the bird pillar in the Shadow Temple. There are more but these are all I can think of now.

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