Where do I get the Poacher's Saw?

  1. Where do I get it?

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  1. As an adult, talk to the Cuccoo Lady in Kakariko Village and she'll give you a cuccoo. Wake up Talon, who is in a house in Kakariko Village, with it. Return the cuccoo, and the Cuccoo Lady will give you Cojiro. Now, go to the Lost Woods and make a left. Give Cojiro to the person there and they will give you a mushroom. Take the mushroom to the old hag in Kakirikio Village (you only have three minutes to get the mushroom there), and she'll give you medicine. Return to the person in the Lost Woods, and you'll find a girl where he was. Give her the medicine, and she'll give you the Poacher's Saw.

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  1. First you need Epona, because there is a timed objective!

    If you follow this steps and you get the Poacher's Saw!

    1: When you are an Adult go to Kakariko Village and talk to the Cucco Lady and she give's an egg. Wait to the next morning (or use the Sun's Song!) and you have a Cucco.

    2: Go to the old house of the workers (They live in the same house when you are a kid) and you see Talon there and wake him up. (He goes back to Lon Lon Ranch) Then give the Cucco back to the Cucco Lady and she give's you Cojiro. This is the beginning of the trade side-quest.

    3: Go to the Lost Woods, make a direct left and you see a man give Cojiro to him and he give you the Odd Mushroom, this item spoils in 3 minutes so you need Epona to reach Kakariko Village. Ga to the Potion Shop and leave the shop via the back door. Back there is another Potion Shop and give the Odd Mushroom to the Old Lady behind the counter and she presents the Odd Potion.

    4: Go to the same place in the Lost Woods where you gave Cojiro to the man in the previous step and you see a Kokiri girl there and she gives you the Poacher's Saw!

    I shall tell you how this side-quest can be completed!

    5: Go to Gerudo Valley and use Epona or the Longshot to cross the ravine and give the Poacher's Saw to the Foreman of the Carpenters and he gives you the Broken (Biggoron's) Sword.

    6: Go to the top of Death Mountain and walk to the right side and you will see Biggoron, he accepts the broken sword but can't repair it because his eyes hurt and give you an Prescription for Eyedrops.

    You need now to use blue fire to unfreeze King Zora. (You can buy it for 300 rupees or get it for free in the Ice Cavern.)

    7: Give in Zora's Domain the Prescription to King Zora and he give you a Eyeball Frog, but it will spoil in 3 minutes. Get on Epona and sprint to Lake Hylia and to the lab there and give the Eyeball Frog to the scientist inside.

    8: The Scientist gives you the Eyedrops and that spoils over 4 minutes! Go with maximum speed to the top of Death Mountain and give the Eyedrops to Biggoron and he gives you a Claim Check.

    9: Over 3 full days your sword is ready and you get the Biggoron's Sword that has twice the power of the Master Sword! You can't use a shield bus what's a shield.......

    The Claim Check is yours as a souvenir for completing this side-quest!

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