Where do I get my red/fire tunic back?

  1. I was fighting that plant thing that can suck you up and steal your stuff, when it stole my red/fire tunic, the screen said, Your red tunic is gone! I need it in Ganon's Castle, so what do I do?

    User Info: tacoman22

    tacoman22 - 6 years ago

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  1. I believe what you are talking about is the Like Like and it's too late now, but if you kill fast enough it drops what it stole from you. Besides that, the only way you can get a new one is to buy it from the store in Goron City. I'm pretty sure it costs 200 rupees.

    User Info: Arukio

    Arukio - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. You can purchase your lost Fire Tunic back from the Goron Shop located in Goron City on the very bottom floor for a hefty price of 200 Rupees.

    User Info: Luigi_316

    Luigi_316 - 6 years ago 1 0
  2. If you cant carry 200 rupees than collect 10 gold skulltulas go to the skuwaltula house in kakariko.

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  3. The plant thing was a "Like-Like". They love to eat your shield and Tunics if they don't like the taste of your shield!

    But if you have the Mirror Shield equipped they don't eat it. (They likely hate the taste of that shield, this is because there is only one Mirror Shield and you can't buy a new one.)

    But if they can't eat your shield they will eat the Goron (Red) Tunic or the Zora (Blue) Tunic!
    The other answers are correct, you can only buy a new Goron Tunic at the Goron Shop for 200 Rupees!

    The Zora Tunic can be rebought at the Zora Shop for 300 Rupees. (You need to melt the red ice with blue fire)

    To rebuy the Goron Tunic you need at least the Adult Wallet (It holds exactly 200 rupees maximum) and you require it buy defeating 10 Gold Skulltula's and get your prize at the House of Skulltulla in Kakariko Village.

    (FYI, for the Zora Tunic you need the Giants Wallet, (500 rupees max.) to require that you must defeat 30 gold Skulltulla's and get your prize at the same house)

    I have a advice for you! Try only wearing the Goron and Zora Tunic when you need it! They also don't devour the Kokiri Tunic! (For the same reason as the Mirror Shield!) So try to wear the Mirror Shield and the Kokiri Tunic and you never lose a shield or tunic anymore!

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  4. Commonsense advice:
    Only wear goron tunic in death mountain crater, fire temple and fire section of ganon's castle
    Only wear zora tunic when underwater with iron boots and water temple
    If u see a Like Like, change into Kokiri Tunic and Mirror Shield (ganon's castle only) immediately if u aren't wearing it yet.

    However, if this inquired incident happens, here are methods to fool the gameplay to get another free tunic (only during fire and water temples, but not ganon's castle, sorry)

    If u r in the fire temple and get ur red tunic devoured, (this tunic is mandatory, it's required for the boss) first, try to kill it with ur sword or arrows. If that does not work out, leave the temple (use bolero of fire and flee death mountain crater quickly) and talk to darunia's son again. he will repeat the same stuff he told u before u first entered the temple and start crying again...cheer him up and he'll give u another goron tunic for free.

    If u r in the water temple and get ur blue tunic devoured, first, try to kill it with ur sword or arrows. If that does not work out, leave the temple (go back to zora's domain) and talk to king zora again. he will repeat the same stuff he told u before u first entered the temple...and he'll give u another zora tunic for free.

    Sadly, if this happens during ganon's castle, u will have to buy another tunic and remember next time to only wear the goron tunic for the fire section (no like like's there :)) and never wear the zora tunic in this castle.

    Hope this helps anybody in this or a similar situation

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