How do you blow up bolders in in Zelda Ocarina of time?

  1. to go up the first mountain were the bolder restes I can seem to blow it up so i can pass

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    Zelda-Babe211 - 6 years ago

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  1. You need to have beaten the second dungeon, Dodongo's Cavern, and gotten the bomb bag. Then you need to place bombs near the boulder and when the bombs explode, the boulders go away. If you are before that, you are going to need to talk to Darunia and play Saria's Song to him, so he gives you the goron's bracelet and can make you pick up bomb flowers. which then you can get into the second dungeon.

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  1. The following items are used to clear the following bolder types (* means this method can be used the earliest in the game while # is very late in the game).

    tan -*bomb flower, bombs, megaton hammer.
    red -megaton hammer only
    silver -#silver gauntlets
    black -#golden gauntlets

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  2. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! in i think the second or third dungeon there is a item called the megaton hammer if you get that you can break them or in the second to last dungeon there is a item called silver gauntlets but that is very late into the game then golden gauntlets late too i advise getting the megaton hammer and breaking them since its early in the game.

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  3. If you mean the rock blocking Dodongo cave or whatever that caves name is you have to go up to the platform in front of Goron village then you will see a opening to your left , go into the opening and there will be a Goron and a bomb what you need to do is throw the bomb over the ledge toward the cavern.

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  4. If you mean the rocks blocking the way to the fairy's fountan you need to get a BOMB BAG!!!!!!Then just leave a bomb next to each rock.

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  5. Some boulders can be destroyed by the bombs you get at the Dodongo's Cave. The black & silver boulders cannot be destroyed by bombs. So you need the silver gloves & the gold gloves to destroy those.

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  6. If it's a regular light brown boulder then put a bomb next to it and it will be destroyed.

    If it's a dark brown boulder then you need to hit it with the Megaton's Hammer twice.

    If it's a silver boulder then only the Sliver/Golden Gauntlets can pick them up and destroy them.

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