Where are the carpenters in gerudo fortress?

  1. Please list all of the carpenter's locations

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  1. There pretty hard to find but if you keep looking around you will find it. But here is how you do it:

    1. Get caught. then climb out using LongShot (Use arrows to knock out guards).
    2. The first prisinor is in the door next to the spot you landed outside your cell window (Speak to the carpenter and Fight a Gerudo Thief).
    3. Pick up Small key and open the carpenters cell.
    4.Exit the fortress via the nearby door and go back inside the next door over. There is a few guards here. Use arrows like i said before.
    5.Step out side the next door and take out one gaurd.
    6. Hop onto the ledge where you knocked out the gaurd and head through the door.
    7. There is the 2nd carpenter (Do the same thing you did like last time).
    8. Now go back outside, climb down the nearby the wall and enter the door (Now do the same thing. AGAIN)
    9. Now retrace your steps and so your back near the wall you climbed down earlier.
    10. Enter the door back at the top or the wall you climbed down. LongShot across this crowded room and slip outside. Hop down and enter the door. hief once more and she will give you a "Gerudo Membership Card"

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  1. Use this guide:

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  2. Try the Sheikah Stone

    - Located in Temple of Time & Your House.
    - Found only on normal quest.
    - Mirrored on Master Quest.

    Hope this helps.

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