How do I get to the first part of Dongogos cavern on floor two?

  1. There are none

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    gjplummer - 6 years ago

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  1. If you are were I think you are (and this is a complete shot in the dark) there is a giant pillar surrounded by bombflowers. if you look carfully there's a large gap between flowers in the middle. The door directly behind you has a lone one to the side. grab it and place it at the gap previously mentioned and the pillar will lower revealing a massive stairway to the top.

    If this didn't help than being more specific. I'll be more than happy to revaluate my answer.

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  1. If you are playing Master Quest, in the main room of Dodongo Cavern there's a rock in one of the lower grounds. Blow it up to reveal a button. Step on it to make one of the moving pillars start rising to the 2nd floor and lowering to the 1st floor again repeatedly. You can use it to go up there.
    If you're playing Regular Quest, then You'll have to be more specific for me to e able to help!

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  2. Yeah try telling us whats around if all else fails try using the faqs from another consol like gamecube or the n64. this is just an upgraded version so the layout is identical.

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