Where can I find all the item upgrades?

  1. The stuff that lets you hold more items?

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  1. Each item has two upgrades; you can get them in either order. The numbers shown are: Initial carrying capacity, capacity after one upgrade, capacity after both upgrades.

    Arrows: 30, 40, 50
    Hit all 10 targets at the Shooting Gallery as an adult after getting the Bow.
    Get 1,500 or more points at the Horseback Archery range after getting the Piece of Heart.

    Bombs: 20, 30, 40
    As a child, stop the rolling Goron in Goron City under the overhang with a bomb.
    One of several prizes from the Bomchu Bowling Alley in Hyrule Market as a child.

    Slingshot (Deku Seeds): 30, 40, 50
    Hit all 10 targets at the Shooting Gallery as a child.
    In the Lost Woods, find the section with a target hanging from a tree. Get 3 bullseyes (100 pts. each) in a row.

    Deku Sticks: 10, 20, 30
    As a child (I think), enter the Lost Woods and go west, then south to see the bridge from Kokiri Village to Hyrule Field. A Business Scrub in this area sells the upgrade.
    As a child, enter the Lost Woods and go east, north, east, north, and west to an area with two Business Scrubs and a field of flowers. Look for a hidden hole in the flowers (follow the butterflies) to enter the Forest Stage. Wear the Skull Mask in there to get the upgrade.

    Deku Nuts: 20, 30, 40
    Go to the last section of the Lost Woods, just before exiting to the Sacred Forest Meadow. Blow up the boulder and drop through the hole to buy the upgrade from a Business Scrub.
    As a child, go to the Forest Stage (see the Deku Stick section for details) and wear the Mask of Truth for the upgrade.

    Rupees: 99, 200, 500
    Collect 10 Skultulla Tokens and visit the Skultulla House.
    Collect 30 Skultulla Tokens and visit the Skultulla House.

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  1. Bombs - Young Link-Goron City: Read the sign on the floor with the Giant Rolling Goron. Then stop the Goron from rolling with Bombs. He upgrades your bomb bag.
    Young Link-Market-Bombchu Bowling- Play bombchu bowling until a bomb bag shows up as the prize.

    Arrows- Adult Link-Kakariko Village- Play the target game and win.
    Adult Link-Geurdo Fortress-play the target game. you must play once to win a piece of heart, then the second time you play score 1500 or more for the quiver.

    Wallet- Young/Adult Link - Kill Gold Skultuwas I think it's 10 for the adult wallet and 30 or 40 for the giant wallet

    Slingshot ammo - Young Link in the lost woods there should be an area with something that looks like a target. shoot it with your slingshot and get 3 100's in a row.
    Young Link- Get a perfect in the target game in the hyrule market.

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