I beat the game, but it doesn't save my progress...?

  1. I beat the normal version of the game(beat Ganondorf, destroyed the evil castle, beat Ganon, listened through the entire credits, and got sent back to my normal time by Zelda and get sent back to the opening screen), but when I go back to that save file, everything is still dark/dead and Ganon is still alive (Now I know that the world doesn't go back to normal after you beat the game, but shouldn't Ganon at least be dead or something???)! I keep beating Ganondorf/Ganon but I still have the same problem. Is something wrong with my cartridge of the game or does this happen to everyone?

    User Info: PuddingFan

    PuddingFan - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. That's completely normal in this genre of games.
    Sometimes you can save after beating the game in this genre, but that's is very rare.

    It's in fact very handy, because you can "100% complete" the game and if you can save after beating the game you can't do that anynore!

    User Info: ballie19

    ballie19 - 6 years ago 1 0

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